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This Ford Granada might be the greatest sleeper in the world


We’re not even halfway through 2012, and we’ve already seen a lot of machines that could vie for the title of Hooniverse Car of the Year. Get ready to meet the car that just might win the whole damn thing. What we have is a a Mark II Ford Granada with a massive secret resting under the hood. Instead of a “sporty” 2.8-liter V6, the owner has mounted a 600-horsepower Cosworth up front. That’s not what makes this car crazy though… the owner has moved on from the Cossie mill.

Now, the car has a twin-turbocharged 4.7-liter V8 built by Ford and re-engineered by a Swedish company you may have heard of before. This engine is better known as the mill powering the Koenigsegg CCX.

The one in this Granada? It’s capable of 1,700 bhp.

The car isn’t just about the engine though, as the owner has modified everything. Check out the build thread here, and then hop past the break to see video of the car starting up.

[Source: YouTube, CorsaSport.co.uk]

  • JeffieWasHere

    This is the kind of build that will get you put in a mental ward. Insane.

    This was posted in 2011, though. Does it qualify for 2012?

  • Sleeper my ass. Everyone knows that a Granada is practically a Mercedes.

  • acarr260

    I don't think it has the proper aesthetics for a sleeper. It looks pretty heavily tuned from the exterior.

    • Still, I'd look over and think someone put way too much effort into making their Granada look sporty… then I'd watch it disappear into the distant as my jaw is left on the ground.

      • acarr260

        I heartily agree with your summation, but given its looks, what would it be called? I vote for surpriser over sleeper. Of course, that isn't a word… yet.

    • FuzzyPlushroom

      I'd assume 200, 250, maybe 300 HP out of it – wouldn't expect it to be slow, in other words. But this? Yeah, this is something else.

      • acarr260

        I would probably assume the same… 300 HP, probably from a crate engine. If it can put that power to the ground efficiently, I can't imagine how fast it is in a straight line.

    • Joel Olsen

      Actually, apart from the wheels, this is EXACTLY how you could have it delivered new streaight from your ford dealer in back 1982, if you ticked the RS aerodynamic package box 🙂

  • e46christopher

    While I agree that this is an awesome car, and I certainly wouldn't expect it to be the monster that it is, it just doesn't seem like a proper sleeper. The Nova from last month? Now that's the ultimate sleeper.

    <img src="http://hooniverse.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/super-sleeper-nova.jpg&quot; width="600">

    • Good point… I love that Nova.

    • MrHowser

      I don't even think that Nova's a true sleeper – too loud, wide wheels, etc. It's a wonderful piece of engineering, but it's not a sleeper.

  • dukeisduke

    Take off the ground effects, swap the wheels for some less flashy ones, and put a hood on it. Then it'll be a sleeper.

    • craigsu

      Sleepers also don't typically give themselves away with a rollcage either.

  • I get the feeling 1700 HP in what I think of as a Ford Tempo will go the way of the proverbial JATO rocket powered Plymouth. SPLAT! I mean, The Stig couldn't keep a real Koeniggsegg on the track, you think that shopping cart handle on the trunk is gonna do it?

    • Still… the JATO car is a legend in the hoon halls of fame, regardless of legitimacy.

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    Best sleeper EVAR.

    The '81 Fleetwood Brougham the losers at Monster Garage went up against with their dedicated drag Fleetwood.

    Season 3, episode 1. Just fast-forward to the last five minutes for the humiliation.

    IIRC, the one which was the car the show morons raced was both street-legal and had working A/C. The interior was intact, too. It's been a while, though.

    I know what I'm downloading when I get home…

    • ah damn, I miss Monster Garage!

    • I love that episode.

      They do the whole build, get all the work done…and then get smoked by a better example of exactly what they just did.

      • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

        I'm irked that, in order to see it, I'd have to download 27G of crap, i.e. other episodes.

        All I want is that one, and only the last 5-7 minutes of it, probably.

  • I'm gonna give this two thumbs up. No, three; I'll borrow a third thumb.

    To be honest, if judged by American standards of the era, all Euro Granada 2.8is were sleepers. That stock engine puts out 150-160hp depending on the model, with 0-60 coming in at around 9 seconds. Not fast, per se, but certainly enough to get out of the way of itself compared to the sort of crap that littered the road around '79-'83.

    If I saw this one, I'd assume an elderly-ish ex-wildchild owner, probably from one of the inner-urban estates where Granada-man was king. Probably kept it under blankets in a lock-up garage. Probably owned a pub, or certainly frequented one regularly. He added the bodykit because he's proud of his car. I'd expect that, and I'd give the car a head nod of respect.

    Then, when it accelerates away at warp speed, vapourising its P-Zeros as it goes, I'd be reduced to a breathless, slack-jawed wreck. This car should be forced to make regular appearances on European highways to teach M5s and RS6s a thing or five.

    • Joel Olsen

      Thanks man 🙂

  • Haha.. that remembers me of a station wagon Granada, where me and a friend of mine did an engine swap with a engine that came out a police car.
    That 2.8 surprised many people with far more sportier cars.
    <img src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-eRXzBPbb3V4/T9kdLrqOahI/AAAAAAAADB8/UF0844csVHg/s717/DSC08626.JPG&quot; width="550">

  • Joel Olsen

    Thanks for the support guys, and thanks for understanding what this is, and for understanding what a protest to conventional car modicating this car really is!

    Join us on facebook and see all about the project 🙂

    Joel 🙂

  • Waldo Waldmans

    Very nice,cool, sounds very civilised, a real sleeper in it's own right, carry on men:)

  • Thomas Strome

    Now who would have thought that this old model would pack such a huge engine. A 600-horsepower V6 engine intack on a car with Zzz Zzz plate, how cool is that? Looking for ford dealers on long island will solve your car problem?