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Today’s Best Video: Farm Truck Wheelie

Scott Ith March 6, 2012 Aural Pleasure, Hoonivercinema 9 Comments

Every now and then some yokel brings his old truck to the drag strip thinking he can keep up with the muscle cars and the ricers.  Every now and then the yokel is right.  Click it for the “Holy $#!t!” 

[Source: Youtube | Thanks for the tip Chris Dortzbach]

This truck was previously featured on “Pinks All Out” on Speed Channel (and also here on hooniverse), so you may have seen it before.  Watch anyway.   This particular angle and run is something special.  

Lesson: Never judge a book by its cover.  

Scott Ith is an Associate Editor with Hooniverse.com, but he also contributes to his own site NeedThatCar.com.  Head over there for more hoony goodness.


  • rwb

    Farm Truck is my favorite truck.

  • gearhead

    The rag in the gas filler is a nice touch.

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    I adore the concept, but they're trying just a tad too hard.


  • salguod

    The flappin' hatch on the cap is a nice touch.

  • sport_wagon

    This makes me giggle with glee. Love the Farm Truck.

  • acarr260

    Long live the Farm Truck! I do enjoy watching it, but it's gone past the sleeper category. Full drag chassis? Check. Bigass rear tires screwed to the wheels? Check. Check.

    • TDI_FTW

      Those are things I only noticed after I watched it 3 times. The junky appearance distracts quite successfully from the drag racing bits. I hope they somehow were able to keep it street legal. I can hardly imagine how much fun it would be to play with WRXes and the like at the stoplights.

      • acarr260

        I really like the beater look, and the train horn adds to the confusion nicely. I'm at work or I would search it out, but there is a video on youtube or streetfire.net that shows a bit of a walk around the truck and he raises the hood. It's packing a very pretty big block and you can see some chassis bits. It's all business under that grime and rust… which is why I could watch it surprise seriously fast cars all day long and not get tired of it.

  • S the F

    WOW, that was so HOT, I had to take an obama and wipe my biden with some hillary after watching that. signed , Rustee Sherrifs Badge