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Hoonage Classics – Modified 1973 VW Beetle 1303

The last Beetle I featured was a worn-but-absolutely-stock orange one. This time, it’s time to show this bright red Beetle that shows what hoonists did to them around here back in the day; ditch the bumpers, mean up the looks and fit some extremely period-correct ’70s-’80s modifications – including a glassfibre ducktail. Yes-sir’ee, this one has got it all going on.

Let’s go straight for the gold. The tail is a prominent feature on this Beetle, and together with the slatted rear screen and chrome Mangels wheels it makes this a downtown grill-to-grill blaster classic. There’s a snaking exhaust that’s had some less-than-stellar welding to it, but it’s the sole worm in this red, red apple of a VW.

Brake drums are painted red behind the Mangels, that have had their chrome pit a bit.

Inside, there’s a rally wheel and a rather large rev counter. But what catch my eye are the skull-shaped shifter and door lock buttons. Jack the car at your peril.

So, on a street populated by Saabs and Volvos, this Beetle is probably the kind of car in which those Saab and Volvo people spent their golden days of youth, with hair slicked back and mustard and ketchup on their leather jacket lapels.


[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

  • buzzboy7

    Killer stance. Tight beetle.


    • PowerTryp

      Disclamer: Warning, Hooniverse may cause feelings of longing for cars that you had, cars that you don't yet have and cars that you'll never have. Results may vary.

      • skitter

        If craigslist or ebay lasts for more than four hours, seek immediate help.

        • Van_Sarockin

          Hey, I can stop any time I want to.

        • PowerTryp

          http://www.autotempest.com take one of those and call me in the morning.

          • randomusername

            I'm at work and in need of a bucket full of espresso, i read that as autotherapist.com.

            • PowerTryp

              Remember, Vroom meens no!

              • randomusername

                There's a subtle but significant difference between psychotherapist and psycho the rapist.

  • The VW Beetle, capable of extreme breakneck speed, really needed a whale tail spoiler in the back, to maintain downforce on the rear wheels. The fact that the engine was hanging there behind the transaxle wasn't enough to keep the rear end from breaking free, given the mighty torques unleashed when you stomped on the gas pedal at the apex of a turn. Or, maybe the tail just muted the "TWEET" coming from the equally mighty exhaust. Either way, back in the Seventies, You Needed This Thing.

    No pun intended. Really.

    • Van_Sarockin

      The rear would definitely break loose on trailing throttle oversteer. That whale tail probably provided a hefty addition to dispersing crash energy.

  • jbllawhorn

    where can i get the rear spoiler and the rear window cover to fit a 68 vw beetle? thanks for help!

  • jblawhorn

    where can i get the rear spoiler and the rear window cover to fit a 68 vw beetle? thanks for the help!

  • daz

    Where can i get a slatted rear window spoiler from for my 73 bug any ideas please