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Wagon Wednesday: ’66 Mercury Colony Park is Our Kind of Green

Tim Odell February 8, 2012 Wagon Wednesday 16 Comments

Clearly the biggest problem with Clark Griswold’s Metallic Pea wagon was the lack of 46 years of aging. This Mercury Colony Park wagon takes a perfect distillation of 1966 and ages it to perfection in the Southern California Sun. The beauty’s more than skin-deep too, as this Merc’s interior and spec sheet are nearly perfect.

Obviously, I’m feeling a little nostalgic , but this classic  battle wagon really ticks all the boxes as a perfect cruiser/hauler. The H-code 390 runs 9.5:1 compression, meaning it’ll deliver stump-pulling torque without getting cranky on mediocre pump gas (like my 315hp 10.5:1 390 did). Though in need of a recharge (which really means a leak-fix), the AC system is all there, ready to keep you cool on the way to the beach.

The rear features Ford’s “Magic Gate” three-way tailgate and a reverse-facing “way back” seat. Speaking of seats, these are in uncharacteristically great (and green) shape for the age and typical life a battle-wagon like this endures.

And then…the wheels. If they’re really a $2500 set as the seller describes, they’re actually a bonus: you can sell them for a decent chunk of change and get a proper set of color-matched steelies.

It failed to meet reserve in its first auction, peaking at $3,650.  The seller relisted with an opening bid of $4,000…and got zero takers. It seems the supply and demand curves might intersect somewhere between the two.

For reference, my more powerful, not not as nice Country Sedan went for $3000 (and came with a huge pile of spares), what would you pay for the SS Whirled Peas?

  • $3500 is the max I would pay, though, the interior is much nicer than I would expect. The rims, well, not so much with the nice.

    • OA5599

      Offer the guy his $4K asking price less $2500 for the rims and tell him you'll let him keep them.

  • Hate the wheels, love the stance. The staggering works on this. I have to wonder about the front suspension height. Is that by design, or age?

    • RegalRegalia

      Yeah, those wheels are definitely banana boat mustang.

    • Mine sat about that low, and was unmodified AFAIK. The front might have 1/2-1 coil cut.

      15" X 7 or 8" wheels really fill the wells more than the factory 14 x tiny originals did.

  • Impalamino

    Those wheels might be worth $2500 if they were custom CNC'd out of pure billet. Since they're actually cheesy mid 90s artifacts…I'd say you could expect $300 for the set, if that. Totally anachronistic, and ruining the otherwise "driver" patina.

    Wagon itself? I'd pay $3000 for it, even with the scary looking lower quarters (fresh green Bondo, "repaired professionally"…yeahhh). I'd want a nice look in person, though, to try and verify the mileage.

    Side note: next time I try to sell a car here in Iowa….surfboard on top, no matter the vehicle. It's the Landau top of the early 'teens!

  • MrHowser

    I'd say it's a Nice Price at $3500. It'll never be a $100k rig at B-J, so a high-dollar restoration is out. I'd leave it exactly as-is. My commute is non-existent right now, but hopefully will be short in the future, so gas mileage isn't a huge concern. Style is what I want, and this has it in spades.

    $3500, sell the wheels for $1k and pick up some D-windows… you've got a really slick old rig.

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    The Wagon Queen Family Truckster is only 17 years newer than this wag, so I'd wager there was much less patina back in '83.

    Wait. It's been how long since that movie.


    FWIW, propane, yeah like in those cylinders at the grocery store for campstoves/lanterns, with a bit of mineral oil for lube, makes a great refrigerant. No, there isn't a risk of explosion…well, not more of one than with any other refrigerant.

    For example, this impact caused no 'splosion, and I'm pretty certain the condenser was toast. Propane…for the R-12 replacement WIN!

    <img src="http://i394.photobucket.com/albums/pp29/mckellyb/resized.jpg&quot; width-="400">

    New medication side-effects for the W126 wreck FAIL.

    Oh, and 20 year old SRS systems, at least in MB's, function just fine.

    Though this wagon has me tempted to search CL for a Town & Country…a 440 & three rows of seats, please.

  • dukeisduke

    That wagon's worth three grand, tops. Maybe two grand. If the doors and quarter panels are that rusty, what's underneath?

  • You could always spray paint the rims black. Then at least you wouldn't notice as much how they look like poop.

    I'd buy it.

  • I would love to have this nice old wagon sitting in the driveway. Yeah, lose those wheels, first thing. I'm thinking Cragars would look classy.

  • Jess

    Those are very nice wheels Cnc from a very well known company that makes nothing but quality billet specialties love this ride looks perfect Asis as it caught all of our eyes!

  • Car Nut Seattle

    Beautiful looking station wagon. I’d buy one for myself if I could find one in decent condition. 🙂