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HCOTY Last Minute Reader Nominee: The Zyncro

Deartháir December 27, 2011 Hooniversal Car of the Year 10 Comments

"You've been HERE."

While going back through the comments and emails that came in with regards to the Hooniversal Car of the Year, I noticed that we did receive a nomination from the community that had been overlooked, and it’s one that should be included. Because it’s a car that ticks every one of the check-boxes for our candidacy. The Zyncro that our own Longrooffan introduced us to a few weeks ago tells the story of vehicular companionship that embodies everything we’re looking for.

The Almighty Zyncro

We had a comment on one of our other nominations that said something to the effect of, “if there were some dude who drove his car on the Alaska highway, or dipped tires in the Atlantic and Pacific and covered every mile between, then that’s nomination worthy, but just being an awesome car is not enough on its own”. How about a car that’s driving around the world?

I won’t recount the entire story, but this awesome Zyncro is powered by a supercharged, intercooled 2.0L Volkswagen engine, running through the classic Vanagon 4×4 “Syncro” system. It’s an already awesome setup, but the fact that this is a vehicle built out of love for the breed, and then used specifically to drive around the world… well, that’s the embodiment of everything we here at Hooniverse stand for.

It just looks tough!

We gave a lot of respect to last year’s Itala nominee for driving from Peking to Paris as a part of a vintage rally. Rainier and Bridgette are driving around the world because they love to explore, love to road-trip, and love each other’s company. Can we even come up with anything that embodies a Hooniversal Car of the Year nominee quite like that?

If you missed the article, go check it out: it’s one of the best things you’ll read this year. And then show some respect for the almighty Zyncro.

  • Van_Sarockin

    These choices are tearing me up. But I guess us Van's have to stick together…

  • Brian Driggs

    Absolutely. This.

    I'm sick of COTY blather in the social autosphere. Banal celebration of mindless consumption.

    Car of the Year should MEAN something. It should reflect some kind of accomplishment.

    What's the worst that could happen? You start getting overlanders coming out of the wood work with stories about how their expeditionary vehicles are better than this one? PERISH THE THOUGHT!

    I'm STILL on the lookout for this thing in the Phoenix metro area. (Spotted another Synchro and a similarly kitted Land Rover Disco with EU plates on it in recent weeks to boot.)

  • I have ONE more to write…. no… time…

    • I reckon you have until 11.59 on the 31st to get it done right? I mean who puts a deadline for an "of the year" post before the actual end of the year? I mean besides Canadians… oh wait

  • Jim-Bob

    This is the only vehicle that can come close to the ZomBee in HCOTY. All the others cannot even hope to be as epic as these two in terms of what they mean to the actual people who use them.

    • FuzzyPlushroom

      Agreed. Choosing between a daily-driven, low-budget, rollover-surviving, West-Midlands-built race car and a G60-powered, off-road capable, ocean-crossing, Robinson-projection-adorned Syncrobox? Difficult indeed…

    • And they are both YELLOW!!

      The world needs more yellow. And orange. (<— without the numbers 01 on the door)


    I'm getting torn up now between the different contestants….. My parents have a similar van (not a syncro) and it's waiting for someone to do something awesome with it. I have so many good memories of that van! This van gave me a lot of inspiration already for the overhaul of my parents T3

  • Damn…

    I really (really) love that Challenger, but this is an excellent choice.