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Fastback Friday – A Freshly Restored 1951 Plymouth Concord

Jim Brennan August 10, 2012 For Sale, Hooniverse Fastback Friday 15 Comments

Have I told you lately that we have the best readers on the web? For example, we received this tip from Marcal (Thanks Man!) about a curious Plymouth that’s listed on Craigslist. It is probably the nicest 1951 Plymouth in existence, and everything has been rebuilt, restored, repainted, or replated. Make the jump to see more…

According to the listing:

This is a rare Plymouth Concord 2 door sedan fastback. Everything works like new. Only 1450 miles.

1. Rebuilt 217 C.I. flat head engine. Bored to 30 over. New pistons,rings, connecting rods, valves, guides, lifters,etc.
2. New radiator core, water pump, hoses.
3. Newly reconditioned fuel tank, new fuel lines, fuel pump, rebuilt carburetor.
4. New front and rear wheel bearings and seals.
5. Rebuilt wheel cylinders and master cylinder. New brake shoes.
6. All new weather stripping throughout. New window channels and sweepers.
7. All new wiring loom. (No old wiring used). All electrical systems work like new.
8. New 4″ fog lights…”Mopar” script
Radio, (model 812 Motorola 7 push button)….reconditioned with new capacitor and speaker… works beautifully
Heater, (model 803). With defroster,heat, and 2 speed fan control.Has reconditioned windshield wiper motor. Keeps you nice and cozy in the coldest winter.
9. New maroon upholstery, head liner, wind lace, carpeting and padding.
10. Bumpers, bumper guards, hood ornament, hood and trunk script, (PLYMOUTH), and trunk trim….all re-chromed.
11. Factory Turn Signals
12. Fully registered with clear title, all receipts totaling over $ 16,000 , also original owners handbook.

There is a reason why Plymouths of this vintage are Collector Car Bargains… They really have little to no following. However, I feel that this is one very desirable postwar Plymouth, and the asking price isn’t really out of the question at $14,000. I would imagine the 1,450 miles were put on the car after this extensive restoration. See the listing here, and tell me that this isn’t the most adorable fastback Plymouth you’ve seen in ages.

  • PilotMan

    She's definitely sweet. Do you think she could maintain 65MPH without over heating? I would love something like this.

    • B72

      According to http://www.carnut.com/specs/gen/ply50.html
      it made 97HP at 3600 RPM / 175 FTLB at 1200 RPM.

      According to http://www.oldride.com/library/1951_plymouth_conc
      It weighed roughly 3000 lbs.

      65 looks plausible, but we'd need to know more about the gearing (how fast is the motor spinning at 65)?

      And that still doesn't answer the question about the cooling.

      • Mad_Hungarian

        Was there an overdrive available?

        • Impalamino

          The only transmission available was a three-speed manual. Depending on options, a 3.90 rear gear was available, but this car is almost certainly equipped with a 3.73 rearend.

          So no, no overdrive.

          This engine has a reputation for being quite stout (if outdated at the time) but asking 65 mph cruising may be a bit of a stretch—tough to say. I'd say it's certainly possible, but the RPMs might make it uncomfortable NVH-wise before it ever started to overheat.

    • My completely stock '37 Plymouth will maintain 65 mph all day long without difficulty, so I should certainly hope this '51 could do the same. Mine doesn't have the optional overdrive, either.

  • bus plunge

    town car.

  • MVEilenstein

    Seattle is full of tree-huggers and kooks, but man there are some nice rides up here. Happy to share them.

  • Impalamino

    They might have a bit more following than you think. These have been an affordable alternative to GM and Ford offerings forever. Also, I'm pretty sure Plymouth was having their best sales years ever from roughly 49-51 (as did a lot of other makes) which should translate to decent parts availability due to sheer volume of cars produced.

    Not to mention, the engine has a reputation as bulletproof on the level of a Slant Six or a 318.

    I think it's a handsome car, maybe a touch over-restored with the interior trim touches, but still very nice. The owner says he'll talk about the price…I'm thinking that means he'll knock a couple thousand off for the right buyer. A same year Ford or GM product restored to this standard would easily run 50% more.

    Overall, a good buy at ~10-12k, in my opinion

    • john

      they did not make very many of the fast backs and they are very hard to find parts for I have one myself the other models are a lot easier these are and I hate to use the word (rare) .

  • Mad_Hungarian

    Interesting how many 2012 car design themes this car has. High beltline? Check. Tall overall, with a blunt front end? Check. Short rear deck? Check. High and sloping rear window? Check. Roofline that makes one swooping curve over the body without defining three boxes? Half check (windshield is too upright). What goes around comes around.

  • Sjalabais

    This was cheap. Am I the only one to feel sorry for the moneyburning owner?

  • Van_Sarockin

    What a labor of love.

  • Tom

    Where did you get the weatherstripping for the two stationary rear quarter windows?

  • phil

    Can't make out what the emblems above the chrome strips on the front fenders say. where did you get the emblems and or any other misc. parts?