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Hoonivercinema- Name That Movie

Robert Emslie September 19, 2012 Hoonivercinema 13 Comments

Movies can be epic in scale, and today’s Name that Movie collage of images is pretty epic in itself. It’s not every week you have to do some scrolling to reveal all the clues,  but I promise you, it’ll be worth the effort.

As you know, the point of this trifle is to determine the famous movie title hidden in the car picture clues, and this week’s challenge is multi-car and hence multisyllabic.  Of course, that shouldn’t present a problem as you get multiple guesses too. Better make some popcorn.

Images: [Flickr]



  • jeepjeff

    Striptease Baby Dolls from Cleveland Meet the Unkillables?

    • OA5599

      That was my first thought.

  • Midnight Express

    • Nicely done.

    • TheOtherMacLeod

      ooh.. that's quite clever..

    • Damn!

    • dukeisduke

      That's what I thought, since Express was the first word I was sure about. I saw the film when it first came out, and it seriously creeped me out.

    • You're good.

  • Cowboys From Hell: Pantera's adventures in vans and pre-war vehicles.

    • Devin

      I briefly thought the cowboys from hell part was referring to the Alberta plates.

  • Dean Bigglesworth

    I think i've posted this before but I shot a Pantera from almost the same angle this summer. In the same colour too, just with polished alu-bits and gloss black engine room paint.
    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/74465213/12050007.jpg&quot; width="600" img="">

    Edit: Ah what the hell, here's the whole car for extra awesomeness.
    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/74465213/12050008.jpg&quot; width="600" img>