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Here is a Shiny “Wing Tank Lakester” to Brighten up your Friday

Greg Kachadurian February 24, 2012 Car Shows 8 Comments


Sunday morning car shows are always a great place to see some cool cars. The Caffeine and Octane events in Atlanta, Georgia can attract everything from a 3-week old Lamborghini Aventador to a beautifully restored Jaguar E-Type. The star of the latest event, however, wasn’t a new Ferrari or a vintage Rolls Royce. Instead, it was the sight of this chromed-up “Wing Tank Lakester” being hauled in on the back of an equally gorgeous Ford C500 flatbed that drew the biggest crowd.

This Lakester was built off an external fuel tank from a Lockheed Super Constellation and somewhere behind the two-seat cockpit is a turbocharged HEMI 4-cylinder. And the steering wheel? That’s a yoke from a 1948 Rockwell Aero Commander. The seats are also out of an older Lockheed plane. I don’t know much about the Ford C500, sadly, other than that it currently has the heart of a Cummins diesel. In the end, they both look amazing together.  Take a look in the gallery below for a closer look. I promise you that it’s worth your time. 

For professional quality photos from the shop that built it, check out Eddies Rod and Custom’s website.

 Hat tip to nj_hoon from the Hooniverse Forums for finding more info about the car.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Gorgeous car and gorgeous truck. If I was close to them, I'd be tempted to take out my penknife and cut off a bit of that sweetness to keep in my pocket.

  • dukeisduke

    This is the "1917 Crow Lakester" that sold recently at Barrett-Jackson:

    It sold with no reserve for $187,000:

    • B72

      I'm still trying to figure out what about this car corresponds to a 1917 Crow. The Constellation wasn't around until the 40's, and they certainly didn't have turbo 4 motors and 5 speed trannys in 1917. So what's from 1917 – the brakes?

    • GregKachadurian

      Oh wow. I watched an interview of the guy that built it and referred to it as a "Wing Tank Lakester". Thanks for the heads up, but I too have a hard time figuring out what makes that a 1917 model…

      • dukeisduke

        I never could figure that out, either. I'm a big fan of the Constellation, too.

  • dukeisduke

    As for the truck, I'd like it better if it weren't lowered.

    • B72

      I came here to say that. If it were up about six inches more, it might actually have room for suspension travel.

  • Irishzombieman

    Doop-e-doo, Friday night,chillin' and drinking a Captain and coke, thinkin' I'll check out what showeed up on Hooniverse since I left work, scrolling down and see this THING


    and had to go get paper towels and windex to clean diet coke and rum off my monitor.