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Hooniverse Panther Edition Weekend Last Call; Donkafied Panthers (Yes It’s Over)

Jim Brennan September 18, 2011 Last Call 42 Comments

This image appeared in one of the comments, but it was also sent in to our Hooniverse Inbox. These are all Bubble Panthers….

Now it’s a good time to suggest what other types of Weekend Postings you would like to see here in the future. Some of my ideas include:
– Hooniverse Tailgateing Weekend – A tie in with Football Season
– Hooniverse Breaking Bad Weekend – A tie in with the series
– Hooniverse Korean Car Weekend – Yea, I hope it isn’t lame
– Hooniverse Down Under Weekend – Yup, Australian Cars
– Hooniverse SEMA Weekend – All the Crap from SEMA
– Hooniverse Convertible Weekend – End of the Summer
– Or others…

Image Source: Imgur

  • Devin

    I like your ideas, and also feel the need to suggest a Kei weekend, a plaid weekend (which would, admittedly, annoy tonyola) and inspired by the panthers, a Designer weekend, though apparently fashion week is over so there goes your obvious tie in.

    • Smells_Homeless

      A plaid weekend definitely has its appeal.

    • facelvega

      I think we are all entertained when tonyola gets annoyed about something. We could just do a straight up tonyola torture weekend and let the debates fly.

      • Deartháir


        • If you guys are going to do that, you might as well strike at the nerves of others here. My suggestions would be perhaps a "Camaro Crazed" weekend, maybe a "Luscious LT1" weekend, and my all time favorite…"t-top appreciation weekend!" All in innocent fun, of course. 🙂

      • tonyola

        Now that's selfish of you. Why would we want to do an entire weekend of your tortuous postings?

        • facelvega

          touche! But you also prove my point: if you want to get a chainsaw to growl, you've got to yank the cord. Maybe a malaise enthusiast weekend?

      • Aloynot

        I think I might find those topics enjoyable.

  • Abe

    Have we done a shelby oddball weekend?

  • Well done Jim, Well done….Bring on all the Best from your imagination….

  • As an aside…although it is not Mystery Car Friday…Rob….What is the car in the rear view mirror?

    • Devin

      Looks like a Nissan Xterra, late model.

  • Screech

    hooniverse historic weekend – 1900-1920
    hooniverse built in a shed weekend – full of obscure kit cars (mostly from this side of the pond)
    hooniverse you/we dont get them but we wish we did – great cars that are not available in the usa

  • fede6882

    All the ideas sound good, particularly the sema and australian ones. affordable alfa edition maybe?

    Any idea about the size of the wheels on the car at left?

    • P161911

      Instead of "affordable Alfas", maybe just Italian cars under $7500 that will cost $7500+ per year to keep on the road.

      • fede6882

        You're right, maybe the affordable part is a bit tricky. But we can follow that with (un)bearable beiges edition, that will cost no money to keep on the road but no one would want to.

        • P161911

          Well, there are old American cars for under $7500 that can be fun and interesting and still leave nice oil stains in your driveway, be a gamble on wither or not they will start, and allow you to have the joy of frequently wrenching on them. But those are the ones you can buy a whole engine for at Pep Boys for $999 and brake calipers for $20.

      • The Professor

        And not spontaneously combust? That would be novel indeed.

        • Alff

          My pride compels me to argue this point but … I have experienced la combustione spontenea firsthand.

      • Alff

        It's common wisdom on the Alfabb board that you ought to set aside 15% of the car's value for annual upkeep, just to maintain current state.

        In my experience this is generally true, except that it will cost a lot up front to bring a typical aquisition up to snuff. For example, I've got a list of about $1500 in new parts I would put on any Spider immediately, if I were to buy another. That assumes that the engine, clutch and transmission don't need any major work.

  • dead_elvis

    hmmm, a Breaking Bad weekend edition: rolling meth lab RV (meh), Walt's Aztek (no thanks), Jesse's Regal(? – again, no thanks), Skyler's Grand Wagoneer (OK), Jesse's ATM-ended Tercel wagon (yes!), Mike's variety of anonymous PI rides… OK, maybe this wouldn't really be all that interesting.

    Cars of Mad Men might be better.

    • BlackIce_GTS


    • Didn't Mike drive a LeSabre and a Monaco?

      • dead_elvis

        Yes on a LeSabre, I don't recall a Monaco – he drove a brown Fifth Ave, at least until recently. Don't know how far you've watched so I don't want to spoil anything.

  • alcology

    I like all those choices, and the weekends don't seem to stop coming. I would also suggest project car weekend featuring different cars in the process of being built, not just potentials. Maybe including any updates on hooniverse staff projects?

  • Van Sarockin

    Wonderful collection of pieces this weekend, Jim! Even though Panther's aren't really my thing, i enjoyed it and learned a good bit, and even increased my appreciation for the line a little. Please keep doing this, and any/all of your ideas are great. Maybe you could focus on a survey of the crappiest US cars of the past 40 years, fer instance? Pitting Pinto against Vega, Ford THiNK v. GM EV, etc…

  • The Professor

    Have you done a post on sleepers yet? Like the best and worst camouflage? "You're not fooling anyone" sort of thing.

  • Devin

    Here's another one, weird-ass Chinese clones, like the Yema E-Series.

    <img src="http://www.carnewschina.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/yema-e-series-2-458×524.jpg"&gt;

    Apparently it's for people who've always wanted an Infiniti EX, but also want a car based on the platform of the Austin Montego.

    Image blatantly stolen from Car News China, which is a fascinating website, especially if you like watching a country develop an auto industry.

  • Smells_Homeless

    A tape stripe weekend would be pretty cool. Think Mustang II Cobra.

  • raphaelinberlin

    donk weekend? Hooniverse could always use another bubble bath, and it shouldn't be afraid to think outside the box, neither.

  • OA5599

    Ran When Parked weekend, for project cars priced above, say, $7500 that haven't been cranked in more than 2 years.

    Distraction weekend, for Craigslist/ebay ad cars featuring photos with bikini girls to draw attention away from potential vehicle flaws.

    Transplant weekend, for brand-X cars retrofitted with brand-Y engines.

    Six Door weekend, for cars with at least six doors or vans with at least 8.

    Off Color weekend, for Ferraris that aren't red, limos that aren't black or white, Cobras painted yellow, and school buses painted blue.

    Celebricar weekend, for cars formerly owned by celebrities. It would be interesting to calculate the price premium between a Jon Voight car and a John Voight car, for example.

    Oddities weekend, for cars not having an even number of cylinders.

    Eye of the Beholder weekend, for cars that would be an easier sale if the owner kept the stock [fill-in-the-blank] instead of that gawdawful aftermarket one that's on it now.

    • Devin

      For Off Color: Once, while on kijiji, I saw a lime green Cadillac hearse with flames. I tried to convince a friend of mine who was looking for a car to buy it, but he had silly arguments like "I want something fuel efficient" and "flaming green hearses would raise questions I don't want to answer."

      • OA5599

        When I was in college, I had a dream of hotrodding a 70's hearse with Cragar S/S mags, a supercharger atop the 472 via a hole cut through the hood, Zoomies, and brush-painted flames over black primer. Of course, being a college student at the time, your sofa cushions probably contain more money than my bank account did then, so it never happened.

        Apparently, I'm not the only one to experience strange hearse dreams.

        <img src="http://www.barbiedreamhearse.com/images/hearse01.jpg&quot; width=500>

  • SCARIEST rides weekend for Halloween
    THANKFUL inventions in autodom for Thanksgiving (A/C anyone?)
    WINTER SURVIVAL weekend – what car would you most likely survive buried neath an avalanche ( And NO you CANT pick a Chevy Avalanche)
    AULD LANG SYNE weekend – Cars you would trade your current car for the better good (gas guzzler for an uncool Prius?)

  • Nominally Inexpensive Race Car Weekend. Not so much LeMons racers or other lightly-modified street cars, but used and decrepit Formula Vees, rail dragsters in need of engines, and other specimens of dedicated racing equipment that have been sitting outside next to someone's shop for the last twenty, thirty, forty, or more years.

    Either that or drift trucks.

  • Andrew

    Inappropriate Engine Swap Weekend (kind of explains itself)

    Budget Race Car Weekend (Spec Miata/E30/944/anything more unusual under $15k)

    Bizarre Dealer-Installed Accessory Weekend (like that softtop STi conversion from last year)