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Hooniverse “Are These Cars Still Selling?” Weekend – The Honda S2000 and FCX Clarity

Jim Brennan November 12, 2011 Weekend Edition 22 Comments

Being a fan of this site, I have to ask this question; What is the most Hoonworthy Honda sold in the past decade? With the exception of the Honda NSX (Which was really an Acura in North America) the answer would probably be the Honda S2000. Would you believe three brand new Honda S2000 models were sold this year?

Can you imagine how lucky it would be to be able to purchase a brand new Honda S2000 with a new car warranty? These cars were discontinued after the 2009 model year, and according to all things Wikipedia, Honda is still clearing out inventories throughout the world in 2010, where there were 85 sales logged in the US. I guess three more found buyers this year, but at what cost?

There was one more surprise buried deep within the Honda numbers, as there were two Honda FCX Clarity models delivered to customers during the 2011 calendar year. These cars are on short term leases, similar to the GM EV-1 from the late 90s, and have to be returned to Honda at the end of their lease. These cars are only available to a select number of California residents because of the proximity of Hydrogen refueling stations. The first Clarity models were delivered to customers in the US during the 2009 model year. It has been reported that there are 50 available here in the US.

So, what would you sell off to have the ability to purchase a brand-new Honda S2000? And is the Honda FCX Clarity a model that remotely peaks your interest? I’m sure you all have a lot of opinions.

  • McQueen

    I'm frugal with my money , I have a friend that owns a body shop and all of my vehicles have a salvage title . The current truck I'm driving (2006 F350) is a theft recovery , it had no dings or scratches and only 120,000km on the clock , I'm into it for $15,000 and it is a full load power everything, sunroof, NAV, heated leather seats, and 6.0L diesel. If I were to buy a toy like a S2000 I would have my buddy look for one at the tenth of the cost.

  • JayP2112

    Yea- for the beatdown I'll put on an S2000 at the track, I'd find a lo-mile one that has the virgin beat out of it already. That sounded bad… but you get the idea.

  • B72

    I assume the price impact of being a leftover is simply increased volatility, yes? You get a deal if the dealer is afraid they will get stuck with it, but if they see a gleam in your eye they'll look for a premium.

  • name_too_long

    Okay, the other cars I can understand but I can't see how a S2000 can sit on a lot for 2 years unless the dealer wanted way too much for it.

    • TurboBrick

      That, or more likely it ended up at a dealership located in a region where people don't buy many convertibles in the first place, combined with a bad local economy.

      • FuzzyPlushroom

        Or perhaps it sat in the showroom as a look-what-we-can-do piece in an attempt to draw in customers, but I'd expect your ideas to be at least equally likely.

      • FuzzyPlushroom

        Or perhaps it sat in the showroom as a look-what-we-can-do piece in an attempt to draw in customers, but I'd imagine your ideas are at least equally likely.

  • smokyburnout

    Wow, I haven't thought about the FCX Clarity in a long time. Bet people paying $600 a month to lease them love that everyone probably mistakes it for just a new Insight.

  • Alff

    As much as I'd like to, I've never driven an S2000. From what I understand, what makes them great is also what would create problems for me. In my mid 40s, I am still an irresponsible Hoon. For about 8 months of the year, this is not a problem. I drive a 27 year old Alfa spider cranking out (generously estimated) 120 HP. I wind it up to 5K and find myself pumping along wheel-to-wheel with someone's wife in her new Edge. We're both happy.

    Then comes the first freeze of fall, as it did in KC this week. The Alfa goes into the garage and I pull the keys to the 250 hp Legacy off the rack. By current standards, 250 hp is not a lot. Hell, there are Hyundais that do better. I get behind the wheel, hear the turbo whine and lose myself. Twice in the last week, I've been happily rocking along, listening to the joyful noises, only to realize I'm well beyond the century. It's almost enough to make me absolve myself of the Subie and get back behind the wheel of an old pickup, as I did for decades.

    I think an S2000 would be great fun. The idea of max thrust at 6000 plus RPM is greatly appealing, and decidedly dangerous for a responsible middle-aged father of three.

    • coupeZ600

      As a Professional Driver I can't get ANY tickets or The Boss gets pissed because his insurance is based on the records of all of us collectively so even one speeding ticket can trigger a rate increase. That's why the blistering 34 hp of a Coupe Z is so fun, I can push that little car all the way right up to its limit and I'm the only one who knows we're Racing.

      • tonyola

        That's one reason why my 1984 CRX 1.5 was so much fun. It only had 76 hp, managed 0-60 in a tick under 10 seconds, and had a top speed around 116 mph. But it was small, light, and nimble enough so that I could push it hard without appearing too antisocial. The tighter the curves and corners, the more fun it got.

      • I hear you, Mr. Z. When I rode a '71 Honda CB350 years ago in Salt Lake, the little bastard would redline at 10,500 (the points would float at 9,500), I'd shift the thing at redline, in the city, from stoplight to stoplight, and I'd just barely be overtaking normal traffic. It had a two into one header, so the only trouble I ever got into riding the Roadent was violating the noise ordinance, and the cop was trying to keep a straight face while writing the ticket. I got the thing up to 80 MPH once on the freeway, wide open, and it was kinda scary. Didn't handle worth a damn.

        • coupeZ600

          Fun Fact! According to a 1972 Road & Track magazine road test review I got on eBay after I had bought the car, the quarter-mile and the 0-60 times are exactly the same, a mind-blowing 25.4 sec.! Take that, Dr. Harrell, I bet your cars are way quicker/slower than that.

          And I hear you too, Cappy, 70 mph is about all it's got, and that's plenty.

          • Most of my vehicles, when running, will do 0-60.

            • Alff

              …assisted by the fact that they measure speed in KPH.

              • Shhhh! It's not my problem if coupeZ600 chooses not to specify units.

  • dukeisduke

    I see a fair number of S2000s on the road. I'd take one in a heartbeat. And I dig fuel cell cars, so I'd take an FCX Clarity, too.


    <img src="http://www.shorpy.com/files/images/SHORPY_28898u.preview.jpg&quot; width="500">

    Image from http://www.shorpy.com/ be sure to check out their other cool images.

    • Number_Six

      That site was my last 55 minutes.

      • njhoon

        And then some. Holy time sink.

  • ChuckyShamrok

    I'd love a S2000, but im too damn tall for them. but on the exact inverse, I fit comfortably in a 1959 TR3A

  • chrystlubitshi

    I, too, would love to own an S2000, but my head makes a funny bump in the convertible top even without a helmet… I cannot afford to own a fair-weather-only car, and well… when the top is down, I have to slouch down or scoot up in the seat to either see under the top of the windshield or over it (respectively)…. sucks…. they're such fun cars….