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Two Wheel Tuesday: Motorbike Madness in Vietnam

Hooniverse January 31, 2012 All Things Hoon, Two-Wheel Tuesday 5 Comments

How many balloons can you count?

When I was in Vietnam for four months, motorbikes were everywhere. Millions upon millions of them. People use motorbikes for their everyday needs, hauling around refrigerators, bring a family of 6 home from dinner, and even the occasional late night racing. I saw some of the craziest things carried on the back ofmotorbikes, including a Coca Cola deliveryman with probably 12 crates of glass bottles. Yikes!

And we thought texting while driving was bad?

I picked a few of my favorite pictures I snapped of the motorbike mayhem that encompassed this fascinating country. Did I drive a motorbike over there? Yes a few times and it was pretty scary at first, but after awhile everything just seems to go with the flow, literally. You can read more about my experience riding around on a motorbike here on my travel blog.

Get a helmet on youngster!

After being around this for some time, I became inspired and addicted to the two-wheel form of transportation. This past May, when I came back home to the good ole’ United States of America, I went out a few short weeks later and bought my first motorcycle! (that is after taking a safe rider course).