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Hooniverse Marketplace: 1963 International Harvester Travelall

1963 International Travelall for sale

When you think 1963 International Harvester Travelall, you usually think rusted, clapped-out raccoon sex dungeon on the back 40 of some farm in Iowa. Today’s example is no such hulk. This one’s been completely gone through and received a collection of new parts including paint, tires, a carb rebuild, battery and other details. There are basket cases, there are cars with what seems like a bunch stuff added, and there are cars cleaned up correctly. This one’s the latter.

With a 266ci V8 and 4 speed manual, it won’t win any races, but it will tow a small boat or sports car of similar vintage. It’s only two wheel drive, but let’s be honest: you’re not going to do any serious offroading or snow duty in a classic like this. Besides, the tires are 33″ BFG All-Terrains that offer enough clearance and traction should things get interesting. If you really wanted to, you could convert it to 4wd for less money and effort than it would take to bring a typical 4wd example up to this condition.

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1963 international harvester travelall interior1963 international harvester travelall for sale

Quoth the seller:

I had seen a bitchin white one on acontinuoslean.com. That one was the barn door model. From that point I got the fever and really wanted a post apocalyptic zombie killing machine of my own.

So I picked up my Travelall the summer of 2010 from an older hot rod guy in Burbank. He had it as a project for him and his son but the son lost interest.

For the last couple of years I have enjoyed bringing her back to life. About 6 months ago I painted it and it has been a blast to drive around especially where we are near the beach. I’ve had Swedish rock bands pose in front of it at the gas station as well as Ferrari owners stalk it like it was from another planet. It’s just an old truck guys. Crazy!

It has the 4 gears but the first gear is strictly granny for towing. She is surprisingly very freeway friendly. Seats are clean and I’m putting in the headliner from a 67 Terrorall I have. To finish her off and give her more creature comfort A/C would be nice. Another nice touch would be what many Travelall owners do is swap the rear out for a GM model which will allow for disc brakes in the rear.

The interior is very Spartan and it does not have a radio. Previous owner took out the heater as well. Hell who needs a heater in L.A.?

It does not have power steering, but that’s o.k. because power steering is for pussies.

Obviously no classic is going to be issue-free, but this one has the look and backstory of a vehicle that’d be great to cruise to the beach or camp site (or camp site on the beach) in. Dogs and surfboards not included.

1963 international harvester travelall rear


Here’s a walk-around video with it running:

Asking Price: $9000

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  • rpdred6

    absolutely stunning vehicle, love it

    • Stephen Dean

      Don't get too carried away with a Travel All. I had one. Parts are nearly impossible to find, and there are NO replacement shock absorbers made for the one I owned. Not from ANY source. (I contacted several shock manufacturers.). The engine blew up and most internal parts were available ONLY from International (NAVASTAR). (and not NAPA) and were from 2 to 4 times as expensive as similar parts from any of our Domestic 3 trucks. I normally would not walk away from "anything can be fixed", but it would have been lunacy to rebuild the motor due to the cost of International parts. It's OK to admire someone else's Travel All, but let it go at that.

  • Outside of southern California or south Florida the lack of a heater might be an issue, especially for $9k. I had one truck without a heater, it wasn't fun for those 2 or 3 months when it is actually cold.

  • Xedicon


  • Nine grand is a smoking deal for something that is this clean. Plus, something like 85% of its relatives are rusted out shells, like Tim said, in the back 40 somewheres in the midwest.

  • Damn….once again this cool ole longroof is on the wrong coast…Great Hooniverse Staff Car though.

  • MVEilenstein

    You say sex dungeon like it's a bad thing.

    • FuzzyPlushroom

      It is when there are raccoons involved.

  • Scoutdude

    Way to high of a price, about twice what it is worth.

    • IF you're going to criticize a seller's asking price, at least do it with proper grammar.

      To is a preposition which begins a prepositional phrase or an infinitive.
      Too is an adverb meaning "excessively" or "also."

      Opinions are welcome here, as they make for great discussions. But you need sufficient evidence to substantiate your claims. Else you just appear as a troll. And we try to keep our criticism constructive.

      In closing, thanks for stopping by the site and stick around a while; we hope you enjoy it. But, please, let's keep it friendly and fun for all involved.

      • Scoutdude

        Sorry about the typing mistake, I am well aware of the proper usage, sometimes the brain works quicker than the fingers.

        Would you like me to present examples of what Travelalls of this vintage and condition actually sell for to substantiate the fact that the seller's asking price is out of line with actual asking and transaction prices? Seems like that would be hijacking the thread and be even more troll like, especially since a quick perusal of Craigslist will net that info if someone is really interested in purchasing a Travelall.

        For the record I've been coming around here for quite a while, and I do find some of the posts enjoyable.

    • The verb used was "to ask". The complementary verb is "to offer". 😉

      IMO, it's hard to take a typical condition Travelall and get it in this kind of shape for much less than the asking price. You could get one that's "good enough" for typical dirtwagon duty for less, but the layer of new stuff on this one (particularly body/paint/glass) carries value to some .

      That said, everyone play nice.

      • Scoutdude

        In the vast majority of cases the cost to build or restore a vehicle does not represent the market value, even more so with an IH, since the most of us who collect them are as cheap as they come.

  • Scandinavian Flick

    Very nice, and extremely reasonable price for a clean running example. A friend of mine has a '67 that he's working on meticulously restoring. Here's his thread: http://www.norcalroadsters.com/forum/viewtopic.ph

    <img src="http://i983.photobucket.com/albums/ae316/rennkafer/INTERNATIONAL%20TRAVELALL/As%20found%20Nov%2011%202001/RFTQ.jpg&quot; width="500">

    Cleaned up pretty well, and it runs like the beast it is.

    <img src="http://i983.photobucket.com/albums/ae316/rennkafer/INTERNATIONAL TRAVELALL/First clean up/LeftFrontBuffandWax.jpg" width="500">

    It was fun seeing it and learning a bit about these trucks. Seems like more work than I would be willing to take on, but I'm glad someone does it.

    • Thanks for the link! That's a good read, and the truck is a beauty. Much better color choice – the yellow is just a bit too school-bus-esque for me.

  • I've wanted a Travelall like this since I was a kid. The truck's in beautiful condition, I don't even care if it has a heater or not. If it had four wheel drive it would be perfect. I'll bet he gets six grand for it, it seems to be worth every penny of that.

    • Well, sure, you're not going to be a concerned about the lack of a heater as some others.

      • Van_Sarockin

        Hey, they have a tough winter down there. I don't know how any of them get through both days that are too chilly for shorts.

  • PowerTryp

    This is fantastic. Both the truck and the Marketplace. Kinda like a more personal version of BaT.

  • LordofHIFI

    Thats a great looking Truck :)….It looks worth every Penny. It would be fun for a drive up the coast. Go thru the redwoods in a lumberjack Fashion. Park it at a ocean view cliff somewhere, watch the sunset and enjoy a Tail gate picnic. Happy Travelall-in' !!

  • FuzzyPlushroom

    Not quite orangey enough for the other day's HA, but nearly so. There's quite a bit of charm and utility in these old beasts (and Suburbans, for that matter, though they're less distinctive).

  • boxdin

    I like the… Power Steering is for Pussies…… lol


    Great looking Travelall! The lack of heat could be an issue, although most in the market for theses iconic beasts have some mechanical experience (often with other IH products). I have a good friend who is addicted to these things and keeps three or four low mile IH's at any given time for summer beach and boat hauling duty. There is a really clean one (for New England) down the street from my shop in a junk yard, maybe I should try and save the old girl.

  • Clark

    I've never seen one without tailgate rot halfway up to the beltline. That's one sweet ride.

  • waclosh

    Travelall was in my favorite postapocalyptic scifi book by niven and pournelle. I didnt know it was a real car, thank you guys so much!!! This is exactly how i had imagined it while reading the book. Randall (a character in the book) says: Its not really a nice or a fast car. It gets the job done. It is basically a truck chasis with a heavy duty engine and a box-like shell with enough space and seats for any journey.

    • mark

      What was the title of the book?

  • marmer01

    I have a friend who got a ticket on the highway in one of these back in the early 80s. It was either uphill or perfectly flat, not downhill. He went to court and proved mathematically that given the gearing and the "redline" of the engine he couldn't possibly have been going the speed he was cited for in that location. Did I mention he was an engineering student in college? The ticket was dismissed.

  • Kirk

    I had a 66 3/4 ton 4×4 nice rig. bought it from a drugie kid who didnt have it long enough to destroy it. Love that cornbinder a real monster that rode and drove like a soft kittin. I miss it to this day

  • Garland137

    I'd totally buy this if I had the money.

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