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4-Door El Camino for sale… Wait, What?

Ray Lindenburg August 28, 2012 For Sale 23 Comments

This Pontiac has potential, for what I’m not certain…Custom Pontiac Holden Crewman

Ok, I know, it’s not an El Camino.  And not even a G8 ST, one of the worst vehicle names in the Alpha-numeric Era.  So what is it?  Quite simply a Frankentiacden.  Or a Holtiacstein.  Or  a jumble of Aussie and American parts comprising something far cooler than the sum would indicate – possibly.

What we have here folks is good old fashioned American ingenuity.  When GM stopped building the El Camino in 1987, this fine land of ours was left without a coupe-utility in new car showrooms.  What the Aussies called a Ute (something near and dear to my heart) has soldiered on Down Under – and almost was re-introduced to the states before the collapse of 2008 ruined everything.  Thanks a lot, economy.

So, what’s a red-blooded American to do with this dearth of coupe-utility awesomeness?  Build your own, of course.  

Taking a salvaged 2004 Pontiac GTO and somehow grafting the rear half three-quarters who knows how much of a same-generation Holden Crewman, this enterprising Patriot has unleashed upon our roads something so cool, it can only be found in the wilds of the Bay known as e.

 As from the description, 

I took a 2004 GTO and grafted a 2004 Holden Crewman to it  
They the same basic car, so I just clipped it
So there you go!  Easy breezy!  Oh, and the price of entry is $24,000. 
A bit rich for your blood?  Well it’s your lucky day.  See, I wasn’t able to pick up on this gem until after the auction had ended.  Shocking considering the entry price and the detailed description and photos provided by the seller, I know.  But that’s to your advantage – at some point, this vehicle will be relisted and your opportunity shall arise again.  So put this one on your watch list and jump on it when it comes up – a car this Hoonworthy is truly a once-in-a-lifetime shot.
Honestly though – this ad should be preserved for generations to come on how not to sell your potentially awesome custom car.  The pictures are tiny and few.  The description is vague and brief – out of 12 lines of text, the longest is a description of the redundant mirror controls left over from the conversion from right-hand to left-hand drive.  
Here’s to hoping the seller fleshes things out a little, drops the price to a more realistic level and some deserving Hoon picks up a potentially really cool ride.
  • If it was that crazy neon green, well, it would be worth that price.

    Are there any STi Bajas out there?

  • Scandinavian Flick

    Today I learned that the Holden Crewman exists…


    • I'm glad I can provide you that education.

  • Devin

    A G8 ST sounds like the start of a very crude joke about Angela Merkel.

  • Looks like he used the Pontiac from the dash forward for the VIN. Not sure how thrilled I'd be about driving a car that got re-stitched together at the firewall.

  • DemonXanth

    Assuming the work was done right, I'd rock the shit out of that.

  • schigleymischke

    But, how did he get ahold of the Holden?

    • sporty88au

      I was thinking the same thing. Probably bought a front-end damaged or partly-stripped stolen/recovered car (they are common enough in Australia to appear at insurance auctions from time to time), and imported it as parts. At least that's the only way I can think of that he would be able to legally import it. Maybe some of our USA-based Hoons can shed some light on this issue.

  • mnm4ever

    Its a little ungainly as a 4-dr, would look better as a 2-dr.

    • joshwebster84


  • Scotty_SS

    Hey guys,

    this chop is easier than it sounds. Bascially all you have to do is use the GTO front bar and bolt it onto a Holden Crewman (VZ model). No chopping required, everything else you see is standard from the holden factory. That bonnet was an option for the crewman when it was sold. Search Ebay.com.au or carsales.com.au and you will find plenty of examples.

    • Hey Scotty – thanks for that info. Do you have any pics of the process? A build thread somewhere perhaps?

  • Marto

    Okay, grabbed some specs and translating it in Imperial for you lot.
    The above is the HSV Avalanche XUV

    5.7-litre LS1 V8
    350 ft-lb
    Estimated a 0-100km/h = 6.5 (so I suppose 0-60 would be 6.4).
    Quarter mile = 14.6 seconds.
    GM 4L65E 4-speed auto
    Cross Trac AWD
    AP Racing ventilated and grooved 336mm front discs, twin-piston front callipers, 315mm ventilated and grooved rear rotors.
    Spring-strut front suspension
    245/45-section 18-inch Bridgestone S-O3 directional tyres.
    Leaf-sprung live rear axle
    Ground clearance 8 inches
    Cargo bed measures 57 inches long by 56 inches wide
    Towing capacity is 4630 pounds
    209 inches long
    Overall weight 4375 pounds

  • MVEilenstein

    Seems like an awkward reach for the parking brake, but it's not really a deterrent. I'd love to own it.

  • Vairship

    Holtiacstein? No, it needs some added black paint splotches to carry that name:
    <img src='http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0c/Cow_female_black_white.jpg/800px-Cow_female_black_white.jpg&#039; widt=600>
    Source: Wiki's Pedia


    This is actually better than a station wagon! This should become the new hype….

  • mallthus

    Maybe it's just me, but in the US, I'd prefer to have the Holden front clip.

    Of course, assuming the donor Holden was a wreck, you rock what parts you've got.

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    I remember when this was on eBay, and was quite happy the price was as high as it was.

    I saw a few Holden Crewmans (Crewmen?) while in 'Stralia in '04. Immediately wanted one, RHD and all.

    This one should have a Holden hood, however. I hate the Pontiac fake ducts EVERYWHERE look.

    • Marto

      Ha ha. I just hope you are good at parking.

      I've driven one of these (well, it was the 345hp Cross 8 version, but same deal) and the rear vision is hopeless: they are 209 inches long, the rear screen is about 8 inches high, the side mirrors are the same tiny ones off the SWB sedan AND the bed cover reflects sun directly into the central rear vision mirror.

      Plus they have the turning circle of a small cruise ship.

      Actually… all this is perversely making want a Crewman even more…

      • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

        Yeah, it can't be any worse than the '73 Coupe deVille I used to have…or the 40' motorhome, the tour buses I used to drive, or any other battle-cruiser.

        Bed-cover removal would be swift. I want to put stuff back there.

        209" long. That, for me, is shorter than normal. Large turning circles suck, however.

        That's one thing which was a very pleasant surprise on the '89 420 SEL I used to have. The turning circle was good for a car 3/4 its size.

  • dukeisduke

    One problem I could see is getting someone to insure it, since it would be on a rebuilt title.