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Successes from the Second Seconds Saturdays

Tim Odell August 19, 2011 Friends of Hooniverse 21 Comments


What do you get when you host a car show outside of a Citroen-friendly auto shop in the middle of Oakland? A bunch of weirdos, that’s what. August’s Seconds Saturdays proved to be twice the show the first was – in both attendance and temperature. Highlights included two electric cars of very distinct character, a Model A, a race car pulling a trailer, and an emergency tire repair involving both duct tape and zip ties.

We’ll cut right to the chase Citroens. Someone was cool enough to bring an 80s-tastic CX, a pair of Traction Avants were spotted, and DSs abounded. Plush was looking especially photogenic in the shop.



The Falcon’s been running like a champ since last month’s oil leak was sorted out, so The Missus and Junior made the trip in it, whilst I manned the helm of the newest member of our fleet: a 1969 Jeep Wagoneer. It drove great, except for the whole almost-no-brakes thing and (sigh…) a massive oil leak of its own.


Petey Pete was there in the Zombee MGB, complete with his one-wheeled trailer in tow and a spare motor riding shotgun. Not sure I’ve ever seen a car so thoroughly beat, but simultaneously intact. It seems my son has a thing for ill-conceived little yellow cars.



Next to the Bee was this flat-black MGA. British cars are Greek to me, but this was one handsome Grecian.


I’ve long contended 6-series BMWs make great budget beater driver sports cars, provided you’re ok with fading paint, cracking leather and slightly wonky electronics. None of those three were present on this ridiculously clean, gorgeous 635csi.


This Suburban just rolled back into town from the lake and 1969. The clean green paint complimented the vintage wooden rowboat to just ooze rustic class.



Hooniverse Commenter Monsieur David W. was cool enough to come whirring up in his Tesla, which was joined in electric brotherhood by this homebrew early Civic EV. Basically, the historical perception of an electric vehicle, and the one that’s trying to change that stereotype, side-by-side.



Rounding out the attendees (that I have pictures of) were a returning Monster Benz, a very track-y looking Miata, a 4-speed equipped Stingray, and one hell of a vintage Land Rover (which just happens to be for sale).



Oh yeah…heroic fix: on the way out I rolled into the shop to fill up a low left-front tire. The second the air chuck hit the valve stem, it was obvious where the leak was coming from: a valve stem hanging on by a thread. If pushed on just so it would (mostly) seal, but in all other positions it was an open wound. With at 4 LeMons racers in attendence, it took all of 45 seconds to put together a fix that’d hold long enough to get to the local tire shop to get it replaced.



Thanks again to our gracious hosts: Hanzel’s Auto Body Works, as well as whoever made those delicious scones. Be sure to check out the rest of the set on flickr, as well as Chris Hanzel’s writeup and shots on Picasa.


  • Eggwich James Dio

    I had to leave town for a funeral, wasn't able to make it this week, but got dang I like this event.
    I want a Citroen now, I can't help it. There are never any for sale on craigslist, though, which is probably a good thing.

    • vwminispeedster

      Sorry you couldn't be there but we will have a September event. Also, I won't mention the white DS wagon then that is still for sale in the shop. Photos of it are in the first Seconds Saturdays post. I also won't mention that it is in better condition than most of the crappy Citroens that show up on craigslist wanting $5000. I won't mention that part.

      • Eggwich James Dio

        WOW. I really shouldn't mention then that I just did a google search to learn more about the car, which led me directly to Ms. Martin's DOTS writeup on this very car, in which he mentions you and asks you for information about it. I also shouldn't mention that this specific DOTS piece was created on the very day I bought my current car, in some kind of French coincidence.
        I would love an SM, but given that I can't afford one, I would die happily with this car. Although I'm afraid to ask about the price.

  • pete, you never did thank me for my body work on the bee.

    • It was brilliant, sir. Made a huge improvement in the car.

      (note little "wing" in front of passenger side tire).

  • mike england

    isn't the Citroen the one that looks like you would use a can opener to peel back the top?
    YOu know, like the keys we used to use on sardine cans back before the wife made us stop eating sardines?

    • vwminispeedster

      Yeah the 2CVs had the roll back top on the tin can that is the body to expose the fleshy innards that are the passengers.

      • Tin can? The 2CV is an obscenely oversized, overbuilt, overbloated, and overpowered land yacht.

        <img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5302/5600648065_1cce953440.jpg&quot; width="500">

        The rollback top is okay, though, even if somewhat overdesigned.

        • This is what happens when a car company goes overboard with overpowering and oversizing something. Wretched excess, for sure. Also, rocks for a clutch should be enough for anyone.

  • I saw a Landshark shell in the junkyard on my hood-finding expedition last week. Between it. the V12 Jag, and the rust-free, perfectly fixable Celica Supra in the yard, it was a very bad day for 80's grand touring coupes.

    I do wonder, though; did any non-M E24s make it the US with manual transmissions? every one I've seen in the Midwest has a slushbox.

    • Yeah, about 40% were stickshifts. Tended towards the earlier years.

  • In spite of having to actually wake up early on a weekend, this was a ton of fun. A great mix of cars. And the scones were dynamite!

    I was both proud and terrified to have Mini-Mad-Science play in the ZomBee. Thank god he did not need a tetanus shot.

    And kudos to all those that pushed the Bee over the sidewalk, off the curb and across the street when it wouldn't start. Again. Turns out the battery cable got wonky after the 10th race.

    Chris, post your photo album here! There were lots of cool shots!

  • skitter

    Slightly off topic, but I saw a DS convertible in pristine condition on a trailer a couple of weeks back. Those cars are absolutely unbelievable in person, and I'm glad I can appreciate it better these days.

  • I absolutely love the Wagoneer. I'm jealous, I want one, too.

    • mad_science

      They're remarkably cheap for non-pretty ones. I overpaid for minejust to get the pretty paint, but you can get a decent ugly driver for two to three grand.

  • This always looks like rad fun. I kinda wish I lived there.

    Tim, did you shoot these photos yourself? That post-break photo of the Citroen is dynamite.

    • mad_science


    • MrHowser

      Agreed… new background for sure.

    • Agreed. That shot looks really really good… makes me think Daisy actually took it.

  • Bill

    I fixed a tire on one of my parts trucks in a similar fashion, it leaked on the other side so i shoved the valve stem cap between the valve stem and the rim. I hauled wood threw our garden with that and did bouncing over furrow and did a couple of burnouts on that tire, and that cap stayed there the whole time. I didnt put air in the tire for over a year when i finally parted the truck out. I had to fill up all the other 10year old tires that had sat flat for almost 6 years