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High-speed shenanigans in New Jersey [w/video] UPDATE

Jeff Glucker April 23, 2012 All Things Hoon 60 Comments

I love driving fast. That’s not something I try to hide, especially considering that I’m a founding member of a website called Hooniverse. That said, I believe there’s both the appropriate time and place for enjoying all manner of automotive machine. Does that include the highway? It might, depending on the time of day, location of said stretch of road, and the level of traffic surrounding you. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never exceeded the speed limit.

Still, if you have a high-horsepower machine, and you want to truly test how capable it is, then you should take it to a race track. Out on public roads, you have to worry about everything from speeding tickets to … much worse. A lot of people think they are invincible though, so perhaps the speeding ticket is the only thing holding most people back from pressing the accelerator down until the speedometer ventures into uncharted territory. If you’re rich, you might not even worry about getting a ticket. Especially, if you’re part of a convoy being led by those whose job it is to hand out such infractions.

That seems to be the case for a recent down the Garden State Parkway towards Atlantic City. Apparently, a convoy of supercars were treated to stretches of excessive speed thanks to a pair of New Jersey State Troopers who led the way for the well-heeled crew. Witnesses stated that a group of 25 to 30 cars, made up of examples from Lamborghini, Porsche, and Ferrari, were  being led and tailed by patrol cars with their lights flashing. Also, each car in the convoy had tape covering its license plate. The state’s Attorney General is now looking into the matter.

So were these hoons doing it very right or very wrong? Sound off in the comments, and click past the break to check out video of a similar run captured in 2010.

UPDATE: The New Jersey State Police have suspended one of the men involved in the high-speed run. (Thanks for the tip, MPGomatic!)

[Source: NJ.com | Image: DrivingForceClub.com – (Photo not taken during alleged Atlantic City run, but from a charity event, which happens quite often with the members of this club.)]

  • $kaycog


    • OA5599

      I'm pretty sure that's a Lambo, dude.

      • Savant_Idiot

        The "Dude" is a "Dudette" and if you look at her avatar you will notice that she is a fan (understatement) of that particular vehicle and somewhat of an authority.

        Without watching the video I'm willing to bet that she is correct…

        • The phrase is a joke from Jalopnik

          • Savant_Idiot

            Ugh, sorry. I missed the irony in your voice…

        • $kaycog

          I've known OA5599 for a long time. He was just pulling my leg. 🙂

          • Penny

            ouch, Savant_Idiot has been living under a rock

    • I know! It's almost like it belongs with those supercars.

      • $kaycog

        Everyone likes a blah, blah, blah, but no one likes a blah, blah, blah.


        • Good morning to you, as well.

  • Van_Sarockin

    It's nice when cops do a high speed sweep down the left lane – to broom out all those Left Lane Bandits, so the rest of us can make adequate progress. But buying a police escort shouldn't entitle anyone with a license to speed that would otherwise be unavailable to the average taxpayer. NJ has had issues in the past with state officials speeding in state cars on their way between meetings, as have other states. One set of laws for everyone.

  • Maymar

    Well, if they're going to do it anyhow, this is probably the best way to do it – the police convoy helps with some of the more unpredictable elements, and the supercars are certainly capable of achieving higher speeds safely. On the other hand, so's a Crown Victoria apparently, so it's not saying much, and there's no guarantee about the driver's speed.

    And then there's my latent Eat The Rich mentality flaring up.

  • PotbellyJoe

    This Governor likes Helicopters, The last one thought the GSP was the autobahn, 91 mph (no seat belt), McGreevey was fast with other things. At least this time they were being escorted with the flashing lights on.

    Nothing NJ does should surprise anyone.

    Remember this is the state that had sent officers to New Orleans after Katrina, only to have a convoy of Various jurisdiction Police cruisers get nailed doing 95 and some didn't even stop when the VA cruisers pursued them. The attitude they delivered for being stopped is what was most astounding. Here's and excerpt from the press at the time:

    "If you think that that's not a disgrace, you should take that badge off your shirt and throw it in the garbage," Speziale said. "This is unacceptable, and I'll tell you what, I hope I get the opportunity to show you the same courtesy up here in New Jersey."

    Speziale told Roane that "law enforcement is all about supporting each other" and said he was reporting the Augusta County stop to the National Sheriffs' Association.

    Speziale ended the call after cutting short Roane's attempt to detail the incident. "I don't talk to deputies," the New Jersey sheriff said.

    Other officials from the New Jersey departments remain indignant that its officers were ordered to slow down.

    "We make no excuses," Passaic County Sheriff's spokesman Bill Maer told The News Virginian on Tuesday. "They'd been working 'round the clock [in a hurricane-devastated New Orleans]. They were coming back with equipment that needed to get back. In our opinion, they acted appropriately. We take offense at the way they were treated."

    A Wayne police official seemed angered when The News Virginian called about the incident last week.

    "So what, we're not going to talk about the good these people are doing, you're just going to look for something bad?" Capt. Paul Ireland replied.

    Fisher, instead of phoning Speziale, drafted him a letter detailing the stop, defending Roane's actions, and saying that the New Jersey officers were "unprofessional."

    Passaic County, in the meantime, plans to send more volunteers to New Orleans, but not through Augusta County.

    "We're going to avoid Virginia at all cost — we're clearly not welcome there," Maer said. "Maybe Virginia should learn from our example."

  • Irishzombieman

    "Yo, how come nobody told me?"

    <img src="http://clutch.mtv.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/paulie_1331.jpg&quot; width=250>

    • He's from Rhode Island… and the one bro I like from that show.

      /there I said it

      • Alcology

        -1 for watching it. at least you know where it came from! Ick though, do you actually watch it regularly?

        • I am not afraid to admit that, yes, I do watch the show.


          My name's Jeff… and I watch the jersey shore.

          • Alcology

            hahha, at least you can wean yourself off jersey shore with the new spinoff

  • Marcal

    I don't find this cool or hoonworthy at all. If that makes me a wet blanket, so be it.

    Collusion with law enforcement is never right, even for something that seems harmless and fun. Corruption in government is bad enough without rich car guys buying off the police.

    • It doesn't make you a wet blanket at all… I tried to remain neutral in the article, and let you folks cast judgement.

      Seems we all agree with you.

      • Marcal

        Didn't mean to come so harsh, but thanks. Appreciate the thumbs up from everbody.

        That's not to say I wouldn't love to go flying to 405 here in Bellevue in an Aston Martin Vantage.

        • No worries!

          We would all love to hit triple digits on the highway for sure (as evident by the link to my ticket above)… haha.

          Also, a Vantage would be a great car to do it in thanks to the ride comfort, engine noise, and excellent sound system.

          • Marcal

            If you guys ever feel the need to test some high-dollar cars in Seattle, we have plenty here in Bellevue, which is where the money is. I work next door to an Audi dealership and get to gawk at R8's all day.

  • scroggzilla

    As someone who commuted 5 days a week on the GSP for 14 years, I hope they take the officer's badges and ticket the hell out of the participants. The law either applies to everyone equally, or not at all.

  • skitter

    I don't condone braking from speed into a gap, but it's nothing I don't see from every other Altima.

    … as they sit in a line of cars. It doesn't look too different from the faster sections of I-285, GA400 and I-77, where with the correct conditions, 90+ seems completely reasonable. Keep calm and carry on being one of the conditions. Charity drive goes through a light in an unbroken line. So do funerals. I say stop them both, but I'm probably in the minority.

    • hedgedigger

      My wife never lets me go 90 on GA400. The last time I went to see my mom without the family in the car, I shaved 15 minutes off the hour ride.

  • randomusername

    I can't afford to speed. It's not the fine that scares me most, it's the possibility to lose my license for months. I couldn't get to work without a car so i'd be royally screwed.

    I have done a few high speed runs in cars years ago, on empty motorways in the middle of the night. Didn't get any kicks out of it so i haven't done it in ages. As for the supercars, i don't really care. I definitely don't blame the drivers, hell if i had the money to buy a police escort why wouldn't i do it? Police should definitely not do this, but if they are for hire then i can't and won't balme anyone who takes advantage of it.

    The most "exciting" part of high speed runs is looking out for moose and deer. I wouldn't mind going in a huge fireball at 250kph, but i don't want my eulogy to say "choked on moose penis and shit at 250kph".

  • Number_Six

    More dickless wonders who can't find a track, huh?

    • jeepjeff

      I cannot imagine that there is that much price difference between going to a track day and bribing law enforcement agents. (In fact, if the super car owners end up being on the hook for their end of the bribery and speeding tickets, renting a track for a weekend might start looking like a deal…)

      • Marcal

        Even if the prices were the same, why would you pay to drive a Lamborghini at high speed, one way, on a bumpy, dusty road, behind a Crown Victoria?

  • "Driving really fast on the freeway" is the lame kind of driving fast. You're not really testing the limits of your skill or your car, aside from veering or slamming on the brakes to deal with someone who pulls in front of you. Not impressive.

    That said, in the right conditions (road, car, weather, law enforcement) I have no problem cruising at 90, but driving autobahn-style. Safe following distances, flash the brights, but no weaving through traffic.

    • hedgedigger

      correct and correct.

  • One compound word: Douche-canoes.

    • Savant_Idiot

      NICE!! Right up there with ass-hats…

    • vwminispeedster

      🙂 Adding that to my vernacular.

    • Stu_Rock

      Girlfriend has been saying that for a year. I just asked her where it came from, and she said, "the internet."

  • The worst part of the whole thing… the guys in the EVO… everything about them.

    • sixfourseven


  • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    Why don't rich people buy old slow cars and then parade around in them? Or art? Maybe lots of sandwiches instead?

    • Do you want to be priced out of the market for vintage Volvos?

      • TurboBrick

        I'll trade my vintage Volvos for some Lamborghinis. And $500 cash, I bet that italian thing has been beat up and needs maintenance.

    • OA5599

      At one time JJM had the world's largest accumulation of Ferraris, the Berline de Voyage, and several dozen significant Corvettes, but he seemed to have the biggest grin on his face whenever he was behind the wheel of something powered by Briggs and Stratton.

      <img src="http://images.craigslist.org/5F35H75M13K63Ld3H7c4i7ea4b4a0c6ca1d38.jpg&quot; width=500>

  • Age_of_Aerostar

    Yeah, I know it was wrong, and I know it was elitist, but i thought that was pretty darn cool! Don't we all wish police did more of this, then sit around and clock speeders??

    (I guess i'm the minority opinion, so I'll live with the thumbs-downs)

  • Alcology

    goddamnit, comment is in the wrong place. I'll put it back where it belongs.

    Also, what is wrong with these people and these cops?

  • hedgedigger

    listening to the douches in the evo made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  • Jesus Fucking Christ

    lame Video and most important lame people!! you call this the highlight of your life, it seems to me both of you are pretty pathetic !

  • FuzzyPlushroom

    I certainly can't approve of corruption within the ranks of law enforcement, but I have to admit that if this convoy went by me, I'd drive my Volvo balls-out to keep up. After all, what could they do about it?

    • RichardKopf

      Or, we could box them in with our slow-ass cars.

      OK, my slow-ass car.

      • FuzzyPlushroom

        If I get my 244 back on the road, it'll definitely be 'our'. I think my 855 (N/A) qualifies as slow enough, though.

      • Devin

        There once was a car called the ASS. And it was french and made in 1919, so it was probably slow. This might be a picture of it, but I'm not sure. I don't want to spend too much time looking for ASS.

        <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/66/CwsT1_torpedo.jpg"&gt;

  • hazmat5150

    NJ. Been there twice, hope to NEVER return. I apologize to the one hundred good people in the state. Practically everyone in the state were rude and helpful. I was really disappointed.

  • Sjalabais

    Somebody took their enthusiasm pills that morning.


    On one hand I'm pissed as I was in one of these caravans with a police escort but we didn't get past 60mph! On the other hand, and as someone born and raised in NJ, nothing surprises me. I would really be pissed if I was still a commuter and had to endure these rich-boys blasting by at 120, while I couldn't go past 57 to get my butt to work. I agree with others though..tell them to rent a track.

  • beamer

    calling that a death race is the most laughable bunch of bullshit I have heard in a while. I drive faster than that everyday. people in the country are absurd.

    • Does your mommy know you're on the internet?

      • Marcal

        This is the same guy complaining about the content of Last Call.

  • Outrage!

    That is all.

  • njhoon

    I hang my head for NJ once again. Mostly for the guys filming but the guys in the exotics gets some too. The entitlement, look at me attitude of the people in the cars pisses me off too. I hate to say it but the could have made better time without the police escort.

  • Joe

    According to Deadspin, one of the drivers was pro football player Brandon Jacobs:

  • Toyotek

    I'd like to know what the cops got PAID for that I bet a few years pay