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Wagon Wednesday: Setting The Pace Edition

LongRoofian September 19, 2012 All Things Hoon, Weekend Edition 8 Comments

So last Saturday my olebeaterpickemup truck took this olelongrooffan for a fun ride down US 1 and I took in some sights.  Down at one of Bob’s Best Cars lots I spotted quite a few cool ass old cars.  As my fellow Hoons can deduce, this rouge AMC was one of them.

Actually there were two.  This one is as rusty as that Mercedes I posted yesterday afternoon.  It also had some funky ass aftermarket wheel covers.  In general I hate these things but, hell, it’s a Pacer.  What could be more awkward?

The paint on this bubble was pretty shot.  In faded letters on the windshield in that white shoe polish car salesmen use was “Wayne’s World Special.”

Just around the corner from old Rusty was this relatively pristine AMC Pacer.  Yeah, one Pacer longroof is not enough for good ole Bob.  He’s gotta have two of them.  Both in red if you please.  I remember these cars had a longer passenger side door than driver’s side door.  An old ad had a couple guys in chef uniforms sitting in the back seat with a five or six foot long sub sammich.

The paint on this one is in just a little better condition but the chrome bumper seems to have pitted a bit.  It kind of goes without saying that if this longroof was in a junkyard, those badges would already be in this olelongrooffan’s pocket.

With its stock wheel covers, relatively good shape body and that roof rack, the only thing that could make this Pacer even cooler would be vinyl wood grain siding.

And should any of my fellow Hoons need a set of center caps for an old AMC Pacer, I’ll bet Bob’ll hook you right up. Right after he tries to sell you the whole damn car.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    Asymmetrical doors…FT…WTF?

    Interesting idea, but I'd wager it added tons of cost for almost no consumer appreciation. I understand, and appreciate, the logic, but 99.8% of people would not.

    The only thing which can make these more awkward was the later grille which was both egg crate and higher in the middle.

    I can't believe my folks shopped these, the Gremlin, and a first year Rabbit before settling on a '77 Datsun B210 coupe.

    • danleym

      I love AMCs, own a Spirit. I can appreciate the Pacer, but I don't think I'd ever own one. At least these are the pre-nose job variant- that later egg crate grill was awful.

      I wish GM wouldn't have canned their rotary engine program. That's what these were designed to have, then when that project got cancelled AMC had too much money in the Pacer already and had to shoehorn in the heavier yet trusty I6. I would have liked to see what the Pacer would have been like with that rotary.

  • flr1975

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my first car. I had a '78 D/L Wagon (post-nosejob, with the eggcrate) that was handed down from my grandmother. It was white with a blue vinyl interior, and came to me with 62,000 miles and five functioning cylinders. Acknowledging that having a car of one's own is a privilege for any 16-year-old, let's just say that Pacer stewardship was a "character-building" experience. And by "character-building," I mean "get no ass."

  • alewifecove
  • I actually drove and priced a '75 Pacer X when I was going to buy my first brand new car. I've always appreciated the absurd, and that Pacer had it in spades. I liked the idea of a wide-small car and the asymmetrical doors too, if for no other reason than it was so different. It even drove good (what new car doesn't?).

    I went a different route, however, and bought a brand new '75 Chevy Laguna Type S-3 instead. In the end, it was a far better chick magnet while still being different.

  • lilpoindexter

    Hell…it was a good idea.

  • Jethrine

    When I was a tween-aged pre-hoon I thought the new 928 looked almost as good as the Pacer.
    When i was 8 I had a pretty significant head injury in a '63 Ford Van crash involving an ejection and a lengthy submersion in a creek.
    I think the Pacer attraction may be the only lingering effect of the trauma.
    Well I really like the Ford Festiva, and I was gazing longingly at the Suzuki SX4 the other day.
    Maybe I should get a scan.
    But I do really want a Suzuki X90, I'm sure that is a sign that I am OK.
    Yeah, I'm fine.

  • Mike England

    The attraction to a Pacer after having been submerged in water makes perfect sense to me.
    The car quite resembles a fishbowl on wheels.

    When I got out of the Army I hitched a ride with a guy I knew from God's Country (MO Ozarks) to the gulf coast in one of these.
    We both got jobs working on oilfield boats (He already worked there, hooked me up.)
    I must have made that trip 2-3 times with him.
    He was really practical. In 1982 the Pacer was so out of favor he felt he got a good reliable late-model used car for a great price.

    It was comfortalbe, reliable, and I never noticed the longer door on the passenger side.
    But I will remember he was a bit defensive about the Pacer. Sometimes people would kid him about having such an uncool car and he got bent out of shape quick. You would think a guy that drives a Pacer would have more of a sense of humor, wouldn't you?