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On The Road With This olelongrooffan: Let’s Head To Another Lake Or Two

LongRoofian September 25, 2012 All Things Hoon 8 Comments

So, if my fellow Hoons recollect, this olelongrooffan was On The Road up in the Ozark Mountains visiting with some kinfolk and friends and accompanying Mom on her last bus ride.  Well, it turns out that Bus Plunge’s neighbor, JackThePipeSmoker, owns a couple pretty cool old rides in his own right.   After watching thejeepjunkie work his magic on that red CJ you see above, Bus Plunge decided it was time to head down to his lake cabins and hang for a few days.  Yeah, I spent a few days up at CabinCarbone on Stockton Lake, let’s hit another one just for fun.  Bus Plunge drug his family and this olelongrooffan along, just for the entertainment value alone.

But first I headed around pipe smoking JackThePipeSmoker’s  yard to check out his cool old Bowtie shortbed fleetside that was born the same year as this olelongrooffan and the Daytona International Speedway. 1959, that is.

As Bus Plunge needed to get this table and chair set out of his PrvtRN’s garage and down to his lake cabin, he generously awarded this olelongrooffan the keys to this blue beauty so we could get it down there to Rockaway Beach on Lake Taneycomo.  (Yeah that is Lake Taney Co Mo.)  And yes, thejeepjunkie and this olelongrooffan spent a couple fantastic nights “camping” in that vintage Airstream Bus Plunge owns, as seen beyond his old Suburban.

Now as you can imagine by now, the trip from the Queen City of The Ozarks down to rockin’ Rockaway Beach usually takes the PrvtRn about an hour and fifteen minutes on her motorbike, it took this olelongrooffan and my hilarious nephew, TheFunnyOne, nearly three hours in Old Blue, that sweet blue S10 Bus Plunge picked up for a song to round out the seven, yes seven, wheel bearing vehicles currently in his livery. Not counting John Deere lawn tractors, Airstreams, pontoon boats, well the list goes on and on, and on.  And I’m not even going to mention his diecasts.

But one of the reasons that trip took the two of us so long is the sightings TheFunnyOne and this olelongrooffan spotted on that lake bound road trip.  When was the last time one of my fellow Hoons saw a Dodge powered Travco Motorhome parked in the woods just awaiting one of we Hoons attention?   I saw one a few years ago on SR40 between Slocala and the Birthplace of Speed.  It was pretty nice and priced at a cool $4,500.00.  I probably should have snagged it.  But this one with that huge assed rear bumper?  Estimated MPG?  3=4.5 mile per gallon range.  Still a cool old buggy though.

Just down the road a piece, that funny red headed grand-nephew of mine spotted this, what this olelongrooffan thought was graffiti clad former school bus.  “No, john-john,” as I was informed by my youngster nephew, “this is a skater’s bus and Trey would love it.”  Can my fellow Hoons say along with this olelongrooffan…”Generation Gap?”

Soon after spotting that “skater’s bus” this olelongrooffan and TheFunnyOne were back on that rural highway and we spotted a grouping of our British brothers hanging out under the trees alongside that roadway. Yeah there was a bunch of cool stuff there. At least, a couple old Jaguar XJ’s and a couple British Leyland offerings.

He also had a C4 Corvette (I’m pretty sure that is the gen) and the remains of a Porsche 914.  I immediately dubbed this a Porsche 457 and TheFunnyOne laughed at one of my suggestions, for a change.

Now understand how this olelongrooffan seems to get along in life.  My humorous Grand Nephew and I are traveling down a rural highway that, prior to the White River being dammed up to form Table Rock Lake, and the resultant Lake Taneycomo, which is essentially the White River Basin, this old highway was a major conveyance to get down to Rockaway Beach. Now, however, it is a back road off the Highway 65 Super Highway and I was thrilled it served as the means of transport for this Floridiot to route my trip to my family’s cabins down in the cool ass Rockaway Beach. 

Immediately upon arrival, the first thing this olelongrooffan spotted was this sign posted outside the “B’s” Nest.  Interestingly enough, John, the owner of that shorty 57 Belair I shared with my fellow Hoons last week , has the exact same sign hanging on his front porch.

Yeah, this is the front door of Bus Plunge’s “B’s” Nest.  That sign you see beside that door formerly hung on the exterior of my maternal grandparent’s weekend cabin up on the Big River just outside St. Louis, Missouri.  What does the “B” stand for?  My Mom’s maiden name was Bansbach and my grandpa, Man, and Bus Plunge have similar senses’ of humor.  Those of my fellow Hoons who know my real name will get the “Lee” sign.  Wish I was a part of that part of our clan as I need some new jeans.

 I mentioned Bus Plunge’s lake cabins earlier.  This is his other one right next door to the “B’s” Nest.  My Dad way over paid for this cabin later in life.  But as he shared with his number four son back then.  “Your Mom really wants it and dammit, I got it for her.” Yeah Dad’s pretty cool.  Took me a long time to figure that out.  Anyway, after Mom passed Bus Plunge bought it from her estate and now his kids and grandkids have a lake cabin of their own.

In the above image, that is JackThePipeSmoker’s cabin in the background, Bus Plunge up on that ladder and JackThePipeSmoker (can you see the pipe in his mouth) using some 2 x 4 to prop up the cable line that had been struck by a falling tree branch sometime since the last visit down here.  Yeah, it is the Ozarks. But hey at least they have cable which is more than this olelongrooffan can brag about here in my Taj Mahal.

After a few libations that first night, we decided to head down to the street fair on Beach Boulevard which is the main street through Rockaway Beach, running right along the shoreline of Lake Taneycomo, which the oldoldtimers still call the White River.  

And just so my fellow Hoons know, both of Bus Plunge’s cabins are on Laughing Lane not far from this intersection.  Seems to be a way of life in this olelongrooffan’s family.  The glass is always half full.  Usually with that clear liquid the Russians seem to produce in abundance.  Or in Bus Plunge’s case, a carbonated beverage in a styro cup, with that liquid originating from that city with the arch.

In addition to a bunch of boats, carnival rides and games, oh yeah and a MediVac helicopter, I spotted this old bus.  That to me is the ultimate road trip vehicle, so long as there is a driver around for it.  And I don’t even want to know what caused that dent in one of two Crown Vic’s in the Rockaway Beach’s finest’s fleet.  Just glad I wasn’t around to see it.

So after that adventure, we all moseyed on back to the “B’s” Nest.  Parked in the parking area of that cabin were JackThePipeSmoker’s daughter’s sweet ass 240 longroof and his barn door Suburban, much like the one Bus Plunge and NotSoLilJim cruise around in these days.  Yeah, Hoonage even runs to the womanfolk this olelongrooffan knows.

After another libation enjoyed lake cabin evening during which this olelongrooffan learned for the first time that I needed to delete my Temporary Internet Downloads, Bus Plunge declared the next day as “Pontoon Day.”  Now, having learned my lesson out at Haven Lee Farm about a “Coupe” day, I inquired of Bus Plunge if he actually owned or knew of where a Mercedes pontoon was.  “No you dumbass, (yeah that’s a special name my brothers and I have for each other.) we’re going out on Bull Shoals on my pontoon boat.”  Hey man, just checking.  

So anyway, as there was a whole damn bunch of us, I persuaded my older brother to let me take his blue S10 with all the coolers, life vest and such in it and they would have more room for humanfolk in his tri-row seating Burb.  He agreed.  Well, of course, as I knew this 15 mile journey to Bull Shoals Lake would take me a helluvalot longer than my kinfolk, once I determined (on my old school map) where we would hook up, this olelongrooffan took off solo.  And I am glad I did cuz, as I suspected, I saw some pretty cool shit–at least to me–along the way.

In the above image see that Jeep pickup bed sitting under that lean to on the side of that barn?  Yeah, it has been transformed into a farm trailer.  Now having owned a 60’s Chevy truck bed trailer like this on the farm of my youth, know this my fellow Hoons, these are typically constructed by merely cutting the frame in half and using the original frame and differential from the truck.  These things weigh a freakin’ ton.  And trying to move one of these by hand.  Forgetaboutit.  Just saying.

Just a bit down yet another rural highway I came upon the sight of this ole beast.  I’m thinking it is around a 48 Chevy Fleetmaster like the one my maternal grandfather, Man, owned at one time.  My brother, Bus Plunge, did a blog about Man’s 48 along with a story about a movable type printing machine my Dad operated back in the day.  And aside from the rock shattered rear window, it appeared to be complete and relatively sound.

As I was passing over one of the many bridges constructed over those former valleys that were converted to lake coves by the construction of those dams many years ago, I noticed this park totally flooded out and wondered if we were going to have the same difficulty launching Bus Plunge’s pontoon as we did thefoamguys a week or so ago on yet another lake there in the Ozark Mountains.

Well, much to our disappointment, it was.  The US Army Corps of Engineers had shut the fuck down all of the boat launch ramps to Bull Shoals Lake and Bus Plunge was in a dilemma.  He had promised a “Pontoon Day” and didn’t want to let us down.  “Hell,” he said, “let’s head back to Rockaway and go out on Taneycomo.”  His Prvt RN queried, “Won’t it be just as flooded?”  “No,” returned Bus Plunge. “it is dam fed and they never let it flood.”  

So off we went.

I quickly consulted my trusty old school map and determined there was yet another old rural highway through Hollister, Missouri this olelongrooffan had not covered and decided that would be my route back to Rockaway Beach.  I am glad I decided to pursue that route as along the way I found another cool spot that met my fancy.

Yeah, it was Autoworks Auto Body Repair.  Parked alongside their building was this cool old Lincoln Versailles that kind of looks like a Granada, er Monarch, er Mercedes. My SAAC Board Member buddy, TheKenMan’s, better half Blondie owned one of these back in the day and she has no hesitation about stating that fact.  Whatever trips your trigger is cool with me.

Alongside that Lincoln (almost looks like one from this vantage point doesn’t it?)  was this.  Now I’m not sure what buggy this hood came off but I can tell you that center hinged hoods are cool, no matter what.

Out front was a cool C10 Bowtie pickup and this old 2nd (3rd) gen Riv with a lazy eye.  Yeah that blue pickemuptruck in the background was my Waldo that weekend.

Now if my fellow Hoons know this olelongrooffan by now, you will know I believe what’s out front is cool but let’s see “the junk in trunk”, if you will.  Well I was certainly not disappointed this day.  Up front is probably the vehicle to which that center hinged hood belongs, then I believe a 65 Buick only partially clad in body coverings and then beyond that?

Why it’s a Onan West Coaster postal delivery vehicle.  Of course, the Cushman owning Bus Plunge knew exactly what this was by viewing this image alone.  Yeah, his knowledge of obscure vehicles ensures him a place in the heart of this Hoon.  Although conversely, we both suck at Mr. Rob’s Mystery Car offerings.

Well we all eventually got out on Lake Taneycomo, that river like lake there between Table Rock Lake and Bull Shoals Lake and enjoyed a serene ride from Rockaway Beach up to pretty dang near that dam area.

A cold as it is, it draws from the bottom of Table Rock Lake and dam, that clear lake has tons of wild life, an abundant amount of lake trout which we saw swimming leisurely around as we didn’t have a hook in sight and a cool ass laid back life style.  I’m not sure why Bus Plunge didn’t think of this cruise first I don’t know but this olelongrooffan would have missed a bunch of cool assed sights, and now memories, if he had.

 And my fellow Hoons, this was the result of all of that cruising around that day to find a spot to relax.  That’s NotSoLilJim washing the side of his Pop’s boat, LilMom handing him that bucket over the side, PrvtRn on the starboard side chatting it up with AuntKaren holding one of the lil cuties.  Heading to the stern of that pontoon is the a good friend of the family and that dude in the back with the straw hat is Bus Plunge.

The Youngsters, Trey and TheFunnyOne?   They are just out of sight to the port side of this vessel skipping rocks across that river/lake and hollering for john-john to come join them.

Gotta go…for now.

  • Busplunge

    Ah, I remember why it always takes you so long to get anywhere.

  • sj027

    Wow, this is so bizarre reading this, as a Springfielder. (Ozark, actually, but close enough.) I have unknowingly passed by BusPlunge's Bus and have always been inquisitive about the history of it. So, as life goes, several years later on Hooniverse, I was enlightened on some of the backstory of that exact bus! Seems everyone in the world has only a few degrees of separation from the Queen City.

    Your stories of the Ozarks are great, I enjoy reading every one of them.

    Oh and I am pretty sure I have seen the property with the Jaguars in the yard, I believe it is on the right side of 176 if you are heading East towards Rockaway. I have tried to snap a pic but the road is so dangerous there, hard to slow down enough to snap one.

    Directly coming off of 65 on the lefthand side of 76 is a barn covered in brush. Behind it lies two Morris Minors that are long abandoned. I have wondered if the two properties have any connection.

    • hey man, next time you see that bus, stop and chat it up with Bus Plunge…he is a blast and is willing to share a story or two about it and some of the other 150+ vehicles he has owned. Yeah, it's a small world.

  • sj027

    Oops, that barn with the Morris' behind it is just off of 176* not 76.

  • That is an outstanding pair of photos of that Westcoaster parked next to a 1937 Plymouth.

  • dukeisduke

    The RV looks like a Dodge (big fiberglass thing), the Riviera is a '68, and the Le Sabre is a '63.

    • dukeisduke

      Or did Dodge just re-brand Travcos? I do remember the Dodge version.

  • Tom Lee

    great reading