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SPY SHOTS!! 2015 Ford Mustang May Be Retro In All The Wrong Ways

Robert Emslie August 2, 2012 Nostalgia, The News! 33 Comments

So this is purported to be the in-process dashboard of the 2015 Ford Mustang. The Mustang in its current iteration features styling both inside and out that could be considered either reverential to its history, or simply a throwback to its past. This, and other shots, point to a revamped interior that brings to mind the past in a not-so iconic way.

Check out the ’90s video game style tiny screen and of all things a slot for CDs. It’s as if Ford’s problems with their SYNC® entertainment and information systems has driven the company into denial that the last decade and a half ever happened. Hopefully, that’s just a cobbled together bit for this mule and not the final design for Ford’s iconic coupe. Still, it brings up the question, do any of you still play CDs in your car anymore?

Take the plunge after the jump to see another rumored aspect of the 2015 ‘Stang that’s not looking back in any way at all.

[Source: KGP Photography via Mustang6G | Go there for more pics, bigger ones too]

That’s right, according to this shot, the ’15 Mustang gets a rear suspension as independent as Ron Paul. Something the presence of the current generation Camaro has rendered almost mandatory. We’ll just have to see what the trade offs in handling and ride are with cost and weight. Time will tell.

Images: [KGP Photography via Mustang6G]

  • TurboBrick

    What the hell are all those buttons for?

    • dukeisduke

      The button arrangement for the radio reminds me of the female reproductive system. Not good.

      • Feds_II

        Charles, is that you posting as Duke? There's nothing wrong with the Female reproductive system once you've had a little training.


        • dukeisduke

          I just don't like looking at ovaries on the dash.

      • Marven

        You've put your finger on a sticky issue…

        • RegalRegalia

          Thumbs down? Let me fix that.
          Someone can't take a vag joke? Lighten up.

    • 76Mini

      I don't think anyone can identify all those buttons. At least it isn't all touch screen, which is dangerous as you have to take eyes off the road every time. Then again one of our cars has a turn signal stalk that only controls the turn signals (floor mounted highbeams FTW).

  • Devin

    I actually like that setup. Real buttons, screen isn't too big, looks easy to use without looking at it. I suppose that CD slots are on the endangered species list, but they're still a bit useful.

    I imagine this is a base model and the expensive ones will get Sync and MyFord or whatever.

  • JayP2112

    I still have CDs- the Shaker 500 plays MP3s from the disk.

    I hope the IRS is up to snuff. The last Cobra IRS wasn't taking hard launches and failed on occasion. The roadrace GT guys were swapping axles with the drag Cobras. Looks like they have to accommodate 600hp in the GT500. Looking at that rear end, it looks damn beefed up. Even the diff cover is aluminum and ribbed. Only the Boss and Shelby get those today.

    The kit will weigh more than a comparable live axle but the unsprung weight will be decreased a LOT.

    • dukeisduke

      Yeah, they had lots of problems with the Cobra IRS, even when they weren't abused, like NVH issues. Ford's had the same problems with IRS in the RWD Explorer/Mountaineer/Aviator and the Expedition and Navigator.

  • vin.

    Debunked–It's a base ford fusion IP that they're using to test basic functions hacked into a current gen Mustang dash. The real interior won't look like this.

    • Good eye. It looked very familiar to me and figured they used parts from another vehicle just to have a running test mule.

  • rpdred6


  • jeepjeff

    I don't listen to CDs in my Jeep. The CD player is broken.

    If they ditch the solid rear axle, I'm going to be very sad. I'm not going to forsake the Mustang and Ford (that's just stupid), but if they axe the axle, it won't have quite the same special place in my heart. I guess I have a couple years to get used to the idea.

  • OMG. My eyes!

  • Number_Six

    Ford is on such a roll that they are not going to eff this one up.

    /knock wood/throw salt over left shoulder/trying not to break a mirror/avoiding black cat/oops, don't go under that ladder/don't kill that spider!

    • From_a_Buick_6

      I'll take that bet. They're supposedly abandoning the retro look altogether. Since the current car's sales are a disappointment compared to the Camaro and 2005-'09 Mustang, that idea seems riddled with fail. Given Ford's recent penchant for overcomplicated electronics and bleeding-edge powertrains with teething problems, I'm not optimistic.

      I owned a late-model Mustang and it completely killed my desire to another one – or any other Ford product. That's not a small feat, as I had always liked Ford. I even liked that fish-faced Taurus.

      Don't get me wrong, though, I truly hope they get next Mustang right. If they don't and it bombs, they'll probably kill it. I don't want a world without a Mustang.

      • Number_Six

        Ditching retro for this couldn't be a bad move:
        <img src="http://www.autospectator.com/cars/files/images/2012-Ford-Evos-Concept-007.jpg&quot; />

        • arnaud

          please not! that would be soooo common to other sport cars' face : sharky, angry style eyes/front… i hope they ll keep the large, high face, with big wide opened eyes of the last models. something that seems looking straight in front of it, giving a feeling that the car expects you to push the pedal down to reach the target it s looking at..

  • vin.

    See my last post above. THIS IS NOT THE NEW MUSTANG'S INTERIOR. It's a hacked together mule. That's a Focus steering wheel and Focus guages (the redline is even the same.)

    • jeepjeff

      Maxichamp might have been reacting to IRS shot.

    • Steve

      Yep, same speedo and steering wheel and the 13 Fusion too. I sure hope Ford doesn't do what they did in '74 and again in '89 (Mustang II and Probe). I am sure they have people watching the blogs to see reactions to all these spy photo's. I agree with From_a_Buick_6, if they don't get it right, it will bomb and the Mustang will go the way the Camaro did after 2002. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though.

  • Hey, I gotta play my 311 CD's somehow!

  • Bruno Balestra

    I've alwaysw wanted a Stang here in Brazil. The live rear would very nearly kill me in some of the roads I take on my July trips, though. Roads here are so bad you guys would thank the government everyday for expansion joints and frost heaves

  • Xedicon

    The ONLY way I'll accept not having a CD player is if the stereo supports FLAC. I LOVE me some great sounding audio systems… which are pointless playing MP3 garbage. I simply will not entertain people who whine and say "you can't tell derrrr" because without fail these are people that have never listened to the difference on a good system.

    I am an audio snob and damn proud of it because I stand for the preservation of QUALITY not quantity.

    • jeepjeff

      Oh, yeah, you can definitely tell. You just have to listen to complicated enough music. I like a lot of prog metal, and one of my favorite artists makes hugely complicated mixes that sound wonderful, until you compress them to 128kbit mp3s, and then they sound like mud. 196kbit sound good, and above that I can't tell the difference, but everyone online seems to have settled on 128kbit, which is terrible.

      That said, I compress all my CDs to FLAC and call it a day. I know I've got the highest fidelity file at that point, and storage is cheap anymore. I used to compress down to ogg files when I had a 4GB portable player. But now that I've broken down and just use my phone, I stuck a 32GB microSD in there and it's plenty of space for a reasonable selection of music. I can always cycle stuff out.

      • FuzzyPlushroom

        I think quite a bit of it is down to bitrate and conversion quality. With the sound systems I have at home (decent receiver, pair of Yamaha floor speakers) and in my car (stock tape deck and four good speakers, cassette adapter) I can't tell a properly encoded 320k mp3 from FLAC – below ~160k, though, it's obvious through anything above a transistor radio. I rip to FLAC for backups and then convert down to ~224k VBR mp3 for my phone, usually, but I'm not convinced it makes a huge difference for most music through most audio systems.

        I suppose I'm like you – in reality, I'd be just as happy with 256kish VBR mp3s if I didn't know better, but I like knowing that all of my music is there, even the bits I can't hear.

  • Re CD's: I still use 'em (of the CD-R, stuffed with MP3's variety) in my Dakota. '06's and later had a line-in, but not '05's.

  • Mark

    This is the base radio without my touch. The buttons on the right of the screen are for presets and direct station tune.

  • RegalRegalia

    Only on hooniverse are the dash buttons a bigger issue than IRS. I love you all, I don't say it enough.

  • Lex

    I prefer using the CD player to connecting the aux line to my phone or iPod. Plus the sound is generally better.

  • RL Elliott

    If I could just get a new 2010 body with the 2011 V-6!! Starting with the 2011 (IMO) the front and rear ends were a disappointment. The new LED taillights look positively CARTOONISH in daylight, and worse at night!

  • Glen

    Someone should get FIRED for this. Ford are you listening? If you want to make a car like this, fine, but don't call it a Mustang. Call it the Swallow, cuz that's what would happen to anyone's pride getting into this can calling it a Mustang.