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VIDEO: E30 M3 Street Car to Race Car in Minutes

Kamil Kaluski March 8, 2012 Hoonivercinema 15 Comments

My friend Miguel recently acquired Will Turner’s, the guy behind Turner Motorsports, BMW E30 M3. While super clean, Will’s M3 was setup for street and track duty. After a few track events and auto-crosses, Miguel, who is an experienced racer, decided to turn the M3 into a full race car to the BMWCCA M3T Spec

This morning Miguel and I were chatting about his car. Looking at the build pictures of the car I thought that they would make a pretty cool movie. An hour later Miguel, who owns VelozMedia, sent me a link to the below video. It’s about four and a half minutes and in it you will see the attention to detail put into this car. The car, wrapped in vinyl that pays homage to the Jeff Koons’ Le Mans Art Car, looks stunning in person.

Currently the race car is awaiting a new engine and dyno testing. Miguel promised me a HOONIVERSE EXCLUSIVE!!1! first drive and some laps around race track where you’ll see me scream like a little bitch and my man-boobs unexpectedly pop out of my shirt. 

[Source: VelozMedia & checkout VelozMedia Vimeo]

  • Miguel / Veloz Media

    We will have a 'boob' cam in the race car!! 😉 😉

  • The bewb threads are over on AT.

  • lzaffuto

    I'm sorry, but IMO he ruined a really nice, clean car. Why buy such a nice example if he was just going to rip it apart and destroy it? There are plenty of cheap junkers out there for this purpose.

    • Miguel / Veloz Media

      Didn't you read the post?? The car WAS ALREADY a race car. But it was raced in a more spec class (back in 2005). Today, there is a better class for these cars under BMWCCA which is M3T. It allows for lighter cars…hence what we did to it. Which "IMHO", looks way better than it did. Plus, you….well, I, dont want to be racing in a 'junker-rusted-piece of shit' shell. I like to race safe. At least I am not one of those that goes and buys a brand new car and turns it into a race car, huh? 😉

      • lzaffuto

        Brand new cars are just that… someone can walk into the dealership and buy one. This is a car that was already extremely rare when brand new and that 30 years later are very hard to find in decent condition. You could have taken one that was already off the road and put it back on the road rather than completely stripping one that was in good shape. Really you can do anything you want… free country and all that. I don't have to like it. Seems like such a waste to me.

        • Miguel / Veloz Media

          Bummer. But yes, it is what i wanted to do. BTW: You call that interior 'good condition'? LOL Thanks for your opinion though, but get the facts straight. This car was a race car. You have no idea what 'good condition' level it was.

  • FЯeeMan

    So, what is the purpose of the netting in the middle of the car? Is it to keep the driver's arms from flying over there in an accident?

    • Miguel / Veloz Media

      It is required by BMWCCA. Even with a halo seat like the one we have in there. The net keeps the driver's head in place in cash of whiplash. See this video here: http://vimeo.com/22306701

  • mnm4ever

    I love these cars, I remember when they were new, always wanted one, so it is kind of sad to see another one not on the street. But like you said, we have no idea what condition it was in, and it didnt appear to be perfect before. But after… WOW, that was one beautiful race car, you did an amazing job. I love the M stripe on the shifter tunnel! The dash treatment, fully painted body in white… everything, just perfect.

  • Metric Wrench

    Use 'em up. A driven car is a happy car. An E30 on a track is a very happy car indeed. BTW, love the paint!

    • Miguel / Veloz Media


  • Alcology


  • lzaffuto

    How am I a troll just because I disagree? I'm not trying to be an ass… it's just my opinion. I would rather not see someone take a classic car off the street and turn it into a shell of it's former self. Instead I'd rather see them take one that was already off the street and put it back into use.

    • chap

      Good god, man – they didn't "take this car off the street" it was already a race car like Miguel said.

      Nobody's cruising around with a flatbed, stealing daily drivers and then stripping them bare and posting videos of the process and forcing you to watch them.

      • lzaffuto

        You keep saying that. The article says it was a street car that was taken to the track a few times. He turned it into a track only car. If I misunderstood because the article text is wrong it should be changed.