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Long Shots: The T-Rex Is Not Extinct

LongRoofian June 26, 2012 All Things Hoon, Two-Wheel Tuesday 16 Comments

So I mentioned this olelongrooffan was down in FantasyLand earlier this month and spotted a few cool things.  On my way back to the Taj Mahal in the Birthplace of Speed, a need arose to stop and talk to Mother Nature.  After we spoke, I exited that Stop-N-Rob and spotted a dinosaur.  T- Rex to be exact.

Now living in an motorcycle friendly town, I thought I had seen pretty much everything Moto related, this is until I saw this thing.

I don’t know a whole lot about it.  The owner was not the nicest guy in the world and basically didn’t even want to talk to me.  I think he is pissed at himself for getting all those tattoos that he got.

I did notice to exit this trike the driver is required to remove the steering wheel, NASCAR style. Fittingly, given that flat brimmed hat he was sporting.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

  • NoKetchup

    I do see these on a semi regular basis around chicago.

    I have to be blunt when I say: I don't exactly "get" these "cars"

    nice pics, I have never had the chance to see one stationary.

    • They're not "cars." They're "motorcycles."

  • Devin

    They're Canadian! Made by a company called Campagna in Quebec.

  • Here's one that I caught in traffic a few months ago. It's complete with dubs and twin American flags on the roof!

    [youtube TYCAXMEyvfo&feature=plcp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYCAXMEyvfo&feature=plcp youtube]

  • MVEilenstein

    If you drive something unusual, don't get your panties in a bunch when people notice it.

    • skitter

      It's probably his mom's car.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Tattoo artists probably drilled straight through his funny bone. This does not drive me wild. Does it have incredible performance and handling? Is it amazingly cheap? Does it get insane gas mileage? Can it pull babes all day long? I simply don't see the attraction for this, or any other kind of trike – and I'm not like I'm all that big on motorcycles to begin with. This is like a PRT in the opposite direction: it has all the problems of a motorcycle and all the problems of a car, and few of the benefits of either.

    • Your last sentence explains the attraction quite well, although in addition I prefer mine much less powerful and far more dynamically unstable than a T-Rex. A nearly total unavailability of parts is a big plus, too.

      • Van_Sarockin

        We understand each other perfectly. Perhaps you will allow me to establish a machine shop in your hall closet?

        • Thanks all the same, but that simply would be too convenient. I prefer the mystique of woefully outdated third-party contacts, sketchy international wire transfers, baffling overseas postal formats, lengthy delays, and mutually incomprehensible languages.

  • Marto

    A T-Rex 'hovercar' appears at 1:21 and 'stars' until 2:04. Driven by the I.AM.AUTO CEO himself. [youtube kdAj-dBNCi4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdAj-dBNCi4 youtube]

    • Marto

      Holy cow! Look closely at 1:31 – the wheel-less hover car throws out a rooster tail somehow. Must be the hover technology.

    • Devin

      There is a conspicuous lack of bees in that video.

      I'm beginning to suspect that he's not a bee at all.

      • Marto


  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    The owner was not the nicest guy in the world and basically didn’t even want to talk to me.

    Because Florida.

    Hey, Bugs…what'd you say?

    <img src="http://i394.photobucket.com/albums/pp29/mckellyb/florida.gif&quot; width="400">

    Yep, still a good idea.

  • craigsu

    Given that the cheapest new T-Rex starts at $53,000 I will not be in the market for one, ever. Instead I could buy my favorite vintage Aston Martin, a 1992 Virage Coupe, and still have about $10,000 left over.