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Video: Drifting brought to you by Satan

Jeff Glucker January 19, 2012 All Things Hoon, Hoonivercinema 21 Comments

All the drifting videos throughout the history of the universe have featured a very narrow band of music, and the same camera angles. Get a few slow-motion tracking shots, set the entire clip to a hip-hop or dubstep soundtrack, and add in the name of the “media” company you made up the night before.

The video after the break, however, is… different.

This drifting clip supplied by a group called the Bloodmasters (good start). The crew are running ragged, shitbox drift machines (even better), and the entire video is set to metal (there it is, bravo!). If Hooniverse were tasked to shoot a drift video, we would decline because the Bloodmasters beat us to the punch.

Click past the break, and enjoy Bloodbath Part One.

  • Jim-Bob

    Drift gangs: The biker gangs of the 21st century.

    • pj134

      You need to register for an account already so you can collect your imaginary points.

      • Jim-Bob

        Yeah, but that would mean I would need to get a new E-Mail address too as I forgot the password to the one I use about a year ago. Is it sad that I spend about 8 hours a day on the internet but have no social networking accounts or e-mail address?

        • pj134

          I don't think so. That way you don't get emails from Facebook ensuring that you know facebook exists. Every day. Fucking Facebook.

          But the imaginary points? They're worth it.

        • BlackIce_GTS

          I'm going to say no, because that means I'm not sad either.
          This account is registered to a Yahoo email with a fake name on it. Does Yahoo even exist anymore?

  • pj134

    Maybe part two will use this song. It seems like it would fit.

    [youtube uvgFqMjOG-Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvgFqMjOG-Q youtube]

    Also, these are the kinds of people that make me love the area I live in.

    On a third and closing note, (puts on chipmunk voice) RRRRRAAACEWAY PARK! You know it was a good advertising campaign when you can't read those two words together without hearing it instantly in your head… 15 years later.

    • pj134

      Okay, fourth note, THIS IS WHY I CAN'T HAVE NICE S13's.

    • disagree… next video needs Dethklok

      • pj134

        … Nouveau riche…

        • BlackIce_GTS

          Dethklok is the world's seventh largest economy.

      • wunno sev

        Dr Rockzo makes an appearance in this video.

  • Buncha mental patients. I like it.

    • B72

      I love it just the way it is…

  • coupeZ600

    Some of those Barrels get…….

  • dculberson

    Even drifter punks know to merge like a zip!

  • See, now this is a bunch of drifters that I can respect. A lot of the people who drift treat it like a lifestyle choice that others should accept and embrace, and get their panties in a wad when somebody says, for instance, that drifting is not real racing. The vibe this bunch gives off is very simple to sum up: "UP YOURS, WE DO WHAT WE WANT."

    You go, drifter gang! Please don't murder me.

  • Keithh

    Finally, I get drifting.

  • BAMacPherson

    Why don't they have hoods? And why are the wheels all mismatched? And why are they all dented up?

    Because drift car.

  • Eggwich James Dio

    I'd give it four stars, but I was expecting to hear some metal. /metalsnob
    Looks like fun, good on them.

    • Eggwich James Dio

      Dangit, I thought this was the comment that was gonna get me to 65p. Life is hard!

      • pj134

        Comment very often. You'll get points by default, like me!