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Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday – Stretched Chevrolet Lumina APV

Antti Kautonen August 29, 2012 For Sale, Wagon Wednesday 22 Comments

Some time ago, a set of photos depicting a really ghetto-stretched Lumina APV did the rounds around the web-based automotive media. Looking at this ad, I was instantly reminded of that join job of two dustbuster vans, and other fairly shoddy Silhouette silhouettes. However, this elite APV is simply a class above from any backyard hackjob, and looks to be a professional piece of work. Take a look.

There’s acres and acres of blue plastic across the side of the Chevy. It’s made the transformation from a dustbuster to a full-scale Shinkansen train, in my opinion. The van retains a sliding door on the right rear, which on a stretched version looks fairly cool.

The Lumina is driven by the obvious 3.1-litre V6 with 122 horses. I don’t know if the Quad-4 would be too harsh for a limousine.

While the front cabin retains a fairly humdrum blue cloth upholstery, the rear section has been redone in leather, in best limousine service style. And, what’s more:

You have the choice of both blue and red overhead lighting: depending of whether it’s a girls’ night out or a stag party.

Would you shell out a bit north of 7k eur for this, and start your own limo service around the prestigious nightclubs of Estonia, where the vehicle is currently situated?

Click here for the link to ad


  • Moparmarv

    Someone did some nice work but they should have picked a better vehicle to base the project on.

    • Crazy Al

      Possibly the person has a sense of humor. It's a Lumina – a vehicle to be seen in. So they stretched it – to ilLuminate it.

  • Stu_Rock

    This reminds me of the time I saw a livery driver polishing his Chevrolet TransSport in front of the Gare du Nord in Paris. I could tell he was proud of it–the minivan was pristine. I remember thinking that I'd never even seen anyone wash the Pontiac version stateside, let alone wax and polish it. Crazy Europeans.

    Also, these early U-vans were actually pretty good when they were equipped with a Buick 3.8 L V6.

    • I was just talking to my friend, whose brother is in the air force and shipped his U.S.-spec Accord to his base in Italy. I asked for pictures of the car with Italian plates or with an appropriate background depicting Italy.

      His biggest complaint– no one will work on the car there.

  • Devin

    I remember Car and Driver did a feature on a Lumina a lot like this one back in '91. It was white with a red interior, there was some coachbuilder doing it, from memory it was pretty similar to this one.

  • Reminds me of a Enterprise 1701-D shuttlecraft.

  • PowerTryp

    This right here is what Hooniverse is all about. The WTF were they thinking builds. I love this thing because it's not a Towncar/Hummer/Excursion or other common limo builds.

  • MVEilenstein

    That's . . . a really nice conversion. #slowclap

  • When reality TV gets so desperate that they start airing "The Housewives of Peoria", this is the sweet ride they'll take for a night out on the town.

  • karmatose

    This screams for an L67 3800 swap.

  • If I ever get a desire to rent a stretch limo, it will be something like this.

  • B72

    It's the Caaaaaaaadillac of minivans!

  • dukeisduke

    The 3.1 is a wheezer, and it's definitely overmatched in this vehicle. I dig the Euro taillights, though.

    In the early '90s, my first wife was a Tupperware distributor, and at the time, the Lumina APV was the carrot used to spur Tupperware distributors on to success. Sure they're funky, and they squeak and they rattle, but the stupid things are pretty durable.

  • NothingHappens

    I wish to buy it, ship it here to NA, do a supercharged 3800 swap, some "rimz" (which I do believe is properly spelled with a zed), and up-rate it to an Oldsmobile front clip/badges (in gold).

  • I guess you can polish a turd, I just don't understand why anyone does.

  • Manic_King

    Well, all the other limos company seems to rent are usual sort, except disco-bus made from city bus. This thing just didn't get much orders I suppose, others are much flashier and so much more desirable for the target group, probably. http://luxlimu.ee/limousines.html



  • garagewoolery

    I want to fill it with Japanese commuters and go 200mph

  • Sven

    The car is owned by Estonia Limousine service in Tallinn http://www.luxlimu.ee/limusiin_tallinn-chevrolet-