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Wagon Wednesday: BMW E30 M3 Touring

Kamil Kaluski June 27, 2012 Wagon Wednesday 24 Comments

BMW never made a wagon version of the E30 M3, or even a sedan version for that matter. That however did not stop someone from making their own. The car you see above is an uber-rare (in U.S.) E30 Wagon Touring with fenders off a wrecked E30 M3 race car. As you can image the addition of the wider rear fenders was a lot of work, but the work on this car didn’t just end with some fenders and lowering springs. No, in fact there is a lot more…

[Source: eBay, My Build Garage]

Story time: Few years ago a good friend of mine who is deeply passionate about E30 BMWs bought some red E30 M3. He was telling me how the car was owned by this and that person, how it had a ton of history, etc. It was a clean car, but being completely OCD, my friend Jerry decided to improve upon it. Once improved the car won Best E30 M3 and Super Clean Class at some concours event.

That wasn’t enough for Jerry however. He had a vision for his little M3 which since then has received a complete re-spray and new… well, new everything. Jerry’s M3 is amazing, but it can upset a few purists. He doesn’t care, as the car is improved in every way and it’s his own, and he’ll keep it forever. I’ll get pics and full write up on it some time over the summer when I make it to NJ and have some time to meet with him.

The reason I brought up Jerry’s M3 is because the work on was done by the very shop that built this M3 wagon. I have seen a number of cars that came out of that shop now and the work, the craftsmanship, and the attention to detail is simply amazing. Not one bolt, not one washer, nothing is left a chance. I am certain the pictures don’t do justice to this wagon and that it is probably well worth the money the seller is asking.

From the ad:


Euro S50B30 (Euro E36 M3) engine with about 80k miles, all new gaskets, water pump, seals, hoses etc at the time of swap. Super Clean Swap – all wires are tuck + engine bay shave – the Best, cleanest swap you will ever see in an E30! Brand New Radiator, Custom cold Air intake, 5 Speed transmission with New Clutch, 3:46 LSD, Vented Z-Roadster rear cover, Custom Headers and Exhaust. New M3 Harness covers. All New power steering and reservoir Engine runs super smooth and pulls like a freight train! Synthetic oil always used ! Engine Needs Nothing ! There is no AC in this car. Heat is disconnected as I never drive it in the winter.


All Metal OEM BMW M3 parts, custom work + custom paint, only the best materials are used, quality primer, paint and clear! This car is stunning in person! There is pretty much nothing original left on this car except the side glass, everything else was modified, updated and replaced!

New windshield, Shaved hood, shaved front bumper (EvoIII style), Rare carbon fiber front brake ducts, carbon fiber front splitter, Evo II front lip, Evo II hood gasket seals, Euro grills, Euro Smoked smileys with HID slim Xenon 6k, Auto art smoked turn signals, Carbon fiber rep AC Schnitzer side mirrors, AC Schnitzer pedals, AC Schnitzer side stripe decals, AC Schnitzer RARE steering wheel + hub! All new door seals, hood seals, bumper seals, sunroof seals (all OEM from BMW) at the time of repaint! Custom Porsche Rennline front tow hook, very RARE original Euro e30 MHW tail lights! Euro rear license plate holder. Euro front headlight wipers (for looks) and many many other upgrades!


Fully custom e30 M3 sports interior in Audi Cork color with blue stitching! New Shift and Emergency brake boots, E34 leather hand brake, BMW ZHP weighted shift knob, New M3 Mats, custom instrument gauges: red needles, titanium rings, Euro e30 clock, custom cup holder with 2 outlets for 12v supply. Headliner was dyed black (has few pushpins to hold it tight). Over $2500 was spent on Music and Entertainment system + alarm: Nakamichi CD 400 head Unit, Kicker box, JL Audio and Alpine speakers, Alpine pdx SUB, custom wiring, remote control alarm system with DIGITAL remote display, etc…Everything is brand new and looks amazing!


Everything is NEW ! Front control arms with M3 bushings, front links, rear control arm bushing, new Megan racing 34 click adjustable coilovers with adjustable CAMBER PLATES, Euro 320 brake booster, stainless steel brake lines, Mazda RX7 front calipers, VW corrado rotors, BBS Style 5 wheels, 17×8 powder-coated in black with new bolts, new 205/40/17 front and 215/40/17 rear tires, new alignment! Matching style 5 rims with brand new tire as spare !Car feels very well planted on the road. The adjustability of the suspension can make this car from race machine to city cruiser in just a few clicks, while you will also have the ability to raise or lower the car according to your liking! The brakes are awesome, the car stops on the dime! There are no noises, no issues. Everything works as it should! Car drives, stops and feels amazing!

While the car may not to everyone’s tastes, mine would more OEM-looking for instance, even if you hate BMWs, one must appreciate the work that went into this car. The fender installation, the re-paint, the engine, the interior upholstery and leather, and the best and rarest of OEM and after-market parts. Make sure to check out the pictures from the build process.


  • JayP2112

    Back in the day (1987?) someone took the blisters off a Quattro and formed them onto a 4000q sedan. That must have taken twice as much work as fitting the turbo 10V under the hood.

    I really like this car- but I'd have to source original basketweave BBS or at least some TSW Hockenheims.

    • joshuman

      I used to own some TSW Hockenheims. I ended up selling them to a guy with a Passat wagon near the wrong side of Newark airport.

      • JayP2112

        TSW used to make some awesome wheels. Now they look all 20" and blingy and stuff.

      • BimmerBoy

        All sides of Newark airport are the "wrong" sides. …just sayin. LOL!

  • TX_Stig

    Nice car. Yeah, it's a little louder visually than I would really want a wagon based M car to be. But that's just me. Actually, I saw this one on BAT the other day. Many of the comments there were decrying the pinstripes. Initially, I agreed, but really, they're not that period inappropriate if you recall the pinstriping of some of the Alpina cars of that general time period. At the end of the day, would I drive a car like that? Absolutely. I also like the fact that he is quite upfront about where the mishmash of upgraded OEM parts came from.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Works for me!

    • Nick

      Nice stripper ….. She gave me a lap dance couple days ago , I can give her number , if u want guys

  • quattrovalvole

    That's probably the best conversion I've ever seen. I like what he does to the outside, although if it were me I probably painted the wheels silver, or maybe just paint the center black instead of the whole wheel. The interior, is also very neat. In many builds I saw, people tend to lose interest when they've finished the exterior and drivetrain, but that's not the case here. I didn't even realize there's an expensive aftermarket stereo thrown in until I read the description, it all looks very OEM.

    This is a car that if I have the means, I'll be chuffed to drive. One question though: is there no space for A/C after the engine swap or is it simply not there to save weight? For me, add A/C and reconnect the heater, and then this car is a perfect daily.

    • Good question. I don't know the answer to that. I have seen E30s with similar swaps and even V8 swaps and they had at least heat.

  • Scandinavian Flick

    Absolutely incredible car! However… when such effort and attention to detail is put into nearly every aspect of the car, small details can stand out at you if done to lesser degree. Thus, this strikes me as extremely lazy:

    <img src="http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m17/vlad-e30m3/E30-M3-Touring/78609b37.jpg&quot; width="450">

    It may seem like a serious picking of nits, but come on… At what point did they put that much effort into EVERYTHING, then just say "fuck it" and toss a generic Kicker box in the back…?

    • karmatose

      Unless it was designed so it was easy to remove for motorsports, etc. I have a tiny sealed box for my 10" sub in my E30 and it gets removed (positive lead too!) when I go to the track. However, this thing looks like a garage queen so I'd imagine that's not the case.

      • Scandinavian Flick

        Even then, Kicker subs are… adequate… I can't imagine it offering much more than the JL midranges that are already back there. Might as well just leave it out. My choice would have been a nice flush mount install in the floor.

    • BimmerBoy

      At the point when you decide that you still want the flexibility to use your wagon to haul something other than its own soundsystem. It makes perfect sense to me. When you fold the seats down to fit something long in there you aren't stuck with a permanent sub box in your way that can't be removed easily. Also, Kicker is nothing more than a brand so to determine how "adequate" or extreme a sub's performance output is you should consider the specs of the particular model. Personally, I certainly wouldn't call anyone involved in this project lazy!

  • EmbracingEntropy

    I guess I also fall into the "purist" category, because the silver Touring they started with looks nearly perfect to me. I prefer the color, fenders, wheels, and stance of the original car. I didn't realize any E30 wagons were available in the U.S. (however rare), or else I would have been on the hunt. I drove a 4-door E30 into the ground after years of commuting, but regret trading it. A daily-driver E30 Touring in the driveway would keep my eyes out of the sale ads for decades.
    Don't misunderstand, the workmanship shown by these guys on the "M3 Touring" is top-notch and I can definitely find appreciation for it. It's just in the aesthetics where it falls flat, and that's obviously a personal thing. For me it's the wrong shade, far too low, and too boy-racer showy with the fenders. I like strong performance mods hidden behind a subtly tweaked stock look. And while I think black or gunmetal rims look good on neutrals and reds, chrome or argent silver looks better against blue.

  • I really like it, and I am sure it will sell for a griptonne. Indeed, it will probably go for lightly used E90 money.


    this one was raising hackles on BaT yesterday..

    • HTWHLS

      There also appeared to be a VIN issue…it was also on the E30 forums and such..

  • Matt

    Pinstriping needs to go. Horrid!

  • While this olelongrooffan believes that stock rocks and I would totally Hoon a stock E30 Touring, the amount of Hoonage put into this longroof requires me to go take a cold shower to cool off. I like it alot regardless of any outstanding issues.

  • BobWellington

    Looks pretty good, but I'm not a big fan of the wheels.

    • sudden1

      Yes, she is very pretty, but those are stilettos, not wheels.

  • EricV

    The builder of this car, Vladimir Kravets, is a total crook, and very unprofessional to even his own customers. He has been banned from almost all BMW online communities save for bimmerforums and rightly so.

    The vehicle in question, style aside, also has it's issues, namely poor panel fitment and body work. Most alarmingly, the VIN number it wears is not for the silver Touring it started life as but rather an early model US sedan.

    Buyer beware. There are much nicer E30's and much more decent people to buy them from at 1/4 of the price this thing is listed for.

  • Der Doug

    All that money to build something that looks like a Subaru? Color and interior are hideous. What a waste of a nice car.

  • Tonybones

    Nice paint work.
    Anyone know what the paint code and name are?