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The Great Car Shuffle of 2011

the_missus August 19, 2011 In General 43 Comments

No, we didn’t buy a semi truck… hit the jump (and read a bit) to find out what was delivered to our door step last week.

This year has been the year of the car shuffle here at casa de Mad_Science.  First the UberBird “Flew the Coop” back in January.

UberBird hits the road (7)

 Then in May we bid adieu to the Country Sedan.

1967 Ford Country Sedan

Then, in July we managed to buy two cars in one day… Yup, we are insane.

First up was a 6-speed manual Mazda-5, for me.  As Jr. continues to grow and the eventual expansion of the Mad_Science brood is inevitable we decided to go with the mini Mini Van.  It seats 6, is relatively fun to drive (for a mini van) and can hold the three of us, the dog and our stuff comfortably (with the 2nd middle seat open for me to hang with the baby) for long car trips.  And speaking of trips we were headed out for a long car trip back down to So Cal that week, so we decided to go for it.  Everyone buys cars right before a big trip, right?

The second purchase was a 1969 Jeep Wagoneer.  We (well Tim) had been on the look out for the last year for a Wagoneer, as our replacement for the Wrangler.  And of course he found a great one, the same week we decided to buy the Mazda.  And of course it was located out of state, in St. Louis, MO.  After a third party inspection and a little negotiating the car was ours.  A few weeks later it arrived on a car carrier to our door.  I don’t know who was more excited, Tim or Henry.

Now before you think we have jumped back up to 5 cars (eek, in a smaller driveway), soon after procuring two new vehicles we sold the WRX to Mad_Science Sr. (Yes, this seems to be the only picture of the WRX I could find…)

Next up, the Wrangler will be listed this weekend (right Tim??).

The only constant in this is the Falcon. The Falcon will be around for quite a while.

  • Thanks to The Missus for writing this up.

    A few details on the Jeep:
    New Buick 350 (which was the stock motor for a '69)
    TH400 trans
    Power drums on all 4 corners
    AC…parts in a collection of milk crates
    It needs some love on the brakes (pedal's mush), an oil leak fixed, an exhaust leak fixed, and the rear fenders rolled to accommodate those 31"s.

    • pj134

      That is some sexy Wagoneer action… I'm a little surprised how snug 31's are on an FSJ.

      How much you looking for for that Wrangler?

      • Ummmm…probably looking at asking ~14k.

        Stat sheet:
        4.0L, 5-speed
        95k miles
        Paint is 10 years old, one major dent, but no real rust or anything
        4.10:1 + ARB air lockers front and rear
        4.00:1 transfer case
        Dana 44 rear
        Teraflex/Currie 4" lift.
        High-clearance t-case skidplate
        Heavy duty tie rod and drag link
        Hard Top and soft top (hard top doors)

        • pj134

          Probably a bit steep for me. And crosscountry-e. Although I could visit my aunt…

          • Emphasis there on asking.

            The tricky part is mine's build with all the best parts, not just any old 4" lift and 33" tire combination. if you hunt around, there are tons of cheaper examples, but they're significantly lesser vehicles. This one's set to (and has done) the Rubicon and other pretty gnarly stuff, but also works fine as a daily driver.

    • dmilligan

      Yes, I was trying to wrap my mind around you sitting in the back tending the baby, and it wasn't working. Greetings to your missus. Nice van, ma'am.

  • All good purchases, for everyone. However, 2011 is not over yet.

  • MrHowser

    Mad_Science Sr. looks to be well on his way to winning a Richard Petty Lookalike Contest.

    • OA5599

      I'm guessing that was intentional, and that the picture was shot at race with the UberBird.

      • MrHowser

        Probably. I love that he appears to be checking out the WRX. Great photo arrangement.

    • Might have something to do with the #43 be-winged fauxpar we were racing that weekend…

  • Devin

    Wait, mustache, sunglasses, big hat with feathers all over it… is that Richard Petty?

  • flr1975

    Tim looks exactly like me from behind. Exactly.

    • Deartháir

      Stop checking out Tim's Outback.

  • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    Tim lives in CA and bought a Jeep from St. Louis that he fell in love with sight unseen, his family sees no problem in that, his wife writes about it all upbeat, this is all awesome, congrats!

    • OA5599

      Ironically, it's a California car. It's probably racked up nearly as many miles on a transporter as it has on the odometer.

      <img src="http://www.motoexotica.com/vehicles/4182/13.jpg&quot; width=500>

      It looks like it was auctioned in Phoenix in January before heading to St. Louis. http://www.proxibid.com/asp/LotDetail.asp?ahid=25

      • Yup.

        I've been researching the history, trying to figure out the warranty on the crate Buick 350. Some guy named Ken Hyun had it in La Crescenta (like 10 minutes from where I lived 4 months ago), then it went to Anaheim, then Motoexotica got it some time around January. January to July seems to be a bit of a mystery.

        • OA5599

          Did you buy from Motoexotica? I would think they would have records indicating where they got it.

          Perhaps the high bidder at the January auction had financing fall through or defaulted and the bank sold (or consigned) it back to Motoexotica. Or maybe the January auction had some funny bidding, since it seems to have sold then for less than the July reserve.

          • Yeah, there are a couple of listings/sales on this vehicle. You'll notice it was auctioned in January, as Hemmings picked up on it: http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2010/12/30/auc
            ^^^It's got different tires there.

            There's the record of its sale in said auction for $5700 by MotoExotica.

            But then, we see it listed for sale in Anaheim: http://www.chooseyouritem.com/classics/files/1370http://ultimatemp.com/index.php?title=automobiles
            …with no date on the spammy re-listing sites, but we can see it's got the new tires, so probably after January.
            (I might just give Leroy a call)

            …but somehow (unfortunately for me) it ended up all the way back at MotoExotica in St Louis by July.

            You'll also notice that the Proxibid listing from January uses the same pictures as Leroy's ad, but Leroy blanked out the watermark from ironplanet.com

            ironplanet.com is mostly a heavy equipment liquidator site, but they do have some non-commercial cars and trucks on a different site. I'm digging around there to see if I can find a record of it.

            The sale, listing, then re-sale with a big gap in between, coupled with a pretty bad oil and exhaust (hopefully not head gasket/compression) leak has me a little spooked…

            • Dunno if this link will work but here's a listing from 1/25 where it didn't sell. http://www.ironplanet.com/jsp/s/item/242644

              • OA5599

                The ironplanet listing is from 1/25/2010. It had the BFG's on it then.

                The Hemmings blog shows the Jeep with Uniroyals. The picture appears to be shot in a driveway of a residential neighborhood. Do a Street View of the houses across from Ken Hyun's address and see if they look familiar. I bet the Hemmings picture was taken long before the auction.

                The $9900 Anaheim listing on ultimatemp has a 2010 copyright date in the listing text.

                • Dang…good spot on the year. Totally didn't catch that.

                  Unfortunately it's already gone to the DMV, but the title was signed over by a California-based sales/rental/liquidator place in January of what I swear was this year, but I didn't check it.

                  M-E had the car as a consignment sale as best I can tell (it said consignment somewhere on their paperwork).

                  So…as best we can tell
                  –ironplanet tried to move it in January 2010 and failed (at least in that auction)
                  –Sometime in 2010, Leroy, who appears to work for a truck/equipment liquidator tried to re-sell it with badly scanned copies of the IP ad. Either Leroy is from I-P or bought it from I-P
                  –Late in 2010, M-E got ahold of it to try to auction it in January. They (via Hemmings) are the only source of that one shot with the old tires.
                  –The M-E auction had it go for just under 6k, but whether that met reserve or the Buyer flaked is a mystery.
                  –Most of 2011 is a mystery, until I picked it up mid-July.

                  I'm really curious if it's basically been kicking around from dealer to dealer for the last ~1.5 years, or if anyone's actually owned it.

                  The receipts I have addressed to Ken Hyun are from the early 90s. I'll see what else I can dig up when I go through the parts this afternoon.

                • Not sure if you're still coming back to check, but I actually called Leroy from one of the ads.

                  Great Success!

                  He's an older dude and the last "real" owner of the Jeep. He has the requisite 3-4 folders full of receipts and stuff for the Jeep, including all the info on the motor. Based on what he knows about the rebuilder and the shop, my current exhaust and oil leaks should be covered, provided I can get the labor on them done somewhere.

                  So nice to get back a bit of continuity on it, rather than having to decipher all kinds of crazy DIY fixes.

                  Wasn't really sure how to start the conversation…"ummm…did you used to own a '69 Wagoneer?"

                  • OA5599

                    I saw a Hemmings ad once for a car with an asking price in excess of a quarter million bucks. It resembled a car I rode in circa 1982 when it was a $4000 daily driver. It was indeed the same car a half dozen owners later.

                    I tried to offer the seller what I knew and he appreciated what I told him, but he didn't query for more.

                    I'm sure Leroy appreciated that his Jeep is in good hands.

  • please adopt me thanks in advance

  • dculberson

    I am up to five cars, counting the Lemon. Not counting the two scooters and the motorcycle. Sometimes I think I hear the driveway and garage creaking from being overly filled. I need to offload at least one. Four cars for two people is normal, right? Five's just weird.

    • Four may still be okay. Five, however….


      I'm now at eight plus one "motorcycle."

      • Deartháir

        I thumbs-upped you just for linking to Toasters.

    • OA5599

      With two drivers in the family, we have at least one car in each of the following:
      – over 8 liters engine displacement
      – between 7 and 8 liters
      – between 6 and 7 liters
      – between 5 and 6 liters
      – between 4 and 5 liters
      – between 3 and 4 liters
      – between 2 and 3 liters

      If you count two-wheelers, we have <1 liter covered, too. I guess I need to shop for something in the 1-2 liter range.

  • Very cool. The Mazda 5 would be my choice for a kid hauler too, although I much prefer the looks of the previous gen.

    And for the love of god, get new wheels for the Jeep.

    • facelvega

      ditto on the wheels (and actually on the Mazda5 styling). Rather than roll the fenders for those beasts, I'd unload them whole and replace with something slightly smaller on handsomer, more appropriate rims. But to each his own. I can imagine making every one of the automotive decisions of the Science household.

      • Not a bad idea on the wheel/tire combo, but a 4" is actually cheaper. We'll swap those wheels as soon as a good deal on some 15×8 5 on 5.5" AR23s or Cragar V5s comes along.

        It's $50 to rent a fender roller, so I'll probably do so and take care of at least 8 wheel wells while I'm at it.

    • Yeah, I agree on the previous-gen styling, but it turned out to be nearly completely impossible to find a used one with a stick.

      First off, there was no 2011 Mazda5, only 2010 and 2012 (ours is from The World of Tomorrow!), the take rate was pretty low, and I'm guessing they sold to the kinds of people who keep their cars well past the "lightly used" stage at which I like to pick them up.

      $19k + dealer bullshit = not bad for a brand new car.

  • Paul_y

    My girlfriend and I have discussed the possible long term future of our relationship, and it always seems to lead to us living in a double-wide in the woods with about 15 cars.

    • Girlfriend? What are you waiting for? That's wife material right there!

      • Paul_y

        Believe me, I know I found a keeper.

        • MrHowser

          Buddy, put a ring on that. Looks like Mr. Harrell might try to move in for the kill.

          Although, he might have trouble getting in touch to ask her out on a date if she isn't an amateur radio enthusiast.

          • No, I've already found someone who will let me put a trailer hitch on her car just so it can serve as a backup tow vehicle for my LeMons racer.

            • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

              Is that supposed to sound kinky? No, it's only me, okay then. Oh and congrats to you and Paul Y!

  • sport_wagon

    Congrats! We nabbed a 2010 Mazda 5 manual in the same color. Great vanlet. Corners well, too.

  • Oddly enough, Mad_Science_Sr (aka The King, up there) is selling his Mini Cooper S and Wrangler (that's even beefier than mine) to buy the WRX.

    Rolling the commuter and snow vehicles into one, he is. I'm just jealous because he's gonna run out and do all the mods to the WRX that I never got around to.

  • SSurfer321

    That's one great looking Jeep. And the 5 is a smart purchase too!
    I've already told the Mrs. that we'll be getting a 5 as soon as we start a family and outgrow the Subaru.

  • Down in SoCal?