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Wagon Wednesday – Acura TSX Wagon

Jeff Glucker December 7, 2011 All Things Hoon, Wagon Wednesday 18 Comments

The 2012 Acura TSX Wagon checks a lot of new-car boxes in our enthusiast brain. The shape is perfect, the performance is better than expected from the 2.4-liter four-banger, and the price is right for entry-level luxury.

The photo above? It’s ours. We spent a week with the car, so keep an eye out for the review, which hits the Hooniverse next week.

  • And then I'll tell you why Jeff is wrong. 🙂

    • pj134

      The answer is snaggletooth.

      • dculberson

        Sadly, it's not even snaggly. If it was odd enough to look snaggly it might be okay, instead it's a perfectly symmetrical and shiny chrome beak.

        • pj134

          Regardless, when I see those cars it makes me want to yell HNNNUNGH and make a walrus face.

          • dculberson

            My reaction is more "Polly want a cracker??!"

  • betterwrappedinbacon

    This really is its best angle.

  • I saw one recently. Gotta say, it is much much much better than the Crosstour. I like it, but only in black.

  • dukeisduke

    They should have never dropped the RSX.

  • Number_Six

    I'm sorry, I can't hear you because I'm busy trying figure how in the frig Acura left out the manu-box.

    Yes, I know why. But it doesn't make it any more excusable.

    Still, I can always visit Europe to enjoy seeing these with manual transmissions and diesel engines.

    • The one I drove really disappointed me. Thing is, I can't really remember why. I'll have to go back and read my notes.

      • Number_Six

        Well, it's just a Honda Accord, which is just basic transportation, which should be unmemorable, which it clearly is, which means mission accomplished, Honda. But you know how it is over here in squishysuspensionland – anything that's not a crossover these days is sexy.

  • facelvega

    The shape is perfect? Why does every wagon now made have such a high waistline? Remember when we could lean our elbows on the window of a car?

    <img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_8fHZsh6Ctm8/TA4IfYruRlI/AAAAAAAAAC0/JNFJ2DBLZ_4/s1600/old_man_high_pants.jpg&quot; width="200"">

    • raphaelinberlin

      yeah, but now it's "sporty" – don't you know that cave-like isolation defines the sporty driving experience?

      • facelvega

        I disagree– everyone knows sporty is about ridiculous 0-60 numbers and carbon fiber steering wheel paddles.

        • raphaelinberlin

          thank god for launch control…how else would we make cars exciting and fun to drive?


    I sat in one on the IAA in Frankfurt in September (that would actually be the European Honda Accord version) and I was disappointed that I couldn't slide the seat far enough back to get comfortable. I'm 1.92 meters tall and a car that size should have enough space in the driver seat for a person my height.
    Very nice looking wagon though, and if taken with the manual gear and 2.2 liter diesel engine and fun and economical one too 🙂