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Video: Custom Porsche has a heart that beats heavily with sound of American pride

Jeff Glucker June 27, 2012 Hoonivercinema 26 Comments

The Porsche 911 is a sports car that has an almost religious following. For many, it’s perfection in automotive form, and to change the rear-engined flat-six formula could be considered a crime punishable by Versa. Here in the Hooniverse, we don’t quite see it that way… well, except for Bradley of course, but he’s long since drunk the Teutonic Kool-Aid. We’re always up for a good engine swap, and thanks to the car-crazed denizens of The Car Lounge, we’ve come across one that we full support.

A man has taken a 930 Turbo, removed the brilliant motor slotted into the ass, and inserted… something else. Keep reading to see the clip.

The video says LSX, but this is not that cast-iron mill and instead the aluminum LS7 engine.  Before you decry the fact that the owner has now made the car worse, we want you to consider that the LS7 V8 is actually lighter than the flat-six it has replaced. Also, listen to it for f*$ks sake!

We think this car could be the starting point for a European-American automotive revolution. The Italian-American Iso Rivolta is still awesome. Now replace Italian with German, and we might have something here, but in reverse. Let’s start stuffing the V8 engines found under the hood of Mercedes-Benz AMG cars into our coupes, sedans, and wagon.

Oh glorious gods of Pah(!), please make it so.

[Source: YouTube via The Car Lounge]

  • MVEilenstein

    What a glorious noise.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Tidy swap. I don't know as I'd want to do that, certainly not just to hear a lumpy US V-8. But 650 bhp from less a less tail happy butt has its attractions.

  • Wiremaster

    Check out Renegade Hybrids. They provide kits for this sort of thing. http://www.renegadehybrids.com/

  • Dutch

    I'm an old Ford and Mopar guy, but, most anything else can be seriously improved with an aluminum LS.

  • PowerTryp

    I disagree. While it may sound good and be faster than the original engine I just can't help feeling that any time a SBC is put into a car that didn't have it the guy who did the swap was lazy. Don't get me wrong here, I know there's a lot of work to shoehorn an engine like that in the Porsche here but it lacks any desire for originality or growth (at least in my opinion). I just view it as someone saying "I don't feel like learning how an engine I haven't known since daddy got one in our sedan when I was a child works".

    That's how I see it and I'm sure I'm generalizing. I don't expect any one to stop swapping them in but I just can't get excited over them. I'll return my hoon card if necessary.

    • Tuning the flat-six would surely be quite fun, but I like this swap simply for the "hey fuck you" attitude…

      • JayP2112

        That's the way I'd have to take it.
        A few bubba's have a 911 chassis over here and a SBC over there… and a copious amount of beer later they have this.

    • sudden1
    • Texan_Idiot25

      The LS motor is simply one of the most potent, and well packaged motors you can get your hands on. It has nothing to do with laziness on the builder's part, it's just a good product.

      Speed doesn't care about originality.

  • Heh. This one is at Cars and Coffee regularly, though I have never heard it.

    <img src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-0KtMK8j-2-E/T8uu5IubKzI/AAAAAAAAKdI/NqYS3uzkENg/s799/IMG_0873.JPG&quot; width=575>

    I feel bad for the owner: they seem to have been ostracized from the Porsche area of the show.

    • JayP2112

      If it had a Cayenne/Panamera V8 would they let him back in?

      • Oh, Cayenne and Panamera owners are even more ostracized, so I doubt it.

    • mnm4ever

      Thats an even better reason to have one then! This one looks even better than the one in the video, too bad its a targa though. The lines on the hard top are so much cleaner.

    • DemonXanth

      Porsche owners pretty much ostracize anything without a flat six out back. Exceptions are the 550 and 917. They even kind of look down on the 911 GT1.

  • sudden1
  • TX_Stig

    Oh, how I aspire to be an old fart like those guys. In all seriousness, though, I am torn. On one hand, I do agree with the collective voice that decries the SBC swap. It's been done, done, and done again. You can stuff one of those engines, or it's many derivatives, into almost anything with a kit made to help it along. But from an engineering and performance standpoint, there's a very good argument for doing just that. Especially with the advent of the LS series aluminum engines, they are often lighter than the old mill that was yanked out. The specific output is almost always higher. For such a large, torquey engine, they are amazingly compact. And the aftermarket support is second to none. You can go as mild or as wild as your wallet will allow.
    While I would feel a little bad for yanking the turbo flat six out of something like this, I think a few laps around the block would cure my concerns.

  • Xedicon

    SBC swap – so over done, but so worth it nearly every time!

    • HTWHLS

      It's "overdone" for just that reason…

  • racer193

    Check out build-threads.com theres a 996 with a ls1. with future plans of twin turbo exellency. the guy who built it also stuck a ls into a scout(i believe) and somewhere on his thread mentions a mitsubishi evo. If anyone thought u could dream for days on end on the interweb with the likes of hooniverse and some less travelled blogs, well my friends check out build-threads.com and the hours will melt by like like like………

  • PuddleRising

    That motor is broken, barely idles

  • dukeisduke

    So how do you get the power down? Porsche transaxle, or something else?

  • JoeDunlap

    I love it! ER's in trendy places must be filling up with apoplectic Porsche owners everywhere.


    That thing is awesome!

  • gtidriver

    no. i dissent! this is like one of those trap photos where you scroll down a picture of a cute girl and she has a penis.

  • Sky_Render

    OMG I want one.

  • Matt

    Yea it bugs me when people write LSX (a race block) when what they should write is LSx because they don't know if it's an LS1, 2, 3 etc.