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2011 Hooniverse Car of the Year Nominee: RAUH-Welt 965 “Pandora One”

Akira Nakai is known for building diabolically polarizing Porsches, and Pandora One is no exception. RWB and Nakai-San’s creations are things you either “get”, or you don’t, and, that’s okay. RAUH-Welt builds more than just cars, they build a lifestyle, and they build art. The art that they build isn’t for a museum, its built to be driven, effing fast!

Every car built for the annual SEMA show is extreme in some way or another. Every year, the power levels get higher, the wheels get bigger and wider, and the colors get more spectacular. This car takes SEMA to another level altogether. It is the culmination of years of practice combined into a four week build. FFTec built a monster of an engine, but for SEMA was running a conservative 380 horsepower/400 torques/6 pounds of boost pressure setup. The team is planning to turn that up considerably to 15 pounds for numbers in the 800 range running on pump grade E85.

Considering the car was originally equipped with a comparatively anemic 247 horsepower 3.6 liter, the more than triple number is pretty shocking. The car’s owner, Mark Arcenal of Fatlace/Illest fame, has made sure that the car is more than big numbers and a pretty face. The newly installed roll cage, harnesses, and additional safety equipment ensure that the car is ready for a full season of Global Time Attack racing in the 2012 season.

Starting with Mark’s relatively stock 964 Carrera 4, the car was torn apart and rebuilt to levels about as crazy as any RWB car has ever been built. The crazy turbo engine was installed, the interior stripped, the cage installed, and the suspension was handled with a new set of German engineered KW coilovers with an auxiliary Hydraulic Lift System to make the car a bit more manageable around curbs and steep slopes. Braking is equally kept under control by an off the shelf Brembo BBK.

The Stunning green paint is a side effect of the SEMA atmosphere, in which you have to vie for as many eyes and camera flashes as you can possibly reach. It’s all about marketing, but in my humble opinion, it works. The color is fetching, while somehow managing to look at home on the extended flanks of the Porsche.

Speaking of those extended flanks,  it is this, combined with the extremely sexy bespoke Rotiform wheels that set this particular car apart from the others. Yes, it is the “RWB X Rotiform” 18X10.5 Front and 18X12.5 Rear wheels that really capture my eyes and fill out the flares with ease. Yes, you read that right, this thing has front wheels wider than most rear wheels. That is a huge contact patch with potential to create lots of lateral g-force. Of course, the Falken Azenis R-compounds certainly aid in that endeavor.

Four days before the SEMA show, FFTec underwent another engine rebuild due to a bad oil leak. If you are any kind of Porsche fan, that last sentence made you chuckle.

In regard to Nakai-San, and the artistic culture or movement he has created with the increasing reach of RWB styel, I would be remiss if I did not take the quote directly from the newest issue of “911 and Porsche World” magazine which best sums all of that up.  “RAUH-Welt is something you either get or not.  Based in a small bodyshop located in the small town of Chiba, Akira Nakai’s restyled 911s are known around the globe, and polarize opinion like few other Porsches.  That is precisely how the man likes it.”  So, if you “get it”, vote for the RWB/Illest “Pandora One” as your pick for the 2011 Hooniverse Car of the Year..

The starting point. Nothing to write home about.

The car visited the dyno at FFTec just before SEMA, and you can just see the power surging even on the low boost show tune setting.

Just days AFTER the SEMA show, Mr. Arcenal took the car out for track running at the season ending World Time Attack series event.  Again, this car was still on it’s low boost setting, and as it was the first time it had been driven since the transformation, it was treated with kid gloves.  Look for more out of this thing in 2012.

Photos courtesy of Johnathan Cha.  Fabulous work Johnathan.


  • slr5000

    I, for one, love these cartoon monsters. If you are gonna spend 200k on a Porsche, why not make it an awesome looking fuckyoumobile? I would.

    • $200k buys a lot of Pcar and this would not be my first choice but I do appreciate them.

      • BradleyBrownell

        This is a whole lot less than 200K…

  • I am not a fan of the Rauh-Welt Porsche movement… In fact, I think the black before shot with the rosegold wheels is pretty damn perfect.

    That said, I don't like to hate on others preferred vehicular stylings. I understand WHY people are attracted to these cars, and the builder puts in serious work. It's just not for me…

    • pj134

      While I would prefer the black past life, I wouldn't mind the newest version in black or white. The biggest problem is that they aren't even from the illadelph.

      • njhoon

        Do you mean Killadelphia? 315 as of lastnight and we have 16 more days. So maybe a murdered out version?

        • pj134

          Naw, ill. It's down from one a day of a few years back.

    • Smells_Homeless

      Yup. I "get it," I just don't like it. No biggie one way or the other because I'll likely never be in the market for a Porsche of any stripe!

    • That black one would be so perfect with some dark gray BBSs.

    • BradleyBrownell

      It's not even a widebody, but I do like the TE-37s on it…

      I'm a fanboy for widebody Porsches…

  • njhoon

    While I really like that car it is more of a race car than anything else. I'll third (or fourth) the I like the Black Original one a little more. If we are going to go 'race cars on the street' I would think that Larry Larsons car would be in the running. Wold Quickest Street Car with a 6.93 run, three time Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week winner (4 or 5 drag strips over a 1200 mile road coarse)

    <img src="http://www.fanteauto.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/larry_larson_66_chevy_nova_01_.jpg&quot; width="600">

    [youtube lwF-kr91uxU&feature=player_embedded#! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwF-kr91uxU&feature=player_embedded#! youtube]

    • BradleyBrownell

      While it may be worthy of a nomination, it won't be mine. I care absolutely nothing for drag racing…

      Just my humble opinion.

      • njhoon

        I can respect that. Both are cool in their own unique way. Purposebuilt for two ends of a racing spectrum.

    • Lotte

      Dayum! There's something spectacular watching a car take off like that, gets me every time.

      As an aside, if I was a contributor (yikes, imagine the dedication…) I'd nominate the (in)famous C10 farm truck. That one was a real sonofagun.

  • Is it just me or was this here earlier and then went away? I swear I read this at 5 a.m.

    • We had a scheduling error…. AM and PM got mixed up, or something like that. 🙂

      • BradleyBrownell

        Yeah, something like that… Some of you got a sneak preview… My bad… I'm just getting used to WordPress.

        • Morning comes early out here on the East coast, I enjoyed the preview.

      • Glad to know I didn't imagine the whole thing.

  • eggwich

    Being honest with my prejudices here, I'd like it a lot more if it wasn't an Illest/Fatlace marketing machine. Any company selling a lifestyle or culture is coopting an existing culture and putting their brand over it. I was a midwest wannabe surfer long before you showed up in 1984, Ocean Pacific! You too Hobie!

  • dragon951

    While I don't have a lot of knowledge about the build of this car, I fear it is more pseudo-race car than actual. As such that makes me less of a fan. I am all for using Porsches for racing, as that was their intended purpose. Even ruining the aesthetics for that goal is fine in my book, but there are several giveaways that have me thinking they didn't put a lot of that stuff on for a functional improvement.

    The biggest one would be the pound of screws in the front lip for a logo. Porsche is noted for taking off their metal emblems and replacing them with stickers for the tiniest of performance gains (that's really more of a publicity stunt, but it does exemplify the underlying ethos of lightweight they put into the rest of the car. In the end, isn't that the purpose of en emblem?). Then there is the unshielded intake directly behind the rear wheel. That may work for a hot lap, but will likely be destroyed in any sort of sustained race, and endurance racing is supposed to be the Porsche milieu. Finally, the suspension is utterly slammed, but the before picture makes it look like that was a pre-existing ailment. Still, if it is so low that there is no suspension travel, that kind of makes it hard to keep the rubber to the road on anything but a super smooth track.

    There is no doubt they put a lot of time and energy into an amazing engine build, and a wide body and tires for excellent grip, but I can't help but think it could be that much faster if they took it to the track and the wind tunnel throughout the build for extensive testing without the kid gloves, to come out with a bullet-proof, unshakeable performer. But this isn't really about that I suppose, it's more about the 'lifestyle'.

    • BradleyBrownell

      Well, this particular one is built specifically for a hot lap, rather than endurance racing. That''s what time attack racing is about, fastest single lap. It is also built for those billiard table smooth new race tracks out in California.

      Yes, it probably would pay dividends to test this car in a wind tunnel… Do you realize how expensive wind tunnel time is? It would cost more to rent a full sized wind tunnel for a day than this car cost to build. Also, I assume there will be some form of development over the car's expected lifetime as a racer. Suspension tweaks and whatnot.

  • dolo54

    I think these cars are a bit more style over substance, but I can dig the style. This one is my favorite by far, I just love the Frankenstein war machine look of it.
    <img src="http://www.doubledgarage.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/rauh_welt_uzi_tsukuba_16by9.jpg&quot; width="700" />

    • The Professor


  • The Professor

    Oh yes,I like what has been done to the 965 except for the color. That color of green is horrid, something that Peter Max would use for the color of lettuce. No, it needs to be a violent blue, a canary yellow, or a Jägermeister orange. So what if it's not a 'real' race car? That means that you can drive it on the street, which is where we do most of our driving anyway.

  • mnm4ever

    I agree with most of the posters… I "get" it, but I wouldnt want it for myself; RWD seems to be more about style than actual performance. I just read an article about Nakai's personal 911, with is done up with all the appearance mods, the slammed suspension and huge wheels, but a bone stock engine. IMO, mods should improve performance, not detract from it.

    The black "before" version is almost perfect, thats pretty much exactly how I want my future Porsche to look.

  • Van_Sarockin

    The wheels are nice, at least. And now I'm most disappointed to find that they used screws for script on the bumper, rather than the Swaroski crystals I'd originally thought them to be. But hey, it's a 911, they'll make more.

  • Johnny Kush

    I am going to own one of his cars one day :P……………………and to the guy thinking that nova ii is going to compete with this car you're out of your friggin mind. yes the nova ii is one of my favorite chevys, but even with a pro touring suspension tweaked as much as possible, i don't think it would have a chance against one of these porsches. …………………….and i'd drive that bitch just like that on the streets 😀