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Decals are Back!

the_missus July 3, 2012 All Things Hoon, Featured, The Store 38 Comments

After a, longer than anticipated, wait the Hooniverse Store is re-stocked with decals! 

Though we still only have the 1 design, we now have it in multiple colors. Head on over for a white, black or silver decal. We also have inside mount decals in both white and silver.

Once you mount up your decals don’t forget to head over to our flickr group and upload a photo.

Thanks again to everyone for your support!


  • Scandinavian Flick

    Since I seriously checked every day (I don't have a whole lot going on right now…) I noticed earlier. 😀

    Already put my order in! The goat is about to get its first sticker.

    • pj134

      I'm still waiting for orange to do my layering project.

      • skitter

        I know somebody who's getting an orange sharpie for Hoonmas.

        • pj134

          It's just not the same…

  • Stu_Rock

    My order is in. One for the van and one for the Peugeot.

  • VolvoNut

    I ordered one for each brick…pictures to follow.

  • YUSS. I've got two black ones on order!

  • jeepjeff

    Ordered two in black. I've got plans for a new top for my Jeep. One is going on the rear glass. My goal is to finish this in time to debut it at Second Saturdays this year. Given my progress so far, I might not…

  • Devin

    Briefly considered a silver one – it'd look all subtle on a white car – but I should probably figure out if I'm actually keeping my white car first. I probably am, but shiny new things!

  • dukeisduke

    Inside mount? Sweet. Just ordered two.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Folks in the know say that each of those stickers is good for at least a 5 hp bump. I think I know just the place for mine.

    • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

      Just be careful how close you put it to any NOS or Kalvin stickers, else you might have an uncontrollable implosion of coolness/HP.

    • Vairship

      Is that gross hp or net? SAE, DIN or Brake?
      (4.5% power gain for my car? That might be too much to handle…)

  • El-Guacamole

    Can I get them overseas? Overland is more like it, I'm in Mexico.

    • the_missus

      Yes, we can ship them anywhere, just add an additional $0.50 to the order total for shipping out of the country…

  • If you guys are looking to further diversify your product line, here's a style I'd love to see in the next batch:
    <img src="http://randomonics.net/randomcrap/H-logotype.png"&gt;
    Maybe in a few different sizes, from "helmet flair" to "obnoxious rear glass graphic?"

    • the_missus

      Awesome, feel free to send any artwork/ideas for designs or products to shop@hooniverse.com. We have a few ideas, but could always use more! Thanks!

      • What font are you using for the URL with the current vinyls? I flipped through my collection but couldn't find a good match.

    • Van_Sarockin

      How do you spell "Hooniverse" in 18" high Kanji, at a forty-five degree angle?

      • Something like フーニヱソ, I think.


    • Vairship

      Helmet? Rear glass? Don't be so modest. You KNOW you want this as "Shelby stripes" ™ (R) (c) (God, please keep the lawyers away) across the top of your entire car…

      • They *would* make for bitchin' fender stripes, now that you mention it…

  • Maybe I should have waited for an inside-mount version for the glass. Ah, well. It worked out anyway.

    <img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7131/7132588725_bc74b4be53.jpg&quot; width="450">

  • eggsalad

    No mention of size??

    • the_missus

      Sorry, the size is in the description for each decal. They are all 10" wide.

  • Andrew

    I'm new round these parts. Another rat fleeing the sinking Jalopship. Nice sticker, I think it'll look good on my back window.

    • Welcome to Pointsver — err, Hooniverse. You should get an IntenseDebate account, so that you don't lose any valuable points! Points are an important point around here.


      • Vairship

        That's because the are Hooniverse Gold Points… See, they're on a gold background!

      • Preludacris

        Okay! Too bad my name was taken. I think I'll go by what my friends call my car…

    • Van_Sarockin

      Welcome aboard!

    • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

      You'll find many you're familiar with roaming these parts…

      Welcome to the asylum. The orange juice is great!

      • Preludacris

        Thanks- so far I'm quite partial to the grape kool-aid, myself.

        • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

          So what was your 'name' in the 8th dimension?

          edit: I suck at reading while not yet awake.

          Welcome, Andrew.

    • ars3nic

      Myself as well (Adamskiy over there), although I've been reading Hooniverse for a few months now, just haven't really posted. I'm also in for two stickers — one I think will fit well top center of my M3's rear window. Second for top center windshield, or maybe on a helmet if I get a TWOWHEELSBAD sometime soon.

      • Preludacris

        I was Andrew. I'll miss that username, not that I was using it much near the end.

  • fede6882

    Just created the paypal account… I was ready to order two decals, but it looks like it takes 3 or 4 days to activate the account… I hope they don't sold out before that.

    • the_missus

      I am pretty sure you will be able to get one, they are going fairly quickly, but we have quite a few this time around…

  • The order form must be broken. I don't see where to redeem points for decals…