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Truck Thursday – Suzuki Grand Vitara & Aircraft Grade Paint Stripper

No, aircraft stripper isn’t the object of your/my Playboyesque daydreams; this is Hooniverse, not Hooters. Aircraft stripper is what the guys over at S10forum thought was splashed over this 2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara; the other option probably being brake fluid. Whatever goo it was, it’s very effectively made the Suzuki look like it was present when the Lost Ark was pried open.

Even if latter-day Suzukis do not float your boat, take a look at this vitriolic Vitara.

The fuel flap was effectively obliterated…

Along with the liquified tail light corner and running board plastic.

In the thread over at Diymobileaudio, where the car was originally posted in 2009, the original poster said the estimate for the passenger side’s repairs was 3000 dollars. I’m not sure what the bill would run today, but the prepwork after something like this really needs to be up to scratch. And the running boards, a taillight and other random plastic parts need to be replaced as well.

Disclaimer: This thread is in honour of the bozo who took a nightly walk on the Sapporo’s trunk, roof and hood last month. The car is scheduled for body shop a couple weeks from now, courtesy of my insurance company.

[Source: Diymobileaudio via S10forums]


  • JayP2112

    Aircraft remover is some serious stuff.
    It comes with a list of safety guidelines on the side of the can.
    Use them.

    • dukeisduke

      As we used to say in aeronautics, back in high school, "that stuff will eat hide, hair, and everything".

    • I spilled aircraft remover on my airplane… now it's gone. (h/t Steven Wright)

  • smalleyxb122

    Brake fluid would have taken the paint, but it wouldn’t have melted the plastic bits. Aircraft stripper would have. My vote is aircraft stripper. Nasty stuff, that. Awesome for its intended purpose, but nasty.

  • PowerTryp

    I've been looking into this stuff for paint removal on my 240z since I don't want to send it out to get media blasted or acid dipped (yes I'm cheap, sue me. No please don't I'm too cheap) and I saw that Eric at JDM Legends successfully used it to strip a 77 Celica liftback.

  • JeffieWasHere


    When I heard the Sapporo in this article may be the last in America, I shed a tear. Here's hoping yours recovers.

  • aastrovan

    Childish behavior,or publicity stunt?

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    What many might find odd is this did not affect resale value whatsoever…

  • NothingHappens

    Side-note: which forum has a greater proportion of highly cultured, tasteful, educated individuals? J-Bodies or S10Forum?


  • GTFour

    Yeah but if you actually WANTED to get the paint off then you would be able to find no substance on earth that would do it properly!!

    Along the same lines as nuts you want to stay on will come loose, ones you want off will seize!


    No offense to your Sapporo, but didn't the dings and scratches make it a total loss for the insurance company?

    • Nope, for some reason my insurance company is very understanding of youngtimer "collectable" cars bought affordably. Needless to say, the final bill from the dent-popping will be handsome compared to the original purchase price, but I'll only need to shell out the 180eur deductible and my no-claims bonuses remain untouched.

      • TDI_FTW

        Good deal! That's a lot better than some other stories I've heard where people's young timers got several thousands worth of damage and only got the real market value of their car back.
        I bet you're happy you opted for that all-risk insurance policy?

        • Yeah, I chose partial Kasko for it. Pretty satisfied I didn't just go with the cheapest option. 🙂

          Buying more spare parts for it tomorrow.