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Wagon Wednesday – A Low Mileage 1984 Ford Country Squire on eBay

Jim Brennan October 24, 2012 For Sale, Wagon Wednesday 19 Comments

Welcome to another Wagon Wednesday feature on Hooniverse. We love wagons, so much so that we have a special day in which to honor them… But I seem to love the old school, big boat, Malaise Era wagons the best, because I keep featuring them here. And look, here is a Malaise Era Ford Country Squire with only 32,000 miles on the clock. The question is do you feel the need to make this car your own?

According to the listing:

In the fall of 1983 we ordered the Country Squire from my very old friend Al Piemonte, who owns Al Piemonte Ford in Chicago, and immediately had it shipped to our family’s winter home in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Ford still to this day resides at our home in Arizona, and had we not just sold the house we would never had let the Ford go. This is an absolutely untouched, unmolested; garage kept, and extremely well maintained 32,800 actual mile Station Wagon. The paint is 100% factory original, as is everything else on the car. We tried to photograph the best we could of the flaws which include; very small crack in the dash, tiny hole in one front seat, slightly droopy headliner, and there is a small amount of wood grain separation. This automobile drives like it was new, and is stone reliable. You can fly into Phoenix and drive it home with no worries. You would be hard pressed to find an old wood grained American station wagon in better condition, and being in Arizona with 7% humidity, you can only imagine how beautiful the under carriage is.

The listing goes on to detail all the options this family ordered, and it’s a real find. With 9 days to go, the bidding is only up to $2,000, with an unmet reserve. I feel that this car should top out at $15,000, but what do you think? And do you think this is the perfect wagon for Wagon Wednesday? Take a look at the listing here: 1984 Ford Country Squire Wagon with 32,812 miles

  • Preludacris

    The malaise is strong here.

  • clunkerlove

    The FIRST thought that comes to mind is this: any hoon will tell you that the absolute nadir, nay bottom-of-the-barrel time for the American auto industry for quality / choice / style was the early 80's. Yet this wagon is off the charts awesome and according to the seller, stone cold reliable. I for one love tossable British sports cars, have owned an RX7, 240Z, TR6, Spitfire, AWS Prelude Si, Honda Insight, Z3-M & more but finally gave in to the urge to own the polar opposite: a '72 Country Squire. Whoever snaps this up is getting a world of practicality and a ton of potential. Keep it original, or lightly resto-modded and enjoy the adoration of firefighters, bikers, domestic beer drinkers, construction workers, old-timers and most any other blue collar American.
    <img src="http://i1343.photobucket.com/albums/o790/Dabidoh_Sambone/Auto/2012-03-27_16-25-26_141_zps67cc25bc.jpg&quot; width="600">

  • " The question is do you feel the need to make this car your own?"


    Next question!

    "Do you feel the need to make a Red Fang – Wires style music video with this car?"


  • wisc47

    This wagon gave me wood.

  • I have fond memories of that hood ornament. Back in '86, my family lived in Australia and we visited the US. My dad picked up a few American car goodies. One of them was that hood ornament, and the other was a CHMSL (3rd brake light). Both were installed on his 1980 Fairmont Ghia, and both were quite novel at the time.

  • Van_Sarockin

    This era wagon has most of the malaise wrung out of it. Should be reliable and run well. Still, you couldn't pay me to take it.

  • Land Ark

    Reminds me of an episode of "Home Improvement " – the only one I remember – when Tim says "not many guys take the time to tweak out a 1984 Mercury Marquis wagon." The crowd laughs understanding that no one would ever want the car.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/G4k0ecZaNTg&quot; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • From_a_Buick_6

    I'd be concerned by those Illinois tags, which were taken off the road in 2001. Either the pictures are old or the car hasn't been legal in at least a decade.

    Also, the mention Al Piemonte causes flashbacks to my '80s/'90s Chicagoland upbringing. While no Victory Auto Wreckers or Celozzi-Ettleson ("Where you always save more money!"), those ads were the sort of thing that got permanently ingrained.

    • OA5599

      The car was registered in IL, but lived in AZ, where it was driven barely 1,000 miles per year, on average. It served as the vacation home transportation of people who aged nearly 3 decades during that timespan, and my presumption is that it was driven more frequently when it was new and less frequently after the owners became senior citizens.

      I'm guessing that AZ cops aren't too familiar with which IL plates are current, and that the car wasn't in much traffic after the switchover, so it never made a difference. Consider the old plates as evidence that the car wasn't in any recent fender-benders (otherwise the owners probably would have been ticketed for out-of-date plates, and remedied that to reduce the fine).

  • lilpoindexter

    I liked the last of this body style, with the sleeker front grille.

  • vroomsocko

    Shut up and take my money! If loving window wings and woody panels is wrong I don't wanna be right. Also because spotlight.

  • Dean

    Wish I had seen this one up for sale. Growing up my father had one identical to this one. Would love to have another one. Great car!