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Another Monstrosity From This olelongrooffan: The Craigslist Edition

LongRoofian September 11, 2012 All Things Hoon 34 Comments

Now usually this olelongrooffan sticks to posting about stuff that I personally experience but this one is an exception. Part of my job hawking trailers is to surf auto enthusiasts forums trying to scout out Hoons with trailer related questions. Sold two car trailers via this method BTW. Anyway one of the forums I follow is yellowbullet.com and one of those yellowbullet Hoons posted a link to this monstrosity and I thought my fellow Hoons might get a kick out of it.

Yeah, over on the list that is Craig’s the wierdest shit seems to show up. I mean why would anyone do this?

And oh yeah, according to the ad, the interior needs finishing as “it is halfway done”.

Myself, this olelongrooffan is just going to hang with my bone ass stock Comanche and live with it.

But no suicide doors? That sucks.

Check out the ad here.

  • Beside the "Why did someone build that?" questions I have 2 others. Why did they park it 1/2 on the sidewalk to take these pictures? I mean, just about anywhere in that parking lot would have looked better. Maybe in front of that big tan wall instead? Did the same guy build that shorty mopar mini van parked behind it? because that actually looks kind of cool.

  • Plecostomus

    How the hell did you even get on YB? I had a HELL of a time even trying to get into that effing board. From what I understand Yellow Bullet is also one of the most hateful, harsh internet boards around. If you even consider ever going there you'd best have a thick skin. The attitude at Yellow Bullet is FUCK YOU GET OUT

    Which is why I'm grateful to have Hooniverse around, to hang out with people that WON'T jump down your throat at the slightest thing.

    I'm REALLY glad to be out of the drama that is the Yellow Bullet drag racing scene.

    So, what the hell -was- this thing, at one time? I can't even guess.

    • Actually sold a car trailer to a dude off yellowbullet. Some of the commenters there don't let you get away with much.

      • Plecostomus

        I'm shocked that the jerks on Yellow Bullet let you get away with selling -ANYTHING-

        • Sorry about your experience there. I use a subtle, low key approach basically offering advice and comments on the trailer related questions they have. Seems to work for me.

          But my sales manager, on the other hand, tried to blatantly (sp?) sell a dude a trailer and got called a "phuck stick" and was banned from over there.

          We both still laugh about it.

          Sure, if you want to buy a trailer from me, I'll hook you up. But this olelongrooffan hates the strong sell approach and I'll never employ that as a sales tactic.

          Plus, I never sell for retail. Retail is for suckers. Especially on a trailer I never see.

  • Lame! It doesn't even have lambo doors. Though, whoever buys it should put those suicide doors to good use.

  • JayP2112

    His auto design skillz is only eclipsed by his ability to parallel park.

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    This makes me want to shop for a very stylish and attractive 1982 Stutz Bearcat.

  • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    Man I hope one of my sons honors me someday by making a life size version of the pinewood derby car we made together back when he was a cub scout!

  • Van_Sarockin

    At least a Fiero didn't have to die to create this abomination.

  • KrusH

    That thing just makes my soul hurt, I had to hit up the auction to even guess at what it once was

  • The torn, burning-yet-unconsumed US flags introduce an uncomfortable level of dissonance, an unexpected frisson between post-meta-faux-naïveté and simple impropriety, a quandary prolonged but ultimately unresolved by the reveal of the standard folk-art motif of the eagle. Well done!

  • erikgrad

    My favorite misspelling in the ad is "SUCICDE DOORS!"

  • oldcarjunkie

    Usually custom cars with reduce the size or do away with bumpers. This guy has gone the opposite and created one of comical proportions.

  • The fact that the directional rims are mounted aggressive on one axle and passive on the other is hardly noticable.

  • racer193

    Looks like a early 90's ish ranger under all that blob of a body.why would u do this to anything…

  • MVEilenstein

    When the pigs try to get at you, park it like it's hot.

    • jeepjeff

      Why would rolling the windows down a quarter inch help on a farm? Wouldn't that let the farm smell in?

      • MVEilenstein

        ISWYDT. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  • MVEilenstein

    Pretty sure this was an S-10 in its former life. Not sure which is a worse fate.

  • jeepjeff

    I don't see anything wrong with that interior. Those seats look comfy.

    Anyone else notice the Functional Hood Scoop? And by functional I mean only if you are attempting to increase your Coefficient of Drag.

    • I saw that. Makes about as much sense as the rest of this insult. Just because you can do something, it doesn't mean you should.

  • Tom Lee

    definitely not down my alley, or up on my sidewalk,,,,,,,,
    waste of good paint.tom


    Why would anyone build such a thing? I guess the answer is: why not?

    It's great when people use their creativity to create something unique. Sometimes it results in greatness, sometimes it results in something that hurts the eyes and lots of other things too. I wonder what this guy smoked when he stepped back, looked and it and thought: this looks great! Exactly how I envisioned it.

    Now he needs to hope he finds a like minded person that will appreciate all the uniqueness of the vehicle……