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Holiday Planning – Which AUTOart model to get?

Kamil Kaluski December 8, 2011 Hooniverse Asks 89 Comments

This year my wife’s family decided (I had not part in this decision making) that we are going group gifts. Everyone picks their own gift and tells the group what it is and where to order. The dollar limit per person is between $100 and $150, split between five groups of people. Not bad.

My problem is that I don’t really know what I want. My first thought was to get either a gokarting gift certificate or an AUTOart® model to add to my collection. I still have a few gokarting gift certificates from last year, but the problem is that they cannot be applied to any group events which I have been doing. So, AUTOart® model it is, but there is a problem there too.

Throughout my life I had a bunch of cheap 1:18. They looked good from five feet away but I am a sucker for the details. Three years ago I got my first AUTOart® model and never looked back; super high quality, very detail. The 1:18s range from $70 to over $200. I currently have an orange 997.1 GT3 RS and a blue FJ Cruiser (moment of weakness on eBay) and I would be looking for something to compliment the two.

I have a weird taste in cars and unfortunately AUTOart does not seem to make a lot of the vehicles I am interested in. The below list is based off the models available through the AUTOart webpage. I am not sold on any of them but they seem to be the best of what I like.

  • Lancia Fluvia
  • Lotus Exige (wish it came in white)
  • Mercedes G55 AMG (wish it was military spec diesel and not the dbag special)
  • BMW E28 M5 (out of stock) or M535i (I used to own an E28 M5)
  • Volvo 850 T5R
  • Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

Give me your choice, Hooniverse. Check out AUTOartmodels.com and make some recommendations. Make sure to stay under $150 (with shipping) and in 1:18 scale. I am also open to other model brands as long as they are 1:18 and of similar quality. Looks like Santa will also be bringing me a LEGO Unimog so I would consider something to go along with that. I am also open to something completely different…