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Video: More realistic crash simulation for video games isn’t far away

Jeff Glucker May 29, 2012 Hoonivercinema, Tech 37 Comments

The crashes portrayed in most automotive video games typically involve a few tweaked polygons, and the result is a dirtied-up car that has trouble turning in both directions. Even in the top-tier simulations available for the average console gamer, crashes are offered up in one of two ways. Vehicles will smash together in scenes that make Michael Bay jealous, or the crash damage will be wildly minor even if the vehicle involved was traveling at over 200 miles per hour prior to the accident.

It seems some out there are working to make these virtual smash ups a bit more realistic, and we recently came across a video that shows us what’s possible. Check out the oddly mesmerizing demo video posted after the break.

[Source: YouTube via Reddit]

  • Scandinavian Flick

    I would pay money to have just that, right there. Give me a playground of ramps and objects to smash and flip into, and I would happily just turn that truck into a heap of metal all day…

    Does it explode during a side impact?

  • JayP2112

    This + Burnout… I'd buy that game.

  • smalleyxb122

    Who would actually play the game? Personally, I'd just drive around crashing into shit. Perhaps if that were the game…

    Score it based on the level of damage that you inflicted on other stuff before the truck became immobile. Let us unlock levels to earn like a 10 point cage, etc.

    • ramLlama

      My sarcasm/obviousman detector may be broken, but haven't you just described Burnout?

      • smalleyxb122

        I may have. I'm not much of a gamer, and had never even heard of the Burnout series of games until this post. With few exceptions, my knowledge of video games ends in 1995. The only console I've ever owned was an NES, but I worked in an arcade at Six Flags in the summer of '95.

        • FuzzyPlushroom

          The Burnout games are, hands down, the most fun I've ever had playing a video game while inebriated. In Revenge, the one I know best, there are a few varieties of races, as well as Crash mode, which, well…

          (The YouTube plugin-extension-thing broke itself. Yay, YouTube plugin-extension-thing.)

  • skitter

    Nursing a (real) dying car through (real) traffic is stressful, but ultimately fun and rewarding in its own way. Throwing away an entire virtual race because you virtually clip one virtual static object is infuriating.

    • Nursing a real dying car through real traffic is what I call "commuting to work." I don't need a simulation.

  • GregKachadurian

    I wonder how much damage those flying cones in Gran Turismo would do in a game with that engine…

  • pj134

    I don't think they realize how many bolts and/or pinch welds there are in a fender. The front end should be much more crumply and less explodey. It looks pretty damn cool, but it still needs some tweaks.

    • Chinese built Chevy from the Bright Hope Novelty Rubber Ball And Fried Chicken Concern.

  • Impalamino

    That virtual S-10 has six-lug axles and a what looks like a straight six under the hood.

    Mystery Car! is getting way harder these days.

    • pj134

      Isn't it a Chevy C/K?

      • Impalamino

        Hard to tell. The tail lights look S-10ish, but the quad-stacked headlights say C/K. It's hard to get a frame of reference re: size when there aren't any other vehicles to provide context.

        I'm just gonna say GM 1/4 to 1/2 ton hybrid with possibly some Dakota thrown in.

  • craigsu

    Good thing they decided to use a Chevy for their crash modeling. A Toyota Hi-Lux would have defied their physics and just left them frustrated.

  • Charles_Barrett

    Well, now we know what Flo the insurance sales girl at Progressive is doing with all the 'Snapshot' OBD-II plug-in module data they've been collecting… They're gonna diversify into movie CGI and videogame programming…

  • I found this incredibly fascinating. I would so love to play that.

  • failboat

    Look, I'm not saying Grand Theft Auto 4 is a pinnacle of damage modeling and vehicle physics, but its pretty damn entertaining, For those of you pining to get your hands on something similar to this, its worth a look if you haven't played it already. It really does look pretty similar to this video. Not as advanced or detailed, certainly, but its pretty damn good for what it is.

    I beat the game years ago and still fire it up pretty regularly to just jump in a car or truck and go screw around, rock crawling along the coast line or in "central park" in a 4wd truck, hopping into a bus and smashing into oncoming traffic at speed, maybe mowing down a few crowds of pedestrians, or just cruising around the city listening to the radio.

    What we need is Rockstar Games to do this (Old Western environment from Red Dead Redemption) + (Vehicles from the Grand Theft Auto) + (add guns to vehicles) = Modern day Interstate 76 Auto combat game?

    • The most fun I had in a GTA game was hijacking a car carrier and driving backwards down a line of parked cars. Up and over! Then I started playing the storyline and lost interest in about fifteen minutes.

      • JayP2112

        The last of the Burnout series "Paradise City" lost it for me- driving around a city looking for races, some specific to the cars. My son loves playing it and the crash simulations are nice. He tries to wreck and get a 'drive-away' to see how bad the car looks.

        The others especially Revenge were tremendous fun. Just carnage.

        Tried those GTA type games once.

    • FuzzyPlushroom

      I got about two-thirds of the way through GTA4's storyline, then decided, well, to Hell with it.

      Fortunately, I was playing on the PC. Installed a trainer, hopped on the train, hopped off at an elevated station, spawned a few cars, let the invincible trains have their way with 'em… turned off the police temporarily and launched box trucks off ramps at the airport… so on, so forth, endless carnage. I only wish GTA4 had the sort of open world that San Andreas did; the best was cruising through the woods and fields in an old truck, taking out fences and jumping rocks.

      I think later I'm going to spawn a half-dozen parked beater Emperors (Malaise Cadillac sedan) and jump a Rancher (Blazer/Jimmy) over 'em.