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Six Baby Squirrels Under The Hood Go Racing

Kamil Kaluski September 27, 2011 Caption This 45 Comments

After two track driving school sessions at Watkins Glen, an event participant complained about the car feeling a bit underpowered. When he opened the hood to investigate, he found acorn leftovers and critter poop all over the engine bay. Upon further examination, it was determined that six baby squirrels had turned the car’s airbox into their home and had been smuggled from Toronto through the U.S. border.

Source: OneHotLap.com

An Emergency Squirrel Rescue Clinic was set up. The baby squirrels were air-lifted out of the airbox by their tails and will hopefully find a new home in upstate New York before the winter sets in. I just want to know why it took the owner of the car several hundred miles on the road and two track sessions to realize that there is something squirrely.

We had a hard time coming with the title for this post. What would you have used?

  • fodder650

    This is a long way to go to smuggle Canadians into America

  • Number_Six

    Rude rodents retard remiss road racer's rate!

    • The Professor

      Nice, but do you really want Hooniverse to take after Variety?

      • Or [Redacted]?

        • The Professor

          No no no. Never that.

    • Number_Six

      I would like to apologize to the staff and readers of Hooniverse for conjuring thoughts of Variety and [Redacted]. I've recently gone cold turkey on all vices and am clearly not in control of my faculties. Again, sorry.

  • P161911

    He's just lucky the little critters didn't decide to munch on the wiring harness.

    • The Professor

      I think they like British wiring harnesses over German ones.

  • Rodents travel 500 miles, race in BMW.

    Power problems for BMW owner blamed on feces.

  • Smells_Homeless

    Stranded squirrels slow slalom?

  • vwminispeedster

    Annoying furry critters found in BMW, 6 squirrels discovered as well.

  • $kaycog

    That's just nuts!

  • Devin
  • P161911

    Squirrel BM troubled you.

    • EJ

      “Squirrel BM troubled you.” – LMAO! Very clever.

  • skitter

    BMW gets squirrelly on track, driver blames actual squirrels.

  • PowerTryp

    BMW Z4M Coupe, Keeps your nuts safe.

  • tonyola

    It's the double-secret prototype for BMW's new, eco-friendly turbochargers.
    <img src="http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQIAy4vXputm39YMvE7EOYDwCmWzjJhi1O2ZxYk9d03Dpg6qCdO&quot; width=250>

  • My dog would title it, "Lunch found warming up in engine compartment."

    • PowerTryp

      The animal version of manifold destiny.

      • skitter

        /end thread

      • I'm now laughing hysterically in a hotel room by myself. I expect the cops at my door at any moment.

  • Isabella Borgward

    Wow! SIX squirrels?!?! I'll bet that thing is FAST! Mine only has four.

  • Alcology

    Maybe I'm overthinking it but… just kill them? You don't know what diseases these little tree rats have that could be switching populations. It might sound cruel, but I've also raised baby squirrels so I do have a heart!

    • dukeisduke

      Before you know it, all the local squirrels will be saying "a-BOAT" instead of "about", and putting "eh" at the end of every sentence.

      • Alcology

        hahahahaha, soooooorry

  • Van Sarockin

    ALVIN! But then again, it's not like that squirrel cage blower can't use a boost.

  • Hoonibbles' minions attack BMW in TRW!

  • Squirrels, hoping for a better life, smuggled in BMW to the New World

  • This is the same way our late [not so great] 96 Lumina APV met its demise. A small engine fire started under the hood on some sort of rat's nest just over the OH border and we left it there.

    I should expect better car maintenance from my parents let alone someone who drives a few hundred miles over the border for a track day.

  • Alff

    I prefer the rodent less traveled.

  • Andrew

    As with most aftermarket "green" solutions, this BMW's 100% natural air filter carried a slight performance penalty.

  • west_coaster

    On another note, nothing quite says "tool" like having the model name of your car on your vanity plate.

    • ptschett

      Yet another argument against alphabet-soup car "names".

      • FuzzyPlushroom

        That said, I sometimes find such plates cool – but only when it's an inside joke/reference – an internal designation, say, or famous attribute/anecdote pertaining to the model. If the plate repeats what's already written across the back of the car, you look like a douche; however, 'SQRLYE85' would be commendable.

  • ptschett

    Marginally on-topic but we've lost a lot of cats to their attempts at stowing away in cars. Just this Sunday I was at my parents' house and had one of the outside kittens apparently decide it was safer under the car than running away, then when it did run away (after having warning horn honks and then my reversing the car as slow as possible) I think the last thing that went through its mind was a Goodyear. Fortunately it didn't have to suffer very long and it was the dumbest one in the litter anyway.

  • Christo

    The story on onehotlap just got updated with a ton of new pictures!! http://www.onehotlap.com/2011/09/six-baby-squirre

  • Eggwich James Dio

    BMW owner finds six baby squirrels in air intake, safely returns them to his rectum.

    Get it, I made it sound like BMW guys like squirrels in teh butt! Not funny!

    Seriously though, Kamil, you just got here and already you post a lot of stuff. Thank you!

    (And I know they are overpriced, but I lurve me some Z4s…)

  • So that's where our security team went over the weekend!

  • Van Sarockin

    Nibbles would have taken no prisoners.

  • McQueen

    BMW owner looses nuts , squirrels hid them in his cock mobiles air intake

  • RealDonn

    How about: 333 Horses and 6 Squirrels Under the Hood.

  • texlenin

    rampant roughhouse rodents restrict riced-out Reich-Mobile?

  • motoringconbrio

    i think i know the car! david george?