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For Sale – 1967 Datsun Bluebird

Denim Blue Datsun. Yours for five fifty.

“When you get your hands on something new, it’s hard to keep quiet about it.”

Those were the admittedly bizarre words of Mickey Rourke in a 1988 Daihatsu Charade ad aired in Japan; but to twist that phrase around, here’s something really quite old and I really need to show it.

This beautifully patinated ’67 Datsun is currently being advertised for the very, very affordable asking price of 550 euros. The seller is a man of few words; in addition to mentioning it’s a 1300cc 1967 car, he says “Runs. Not rotten. Offers/Trade” in one simple sentence. In the comments/questions section, as there are bidders lowballing him even though 550 isn’t really that much, he gets progressively more agitated and turns to ALL CAPS, as in NO THANKS.

Anyway, feast your eyes on these photos:

That chalky, aged paint looks excellent. All chrome seems to be in place, even in the interior; really, if I had any way to tow it here and anywhere to put it, I would already be halfway to Pori to get it. And I would do nothing to it, not touch up a quarter-sized spot on it but just keep it that way, as a monument to beautiful and affordable decay of yesteryear.

Actually, scratch that; I’d chuck those ’90s speakers to the nearest skip as soon as possible, along with the ill-fitting stereo head unit.

The plates on the car aren’t 1967 originals, as those should be short and black. CBY sounds like mid-’90s to my ear, so the car’s probably been partially restored/welded to make it through inspection back then, after a period of disuse. It could probably be made roadworthy again with little work, and there’s a large old Japanese car fanbase here to deliver advice how to keep those diddly wheels turning. It even comes with a tow rope, so you needn’t bring your own, and some reeaally narrow winter tires.

How about you, would you pick up this Bluebird for a song?

Ad here (only partially in Finnish)

Photos: Nettiauto.com


  • Our friend Blake Z. Rong, just tweeted the following…
    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1971-Datsun-510-wa… that is all

    • vwminispeedster

      Is that his or just a very nice five and dime that he wanted us all to drool over?

      • When is the next Second Tuesday going to be

        • vwminispeedster

          March or April 2012. I've gotta talk with the parking lot company across the street because now they close it on the weekend. Oh well, it'll just make things more "cozy" in the shop.

          • Please remind us all as the date gets closer!

            • vwminispeedster

              Will do. I'll start using last call as my own personal shout out board after the new year.

              • If you're bringing your VW, please save a space next to yours for me. I'm bringing my VW.

  • A blue '67 Bluebird? Don't tell Pete.


  • Manic_King

    Car: 500 EUR = USD 700, shipping to west coast USA, 1500 Dollars?

    Btw, every time – and esp. this time because of some photographic trickery that Datsun seems to look like Alfa, do they have some common backround maybe, same designer or smthing?

  • sport_wagon

    The Japanese Alfa.

  • sport_wagon

    And you do realize that a Bluebird was the Very First Down On The Street feature, right?

    And that it sold to one very luck buyer?

    It's okay to link to That Site because Miss Martin™ was in charge of DOTS back then.

    • God damn, I miss DOTS every morning and PCH every afternoon.

    • Actually, Jesse still owns it, and it's still on the island. Was never quite able to part with it.

  • YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! (does a happy dance) A PL411!!

    Those that know me know I'm having a geek-aneurysm right now.

    These cars usually got pulled off the road decades ago due to leaking slave cylinders on the drum brakes, which up until Ebay came of age were impossible to find, and a large percentage have gotten junked over the years. Now they can be sourced with a bit of effort, and there is a large fan base at the Yahoo group Earlydatsunclub <a href="http://(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EarlyDatsunClub/)” target=”_blank”>(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EarlyDatsunClub/).

    If you want decent performance, go for the rarer RL411 version, which came badged as either "1600" or "SSS" (The only time SSS came to the States). Same dual carb pushrod motor as in the first Fairlady Sports (311) with about 97HP, and lots of mechanical support through that community – not to mention the same disc brakes that wound up on the '68 510. A pretty peppy performer at just 1,950lbs. They came in 4-door sedan and 4-door wagon flavors, with 4-speeds or BW automatics. An aprox equal number of each were built (10,000~ total) but the 4-speed RL sedans were thrashed the hardest, making them now hardest to find in good shape.

    The J-13 motor in the base PL411 above was good for around 63hp, which was barely adequate around town 44 years ago, and is kinda taxed on the freeways today. It is the same basic design as the BMC B-series motors built under license by Nissan with smaller displacement, and a lot of MGB parts will bolt right on. In fact, former ZomBee pilot "whatwouldjessedo" and myself plan on swapping an old ZomBee 1800cc motor into his 411 in the very near future.

    (Stares out window) I'm looking at this beauty right now. Never gets old.

    <img src="https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2664/175/15/1369652107/n1369652107_321368_4310877.jpg"&gt;

    • Smells_Homeless

      Man, I just have to say that I've adored four-spoke Cragars ever since I test drove a blue Mustang II with them approximately three hundred years ago. Outstanding.

      • Yeah, we used to see them all the time back in the 70's, now they are as rare as unicorn farts.

        I got these from a bay area police officer who put them on his MGB back in 1975. 3 months later it got hit and totaled, and these ended up under covers in his garage for the next 30+ years. The tires are pre-metric size "B" and still had the little rubber nubs on them. Totally useless to drive on (like sticks of butter) but way awesome to look at. I only use them for occasional car shows.

    • still love that plate!

  • Van_Sarockin

    I'm pretty sure that Bluebird of happiness will never fly up my nose. It looks to be incredibly original, with patina that takes decades to etch in like that. But still. Now, if the provenance included one Sir Malcolm Campbell, that would be a different thing altogether.

  • Here is a similar vintage p/u I spotted last year…

    [youtube VocDxQI-voA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VocDxQI-voA youtube]

  • scroggzilla

    If I had the means, I'd turn this into a Safari Rally tribute/restomod

    <img src="http://i30.tinypic.com/24xjcpv.jpg"&gt;


  • texlenin

    Yum-yum. Love me some old school Nissan-y goodness.
    I was struck how the power-bulge looks almost exactly
    like the one on my 78 280z.

  • serggio83

    my email kaloggero@hotmail.com

    • Unfortunately it has been sold years ago, as this article is from 2011.