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Hooniverse International Harvester Weekend – A 1966 International Harvester 1100 4X4 Pickup

Jim Brennan August 21, 2011 For Sale, Weekend Edition 6 Comments

Continuing on with our Hooniverse International Harvester Weekend, and here is a great looking 1966 International 1100 4X4 Pickup Truck offered by a Motorcycle Dealer in Arlington, Texas. So why is a Motorcycle Dealer selling this truck? Not sure, but let’s take a look anyway…

According to the dealer:

This truck looks to be an older restoration. The paint on this truck is fairly good, the body is in good condition, motor runs cool, transmission has just been rebuilt by us during our pdi, 4 wheel drive works well. The interior is in fair shape but the dash cover has started to pull back a little. This is a great truck and it should make a good driver with very little work. The data tags are in amazing condition, it has a rear locking differential. Our service department has been over the truck and it looks pretty straight. We did have the transmission rebuilt and it runs out good.

The listing goes on to say that it is a 50 year old truck (it’s really a 45 year old truck, but who’s counting…) that has had some restoration performed while back, so expect some light work to be done here and there. Not much else is revealed in the listing, but there are a ton of pictures, so go on over to the listing to see them. The Buy-it-Now Price is $7,995, which seems just a bit high, but I may be out to lunch on this one. I’m also not sure if “Petty” Blue is the right color, but I’m sure the Ford Hubcaps and the Falken Tires have to go. So what do you think?

  • facelvega

    Highish price yes, but for a good restoration it's not unreasonable– eight grand doesn't buy you a lot of rust-free pickup these days. I'd want to see the undercarriage, though.

  • Real nice Binder. I really love this body style, but I'd rather have a '66 Travelall. Hey, UD Man, I'm enjoying this IHC weekend. Good on you.

  • John Howden

    I have a almost perfict body and truck bed I will sell you for 300 dollers ir has a rust hole in the floor bord about 4'' in diamiter and thats about the only rust or dent on it! johnahowden@netscape.net

  • robert

    Is this truck still for sale?

  • robert

    I'm looking for a international harvester pickup 1960-1970

    • Steve

      I have a 1966 1200 IHC Pickup with a 9' flatbed on it. Located in Billings, MT. Needs new fuel tank, but then drive-able…needs restoration, but not in "bad" condition at all.