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Why spend $22,000 on an H1 when you can spend $2,500 and get a real Humvee

The Hummer H1 we just showed you is listed for sale with an asking price of $22,000. While hunting down other Hummer-related sales… wait, that didn’t come out right. While looking at other vehicles for sale, we stumbled across this eBay listing that depicts a real-deal Humvee, and the starting bid is just $2,500 with nary a reserve in sight. This isn’t just any HMMWV, however, as this specific Hummer was used in the movie the Avengers.

Sure, there might be six days of bidding left, but the $2,500 staring price is low enough to make most of us take notice. We don’t really care about the attachment to the film, but we are happy to see that the 6.2-liter diesel V8 runs as smooth as the transmission shifts. It won’t be as nice inside as the Hummer from earlier in the day, but that wasn’t exactly a Bentley inside either.

I’d ask you all to tell us which Hummer you’d rather hand over cash for, but I think we’re all pretty sure of what the answer would be.


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  1. Batshitbox says:

    I was driving down US 101 around Ukiah just Monday and there was an H1 that was playing leapfrog with my truck up and down the hills. I couldn't freakin' believe how quiet it was. There were no end of gibronis in jacked up powerstroke and Cat powered shiny pickups that sounded like the bean and cheese apocalypse, but that H1 was just sailing along like it was electric.

    • Maxichamp says:

      I was in Covelo on Sunday! We were close.

      • Batshitbox says:

        I made it as far north as Willits. What's Covelo like? I'm curious because it's so much more remote that the rest of those really remote towns. I know it has a particular wine that grows best in that valley, and someone told me it has the highest percent population of Native Americans in California or something.

        • Maxichamp says:

          Very interesting town. We took Forest Highway 7 from Willows to Covelo. It is the last national forest in the U.S. that does not have a paved road transecting it.

          Covelo is a sleepy town next to a reservation. We ate at My Cafe. The staff was entirely Native American, except for a white lady who worked in the kitchen. Nothing to write home about, but it was sort of interesting.

    • MrHowser says:

      +1 for "bean and cheese apocalypse". That will be a new addition to my vocabulary.

  2. CptSevere says:

    I just checked, the bidding's up to almost seven grand. If this sells for less than fifteen, I'll be surprised. These don't come cheap. There are two of them in the Tombstone City impound lot that the town sourced from the National Guard, I think at least one of them will be the volunteer fire department's new brush truck. The city has to keep them for at least a year before they can sell them. I don't know if they plan to use them for anything, but they'll be able to make a nice chunk of change for the general fund if they auction them off when it's time. They also got three or four CUCV Blazers, in which the city employees are having a great time steering around town. I personally wouldn't mind having one of them, if they're not beat all to hell when the city's done with them.

  3. tiberiusẅisë says:

    I can see the look on the toll's face at New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission if I were to try to register this thing.

  4. thebloody323 says:

    Am I just being pessimistic when I think that because this was in the Avengers movie that it will never be used as nature intended?

  5. muthalovin says:

    … I wonder how much Tony Stark's NSX is going for?


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