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VIDEO: New Jersey Formula 1 Grand Prix Track Analysis

Kamil Kaluski October 29, 2011 Motorsports 8 Comments

This is a track analysis video of the proposed New York City/New Jersey Formula 1 Grand Prix. Watch it, read the little commentary on the side and find out why I don’t think this will work.

I know the area of the proposed track location very well. I lived in the next town over, Edgewater, for years. The location of the track is an area just north of the Lincoln Tunnel, near the Weehawken Ferry Terminal. Currently, most of that area consists of a parking lot and some really busy street. Here is why I don’t think the NYC/NJ F1 Grand Prix will never happen:

  • Traffic – the area of River Road, which tuns into Port Imperial Boulevard, is packed with traffic on any given day. Not only is this is the only road leading to the ferry terminal, it is also a connector to the Lincoln Tunnel and the city of Hoboken.
  • Hotels – There are no hotels in Weehawken, at least not anywhere near the proposed track.
  • Logistics – How do you bring thousands of fans to this track? Via 400-passenger ferry? Maybe. Buses from New york City? Nope, as the track is the road. Nearest airport in is Newark, 30 minutes away without traffic.
  • Logistics 2 – Multiple municipalities, quasi-government organizations such as NJ Transit, ferry company, and many others would need to agree to a lot of things. It’s possible but a lot of money would need to be thrown at them or it would take a long time.
  • Towns – the small towns surrounding the location of the track are very densely populated. Not only that, the buildings shown in this video consist of over-priced “luxury condos” and I doubt that the people who live there will want much to do with a race like this.
  • Population density – condo living, roads which are already inadequate, lots of people…
  • Track stuff – pits, garages, and grand stands, I don’t even where these would go, sidewalks? Food bathrooms, that’s easy. Parking, access to all of these, not so much.
  • There is one small hospital nearby, right across the street from a fantastic gas station.

Hey, I want to see this happenĀ  but I’m a bit skeptical. I’ve been going to Montreal for the last few years but this is a lot more convenient for me. Sadly, I just don’t see this being realistic.

  • Van Sarockin

    I think Bernie's trying to twist someone's nose with this proposal. Frankly, I thought the Liberty State Park course had a lot of potential. The cool thing suggested about Weehawken would be the ability to run the track up and down the Pallisades – which would be more than a hundred feet of elevation change. It also doesn't look like a typical, new plate-of-intestines Tilke track.

  • M5Manny

    Kamil. I agree on some of those point. One HUGE factor you're forgetting is the commitment from Gov Christie, the promoters, and uncle Bernie. 2 years is a long time to make some renovations, install some grand stands and work out the logistics; which I happen to know NJTransit is working on right now with the folks from Port Imperial and Port Authority.

    • Kamil_K

      I'll believe it when I see it.

  • gearhead

    Yes, but Monaco happens every year in far tigher confines.

    The track looks interesting: reminds me of Canada, with a little bit of Monaco thrown in.

    • Jeff Glucker

      I envision a track akin to Long Beach

  • Van Sarockin

    The new track in India seems to have performed pretty well. Only issue seems to be that it was dirty from not being run, and they expect more passing points next year. Here's hoping.

    Or maybe NJGP could hire the folks who did Miller Motorsport Park? That seems to have turned out awfully well.

    Spoiler: Hamilton didn't get a penalty today.

    • Kamil_K

      Haven't seen it yet. In all its misery, last year's Korean GP was pretty amazing.

  • SeanKHotay

    Here's vid of the circuit as it is today. I see several problems just for the track not in your great simulation:

    [youtube Bxvbfm8P47Y&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxvbfm8P47Y&feature=player_embedded youtube]

    – Left-hander at 0:17-0:20 (simulation's Turn 1?) –> No run-off, big honkin' building in the way, much like La Rascasse*
    – On Bridge at 0:28 (not shown in simulation's "nice tree-lined" Turn 4) –> BIG BUMP!
    – Off Bridge at 0:30 (not shown in simulation's "nice tree-lined" Turn 4) –> BIG BUMP!
    – Right-hander at 1:10 (simulation's Turn 12?) –> No run-off, big honkin' building shown in the way, much like La Rascasse*

    * but without the 80+yrs of experience of how to protect that corner and remove shunted race cars in the way