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Hold the Line or Feel the Impact of the Cone of Shame.

Robert Emslie November 3, 2011 In General 12 Comments

Pick your line, find your apex, brake late, turn in early, and never, ever, ever pick up hitchhikers. Check it out after the jump.

Phillip Holifield, driving his Spec Miata racer, eschews at least one element of the above advice, although despite his impromptu offroading expedition resulting in an unexpected extra passenger, he still manages to pown Thunderhill’s 3 miles of macadam. His Mazda also sounds pretty sick, even with the intake blocked with a ride-along Caltrans cone. Way to go Phil!

  • dculberson

    Twitch twitch twitch

  • vwminispeedster

    That was Thunderhill, not Infineon. I am familiar with their "corkscrew" as I slid down sideways once. No cameras caught me running out of talent.

    • Fixed that, thanks.

      • pj134

        pown is splld pwn, btw unles ur old, lolz.

        • jarque

          or pøwn

    • That track is a blast…

      • vwminispeedster

        Sears and Thunderhill are the only two I've driven in a "proper" race vehicle, LeMons Mustang. I have driven Laguna Seca leisurely in Dad's 1952 Ford F3 when Ford was a featured marque. Come to think of it i was hauling ass in the truck at the time. topped out at 65 in the 3 spd. All three were great fun for different reasons. Next month I get to sample Buttonwillow.

        • You will have fun at Buttonwillow too.

          I've driven THill, Buttonwillow and Willow Springs. I am DYING to add Laguna Seca to that list though… as well as the standard list of other American tracks that look rather exciting.

  • There's a story in autocross circles about a guy in a Lotus Seven replica who spun out and hit a cone with one of the front wheels, only to have it flip up and land squarely in his lap. After a moment to recover, he did the only thing that made sense to him — drive back to where he spun out, reach out and drop the cone back into its box, and finish his run. It was by no means the fastest time on the day, but by re-entering the course where he left it, he avoided a DNF, and (despite some consternation on the part of the corner workers) it was scored as a clean run.

  • Watch for pedestrians!

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/XMiGA.jpg&quot; alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" width="500">

    • MindHacker

      I know him! The cops did not find it funny.

  • EscortsForever

    don't ya know? The cone adds 5 hp!