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Now For Something Completely Different: Railcars Anyone?

LongRoofian August 31, 2012 All Things Hoon 17 Comments

So this olelongrooffan was checking my email this morning and, lo and behold, I received a rare email from thejeepjunkie. Yeah with the Kid in college, the Kid’s sister doing all things softball and in high school, a busy ass job and, of course, Happy Hours at the Taj Mahal, his online time is somewhat limited. Having said that, he did find the time forward some pictures of Railcars he found somewheres on these interwebs and I thought my fellow Hoons might enjoy some images of old school railcars.

I am not sure of the original source of these images but I do remember seeing some of them somewheres around these webs. It is sure a throw back to a by gone era that we won’t ever see again. Surprisingly, this olelongrooffan doesn’t have a lot of commentary about these things but I sure can say these are cool.

So, thejeepjunkie included my brother, Bus-Plunge, on this email and the Bus responded

with this image of a Railcar he spotted sometime back down (from him) in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and he included a couple of links that are pretty cool. My fellow Hoons should check them out.

And yeah, a longroof that handles like it is on rails.

Img Src: Unknown