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American Eagle – 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Antti Kautonen April 16, 2012 Finnish Line, For Sale 30 Comments

It’s not every day you spot an American-built personal luxury car with a 7.5-litre engine over here. On Friday the 13th, I did; it’s a 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V for sale at the same forecourt as the Buick Roadmaster was last fall. The dealer has a penchant for large barges, it seems, and the ’77 Mark V is the biggest and baddest.

This white hulk of a car with a black vinyl cap has some patina, as it’s been in the country since 1993. Make the jump to see more photos – and a music video.

The Linc is a handsome car with great presence. It’s incredibly angular in the metal and you could probably land a helicopter on the hood. Up front, the 460 V8 delivers 208 horses to move the 5,85 metres and 2287 kg:s of car. Yeah, I feel more at home with metric measurements.

The headlight covers apparently do not close all the way shut, but that’s probably nit-picking.

There are proper wire wheels on worn tires; not only wheeltrims but wire wheels. There’s some patina here as well, and I’d ditch the white-lettered tires anyway.

The driver-side slats are in fairly good nick…

But the passenger side ones aren’t. Wonder what’s the case here.

Yeah, it’s a split-window coupe; both opera windows in the C-pillars are cracked.

Inside, there’s cloth instead of leather, vinyl or velour.

There are rust proofing stickers from the home country. Wonder if the car made the Jul ’80 inspection date.

The car could do with a good body shop appointment. It’s not too rough for that, and it’s too good to run into the ground.

To wrap up this exhaustive photo post is a track that’s currently enjoying heavy rotation on our airwaves.

In the four-minute track, Karri Koira and Ruudolf detail how it feels like to cruise around town in a huge, huge Lincoln. “Amerikankotka liitää”, The American Eagle is Soaring.”


Link for the Linc’s sales ad

[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]


  • dukeisduke

    I remember the commercial jingle for Kelly Springfield Tires – "We're good and tough, we're the Kellys".

  • dukeisduke

    A little adjustment of the rubber bumpers inside the headlight openings would fix the door closing alignment. As for the louvers on the passenger side, either it's rusty under those, of there's some Bondo that's cracking. And I've never seen cracked opera windows.

    Judging from the rust on the right rear quarter above the bumper filler, the car's fairly rusty, even with the rustproofing. You can't get everywhere with that stuff.

    • TurboBrick

      Notice that the paint is bubbling behind the driver side C-pillar and there's cracks between the window and the trunk lid. I'm going to say that there's a nasty surprise brewing underneath that vinyl top.

    • OA5599

      Headlight doors also are vacuum operated and are designed to open if the system fails. My T-bird's lights tended to open after the car had been parked for a week or so. It wouldn't surprise me to learn the rubber parts on this Mark are getting a little porous and things might align better once the engine is started next.

      • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat


        It's likely been parked more than a few days, and over time, it'll be fully awake.

  • Love me some Disco-era land barge! I'd kill for a MKIV, the 74-76 being one of my all-time favorite rides. They were quite the statement back in the day. Still dig them to this day. Grab me some bellbottoms, wide lapels and velour shirts, and get DOWN with some horribly permed bra-less chicks…

    (cue Wild Cherry)
    [youtube qe1ScoePqVA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qe1ScoePqVA youtube]

    Also, Tonyola rant in 3…2…1…

  • KremlinLaptop

    [youtube hlyFeSoDt2Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlyFeSoDt2Q youtube]

    Not that I'm criticizing Antti or Finnish hip-hop, but I feel the need to post an alternate tune that's still fairly fitting. Never heard it played on the radio, not even on Radio Rock, which is a bit disappointing. Popeda (it's like Finland's version of AC/DC) with 'Katsastuslaulu' which translates as 'Inspection Song'.

  • TurboBrick

    I hear this guy is merciless with rust.

    <img src="http://llamabutchers.mu.nu/Flash%20Gordon%20Ming.jpg"&gt;

    • UDman

      Ahhh the Ming Package. Gather 'round the camp fire Boys and Girls, and let Uncle UDMan tell you a tale about the Ming Package, as well as the Rusty Jones Package that was once pushed onto unsuspecting new car buyers. The Ming Package was a series of "enhancements" that was applied to your new car if the Sales Professional, or the F & I office did their job. The packages include a Diamond Gloss or Carnuba Finish Sealant (basically a wax that was applied to any new car when it was cleaned for delivery), A little rustproofing coating applied to the undersides, door jambs, under the hood, and around the trunk opening to help "Seal Out" anything that might cause Rust, and an upholstery sealant so that stains wouldn't set in (Like Scotchguard). The package ran the gamut as far as pricing, from as little as $500, to as much as $1,500, probably the amount charged for this Lincoln Mark V.

      These are the same packages that are being hawked right now, like VIN Etching on your windows, or theft protection identification packages, or tire protection packages that are pro-rated. Every single dealer added package is worth less than the paper you sign for, and the Ming Package was one of the worst. What was really the killer here is that the undercarriage and door jam coating actually created rust problems…

  • "The headlight covers apparently do not close all the way shut, but that’s probably factory-correct."


    • TurboBrick

      Aren't these the ones where the vacuum keeps the doors closed, and they try to creep open if you don't start it up for a while?

      • tonyola

        Yep. Ford adopted those after having the reverse setup on the '67 Cougar, where the headlight doors would close in case of vacuum failure.

    • tonyola

      Go back to your three-cylinders. There were plenty of faults with the big '70s Lincolns but they were put together and finished pretty well.

      • I also have a foot in the full-sized FoMoCo camp, but clearly we have different memories of their '70s products.

        • tonyola

          Fords had highly variable quality in the '70s as well as the smaller Mercuries, but I can attest that the big Mercury and Lincoln were generally pretty well built.

  • Marcal

    I'd drive this thing every day, and love it.

    • You masochist.

      There's no love to be felt for this when it comes time to fill the tank.

  • tiberiusẅisë

    He takes it to the Max

  • I have a strong desire to grab one of the early 80s lux rides and completely uncork that smog choked big block.

  • My grandma had one. Vinyl seats. I melted my thighs every day during summer. Twas awesome.

    • Marcal


    • I bet the chrome seat belt buckles always left a nice impression, too.

  • Number_Six

    This was the first car I ever rode in that had power seats. I was about twelve years old and did the "seat goes up / seat goes down" until my father pulled the Stretch Armstrong impossible parent smack from some other quadrant of the car.

    Who the hell could afford petrol for this beast in Finland? At best it would get 11mpg or less.

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    Figure on 8 MPG, US, from the choked 460 CID.

    A very good friend of mine, from high school, still has the '73 Mark IV, which his parents bought new in 1973. Yes, piloting a machine with a hood that length is what you'd expect it is…borderline terrifying, until your brain figures it out.

    The '73 Coupe deVille I had was similarly sized, and I got to where I could put it almost anywhere there was room. It lacked ground clearance, however.

    Finally, that looks like cloth, but it's pretty velour-rey. I can't believe one was made with out leather, or worse, vinyl. Ack! I'm having burned leg flashbacks!

  • suju89

    Someone in my neighborhood just rebuilt a black one of these. I was quite surprised as he usually does Commodores and Statesmens.

  • Rudy Kulmala

    Surffailin itselleni renkaita ja tämä linkki tuli vastaan, hassua siinä oli että mun musavideo on sun postauksessa.Jos käyt Helsingissä ennen kuin talvi tulee ni tuu ottamaan mun Lincolnista pari kuvaa.