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Video: How to turn a Volvo 245 into an art car

Jeff Glucker June 8, 2012 Hoonivercinema 9 Comments

The way that one views a work of art is quite similar to the way a person might view a custom car. Any opinions expressed are subjective, and some will love a piece or vehicle, while others might abhor it. What happens when you take a car and apply a work of art upon the side of said vehicle? While, the lines cross even further… but sometimes the result is something pretty awesome.

Enter the slab-sided Volvo 245 and a pair of talented graffiti artists.

Most Hooniverse readers tend to enjoy the box from Gothenburg, but we’re not sure what your take is on the world of graffiti. When the examples from this medium are bad, they’re actually terrible. Yet when you come across good graffiti, it’s usually quite stunning in both its quality, scope, and sometimes, its message.

Click past the break to see an example of good graffiti that finds a home on a stylish Swedish wagon. Be sure to watch until the end to see the finished product.

[Source: YouTube | Thanks for the tip, Alex!]

  • It's a little busy for my taste

  • $kaycog

    It was an interesting video, but I really don't care for the end result.

    • coupeZ600

      I too liked the video, but my 145 attracts enough attention as it is…

  • BobWellington

    No thanks.

  • e46christopher

    I kind of like it; but I tend to like street art.

  • I don't have a problem with the concept, but this particular design doesn't do anything for me. Where the blue comes up from the front wheel well is pretty cool. I can also appreciate that they masked stuff off and appeared to but a clear coat on. Looks more finished that lots of hand painted cars you usually see.

  • craigsu

    I like it and so does my 245, but the video needs some Yakety Sax.

  • ZOMFG a girl doing things to/near a car!

    Maybe not my first pick, but I think the end result is pretty cool.

  • Han_Solex

    I've seen this car in person, and I have to say, it's pretty striking. The 240's lines really lend it well to being a billboard of sorts.I've seen plenty of poorly-done spraypainted cars so it's refreshing to see something that clearly had time/effort invested to make it a quality job – as the video attests.