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For Sale: Chopped Pontiac Fiero with V8 power

Jeff Glucker July 12, 2012 For Sale 43 Comments

The Pontiac Fiero arrived on the automotive scene 1984 as a breath of fresh air. It was a mid-engined, two-passenger sports car with impressive styling built right here in the U.S. of A. As the years dragged on, the Fiero became the go-to platform for all sorts of kit-car aesthetics ranging from 80’s-era Ferraris to the Lamborghini Murcielago. It’s a pleasant change of pace to find a modified Fiero that’s been treated with respect.

V8 respect.

Thanks to Josh Webster, we”re bringing you this eBay listing for a 1987 Pontiac Fiero that’s been upgraded with a new heart and a new style. On the outside, the Fiero roofline has been brought down three inches, and then given a new coat of white paint. Under the skin, the Fiero gets its power from a General Motors 350 crate motor, which is paired with a five-speed manual gearbox. Additionally, the suspension and clutch components were upgraded as well. The owner reports that he planned on swapping in a big brake kit, but the stock units haul in the speed just fine.

This is a modified Fiero done quite well. It’s currently (at the time of publication) sitting with a $9,600 bid on eBay, and the Buy-It-Now is listed at $12,6000. We think the seller should drop the reserve if this Fiero hits $10,000, and be quite happy with that figure. Regardless, here’s a heartfelt Hooniverse slow-clap for successfully producing a modded Pontiac Fiero.

[Source: eBay | Thanks for the tip, Josh!]

  • I like the chopped top look.

    Back in '99, A high-school friend bought a Fiero, slapped a Saleen (twin decked) spoiler on it, added a body kit, put big (17's. It was the late 90's) rims on it, and painted it yellow with fat red racing stripes. Sadly, it ended up looking like a rolling advertisement for McDonalds.

    • guest

      WOW the haters and trolls never cease to quit with the Lies, Im from MN as was just at the Dells Run this spring and saw this car up close and personal I didnt see any of these imaginary flaws and pin holes, the rocker panels were seamless and smooth in the door jams, no cracks or "pinholes" had a very nice finish to it. The V8 he used is the GM 350 HO, rated at 330HP. Grow up already and quit with your petty lies and mud slinging.

      • john

        [youtube KG9One2J-_0&feature=g-upl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG9One2J-_0&feature=g-upl youtube]

        Typical junk. oh and you are the liar about the body. When I saw it many years ago, it had a ton of pinholes in it right out of the shop that did it. We all know who built it. So if you say there are no pinholes now, then its obvious the owner had to pay someone else, to fix the problems that he original creator did not do right.

        so the guy used a 330 hp motor like you claim. got proof thats the engine that was used? Funny, I know someone else who used a 330 hp crate motor and only made 238 whp. here is that vid because I have proof.

        [youtube FYwwnzMjRNU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYwwnzMjRNU youtube]

        • guest

          So ,, its a random dyno video, where does it say or prove its the 330hp engine, for all we know its a LT1 or lesser,?? what the hell is your hang up.. a engine is a engine, just because it goes into a Fiero doesnt meant it suddenly "MAGICLY" looses 90 or 100 hp unless you stick a old 2 barrel rochester on it for whatever reason…yur just that idiot from Pennocks that was hell bent on trying to bash on Archie anyway possible for the last decade,, you are totally Physco.. get a life!!

    • john

      Aarchie charges $4k for a lower roof full of bondo. This is of course without paint. Of course you have to paint the whole car. But are you going to get a maaco paint job? No of course not. Quality will be necessary. Expect $2k easy for a paintjob worth anything.

      • Deartháir

        Alright, that's enough. I understand you don't like him, but this is not the forum for you to have a little flame-war. Take your issues up with him, don't use our site to throw around insults. Your heavy bias and vitriol isn't convincing anyone that you're right, it's just telling us you have a bone to pick, and choose to be petty. The correct venue for that is to talk directly to the builder. Any further posts of this nature will result in a total ban from the site.

  • MVEilenstein

    A 350 crate motor? Use some imagination, people. #weaksauce

    • Feds_II

      Go on then, show us your tastefully modified Fiero. Please quantify why your engine selection is better.

      I'll wait here with a knife, a fork, and a bottle of mustard ready to eat my hat.

      • Plecostomus


        There are a pleathora of engine swaps available for Fiero. Just about any FWD GM engine will bolt up to the transmission and fit in the bay. Known swaps include but are not limited to

        3800 SC
        3.4L Twin-Dual-Cam
        3.1L V6 Swap
        3.4L Camaro V6 Swap
        Cadillac 4.9L V8 Swap
        Quad4 Swap
        Ecotec-4 Swap
        LT5? (the DOHC Corvette engine) – source: V8 Archie
        Pontiac G8 GXP V8 Swap (Source: FM4)
        Impala SS (FWD) 5.3L V8 Swap…

        And of course, not swapping the engine at all and turboing the 2.8L V6…

        And there's the SuperDuty Iron Duke swap.

        By those standards, just going with an SBC swap, which is actually more work intensive and requires modifying the car's frame a bit, is a wee bit unimaginative.

        If you want to see some tastefully modded and chopped Fieros, look up the stuff that user MADCURL has been doing. VERY impressive, tastefully done stuff on that forum.

        • Dave

          fiero.nl is full of pedos and scam artists

      • Corvette_Poncho

        Mine has the 3.4 TDC (twin dual cam) swap and a getrag 5 spd. Not as fast as an SBC but much cooler swap!

        • john

          I bet yours is faster than many v8 fieros. Most v8 fiero owners have untuned carbs that run like crap and make less than 200 whp.

    • PowerTryp

      Actually this is a SBC swap I can get behind cause it's within the family.

      /Please don't thumbs down just because you disagree, this isn't Reddit.

      • skitter

        Thumbs up for no thumbs-down, except in extreme cases.

      • MVEilenstein

        I get what you're saying, and I won't thumbs-down, but it seems like a SBC is everybody's answer these days. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

        • PowerTryp

          The thumbs down comment was for every one who was dropping them on you. Normally I'd whole heartedly agree with you on the SBC into anything but I can't get upset about this one.

      • Number_Six

        I gave you a thumb-down for the possible hilarity of setting you back to 90 points.

        /not really, but tee hee

        • PowerTryp


          • Number_Six

            Careful, don't get Dearthair all up in a froth.

            • Deartháir

              No no, he's right. Continue with the discussion.

          • Feds_II

            Well, that's true!

        • Feds_II

          Plus one for strategic thumbing.

  • That is a surprisingly good looking car. The body kit is not too garish, the chop is the right height and even the rear spoiler is good. This honestly looks more exotic than any kit body you could throw on it.

  • smalleyxb122

    I love the look of the chopped tops offered by V8 Archie, but the price is staggering at over $4k for the chop, and you wind up with lexan windows everywhere but the windshield. Add to that the cost of the V8 swap, and this guy clearly has a lot of money into this car. I’m not a fan of the exaggerated side skirts, but the rest of it is very cool. Knowing what the rearward visibility is on a stock Fiero GT with the wing, (I removed my wing) I can’t imagine that you would be able to see anything at all behind you in this. A Fiero also doesn’t have much headroom stock, so I would be afraid of lowering the roof by that much. Nice car. I want those leather seats.

    • guest

      The windshield and rear window are tempered DOT glass, only the side windows are lexan, and those can now be replaced with glass ones now that they are available. 6'0 drivers are no problem as the seat rails have been lowered also.

      • smalleyxb122

        Good to know that glass side windows are available for the chop now. That alone makes the conversion feel better for the price. I'm still not ready to write a check to have my Fiero chopped, but glass windows at least feel more in line with the quality (and price) of the rest of the conversion.

  • Feds_II

    This is very cool. The chop makes it look a lot like a Lotus Esprit. That is way faster. And you could drive everyday. And has been purged of its French sawdust transmission. And its British electronics.

    <img src="http://3-photos2.ebizautos.com/140/9003733/9003733_3.jpg&quot; width="500/">

    • Number_Six

      That picture negates your argument. You should have shown one on fire with the owner's feet stuck in the tiny pedal box.

      • PowerTryp

        Don't they have to run to start on fire?

        • Metric Wrench

          Sadly, no. But the Fiero can't throw stones here…

  • Manic_King

    Side skirts must go, car looks just too… um, bottom heavy. Also, different wheels could look better.

  • Plecostomus

    price is a touch high, but drop a few g's off that and it's nice price.

    • guest

      LOL,, To get a turnkey Fiero like this, fully painted and polished and ready to go your looking at at least 19k, thats including the price of the donor car.(say about $2500).. 12,600 sounds like a hell of a deal seeing that theres only about 2000 miles on the rebuild.

      • guest

        Rat chew Huh, funny when I saw it at the last car show the roof was smooth as glass, BTW Archie did not do the finish work on it….

  • smalleyxb122

    As much as I dislike making Fieros look like something that they aren't, I think that chopped GT would look even better with the Pisa ZR2 front bumper (a bumper made to look like a 7/8 scale C4 Corvette). Just the front bumper, not the rest of it.

  • BAMacPherson

    eBay ads need more videos….


    I had an 85 and if I would have had the money..i would have had this done. i like the car the way it is. About the only issue I have is that the side skirts are integrated better than the air damn. I think the SBC is fine..all I was seeing was Northstar conversions.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Nice development of the design. Starting to look alla bella Italia!

  • Tiller188

    I'm sure the visibility is pretty terrible (at least for us 6'-plus'ers….although actually that might be moot, anybody here over 6' fit OK in a Fiero?), but wow, that looks really good.

    • reholmes

      6'4" fits just fine in a stocker, but not in this car!

  • joshwebster

    This one was done at the V8 Archie shop

  • BobWellington

    I love the wheels. Very tasteful.

  • boxdin

    I've had many 88 Fieros over the yrs, love my 4cyl 5sp currently have, so much fun to drive and high 30s mpg. Why does everything have to have high horsepower? I'm from the Datsun 510 school of driving; cornering skill and momentum rule…