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Video: Racing the Rock looks at Targa Newfoundland from a Flyin’ Miata perspective

There are many items that sit on our automotive bucket list. These items wait patiently with the hope that a check mark will one day wind up sitting next to them. One thing that must be done is to race in the Targa Newfoundland. Another is to drive one of the Flyin’ Miata cars. Our friend Zach Bowmn did both… at the same time.

OK, he wasn’t really driving, but instead co-driving for one of two FM cars campaigning in the 2011 Targa Newfoundland. Now the Flyin’ Miata crew is ready to show the world what it’s like to compete at such a demanding event. Over the course of the last running, the team was followed by filmmakers Adam and Tracy Costa with the intent to produce a documentary.

Since people don’t do this sort of thing for free, you’ll have to shell out $25 for the full feature-length film, which is titled Racing the Rock. Not convinced that this is a good reason to open your wallet? Well, there is a hefty teaser clip waiting for you after the break.

[Source: YouTube, Flyin’ Miata]

  • 1slowvw

    It was listed as my primary ambition in my high school year book. Its been a few years since that but its still a dream of mine to run the targa on the rock.

    • Maymar

      You and me both (I do wish I'd listed it as my high school ambition, but doing the Targa's a form of getting the hell out of my hometown, so close enough). One way or another, I'm visiting the maritimes, so why not do it at 100+km/h?

  • Keith Tanner

    Thanks for mentioning the movie, guys! Adam, the filmmaker, did a great job of capturing what it's like to run the Targa – the difficulty, the adrenaline, the frustration, the exhaustion and the huge smiles at the end.