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Video Review: 2012 BMW 335i

There’s a lot of choices for those shopping in the not-so-rarefied air of the entry-level luxury segment. Should you want a German, Japanese, or American option, the automaker’s have you covered. It all boils down to what you’re looking for in terms of a driving experience that will have you heading to an Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti, Acura, Cadillac, or Lincoln dealership… OK, maybe not Lincoln.

We decided to take a look at one specific model from one specific automaker to see what all the buzz is about. We’ve driven vehicles from all the others, but since the F30 2012 BMW 335i is all new, we had to get some seat time to see how it stacks up. Check out our video review posted after the break.

[Disclosure: BMW flipped us the key fob to this 2012 335i, and included a full tank of gas as well. We put in about, oh, three more tanks of gas because we loved driving this thing.]

  • Plecostomus

    I like the video segment but your cameraman DESPERATELY needs a tripod. Or for versatility, a Monopod. Steadycam, maybe?

    I'd love to try shooting something like this and playing with my toybox to try and polish my editing/videography skills a little further – that said, you've got a very smooth flow of narration – you did a great job with the audio, hands down.

    Also, the warehouse and set down here at S_Y_ER Auto in City Of Industry that I use are always open to Hooniverse. :]

    • If you want to film something for us, just send me an email

      • Plecostomus

        name when; I've also got a bike useful for sticking go-pros to.

      • chrystlubitshi


        glove dropped.

        Jeff–this was excellent, I want to see how much better Pleco can do!

  • Informative video. This is a welcome update on the 3 series, aesthetically speaking. I tried to follow Jeff in this 3 series in my rented 2012 Galant last week. I think the BMW may be slightly quicker.

    • chrystlubitshi

      i wish i were in the same boat as all y'all…..
      test drive "en-masse"…. many people, many cars, in the same area, drive the same roads, switch on and off…. give reviews…. I'd be all for that…
      as it is, I go try to test drive cars for fun…. half the time I get shut down because of what I drive on the lot…. other half of the time is because I have a bit of camera baggage……

    • Re: Aesthetics…Really?

      To me the new lights and kidneys look like a dog where someone smooshed the loose skin on its forehead down.

  • Qusai

    What about VW passat CC ?
    I think it's better than Audi A4

    • The CC is a pretty sweet car, but it's considered a tick under the lux segment, and falls into the premium space.

  • pizzahoon

    Oh BMW how you disappoint me, I mean its probably a good car and i'm sure its got the latest gizmos but to me it just doesn't have the appeal an E30/E36/E46 has. It looks so bloated in comparison to the clean lines the older beemers have. I might be a little biased though since i drive an E36../rant

  • craigsu

    While for $55K I certainly won't be getting any BMW anytime soon, I do have a question. Now that iDrive has made its way into the 3-series, is there an option to make Sport mode the default on startup or does it have to be selected every time you start the car? It always annoyed me that Sport mode on my Saab had to be chosen each time and my Saab master mechanic told me there was no way to make it default.

  • Ol' Shel'

    Not a word about the handling balance, ride quality, or brakes. Perhaps you can create a template of items to cover and make the reviews a little more complete?

    • Ride quality is excellent.

      Handling balance (?) …if you want a 40-50k car to regularly drive at the limit, get a Boss Mustang. This is a sporty touring car. To that end, it's superb.

      Brakes…ummm…Jeff and I had a conversation about how massive the front calipers were (look like fixed 4-pots). Typically all sports cars today are adequately braked for road driving and a fluid flush and set of pads away from being track day worthy.

  • randomusername

    I have to agree that it is a lovely car. The one i drove was an automatic Sport-line but even so it was a blast to drive, it definitely brought out the little hoonigan in me… 😉

    The nearly three times more expensive 650i left me cold. The M550d was somewhere in between.