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Name That Part: Free Range Oxidation Edition

Deartháir November 3, 2011 Name That Part 20 Comments

I was digging through the thousands of photos clogging up my iPhoto recently and found a lovely little series of photos I took while travelling this summer. I don’t expect this should take some of our more… obsessive… readers more than a few minutes to figure out, probably based on the oxidation composition of the paint, but maybe it’ll prove trickier than it looks.

Remember the rules now, it’s not enough to say what it is, you have to specify the year, make, model, engine, transmission, place of manufacturer, and middle name of the favourite niece of the day-shift supervisor on duty on the date of manufacture.

Off you go now!

  • B72

    In case anyone is wondering, it's not an FC Jeep.

    • Nor is it a Raptor.

    • pj134

      Not a Jeepster either.

    • dukeisduke

      Nope; it would have round turn signals, as would the Jeepster..

  • Alff

    I'm going with International Pickup, ca 1953.

  • FЯeeMan


    • Deartháir

      Good guess, but no.

      • FЯeeMan

        Carp! That was his first wife's third cousin twice removed middle name.

        My bad.

  • Matt

    Well since the headline says "Name that Part" I'm going with a turn signal sans lens.

    • Age_of_Aerostar

      I was going for "flat head screw" used to hold in the turn signal bezel.

      • TurboBrick

        Turn signal gasket, shriveled

        • I was going to say "leaf". Specifically, sheath leaf from a grass/weed.

          It's not really manufactured, and, to my knowledge, God does not have any siblings so there cannot be a niece.

          • I was going to call it Janet.

          • pj134

            Good job bud. Herb would be proud of that joke.

            Now lets bust this joint and let everyone know we're gone with a cloud of smoke. Take a hit of the tire's plume while you're at it.

  • That is a port they use for gathering data from race NSX's. It looks like it has seen better days…

  • RichardKopf

    It's definitely something.

  • The Professor

    Didn't you take that picture in mdharrell's driveway?

    • I don't let the grass grow that tall.

      Well, not in the driveway, anyway.

      Well, not in the parts of the driveway where I park vehicles, anyway.

      Well, not in most of the parts of the driveway where I park anything that color, anyway.

      Hmmm. Maybe it'd be easier for me just to tell Deartháir to stay the hell out of my driveway.