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Hooniverse Weekend Edition Last Call – An Evil Monarch…

Jim Brennan February 26, 2012 Last Call, Weekend Edition 7 Comments

To close out this Malaise Era Weekend… Why not a Mercury Monarch Malaise Era Rat Rod?

By the way, this car is for sale.

  • skitter

    There's a lot to be said for a creature, such as the Monarch, that is perfectly suited to its environment.

  • Age_of_Aerostar

    I never knew the Monarch could handle!

    <img src="http://hphotos-snc3.fbcdn.net/hs116.snc3/16340_1253297182643_1535958037_673203_3895108_n.jpg&quot; width="500">

    (yeah, I still don't)

  • Smells_Homeless

    Hokay. That pegged my Weird-O-Meter. I can't say it's a bad thing, exactly, but that particular instrument may never be the same.

  • RichardKopf

    Body roll is not always a bad thing.

  • Joe_Btfsplk

    When you wipe the lipstick off a pig… then you still will have…a pig.

  • oldcarjunkie

    Over $8k in that way – wow. I was thinking it was a pretty cool couple hundred dollar beater. Very much a sleeper I guess. Too much white on those white walls though.

  • I was about to say that the whole Rat Rod thing has jumped the shark when they do it to a car like this, but the guy has done some pretty serious work on this Mercury. I like it. You can always lose the whitewalls.