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Hooniverse Weekend Edition – A Mauck Specialty Vehicles 1120s available on eBay. Do You Know What a Mauck is?

Jim Brennan July 16, 2011 For Sale, Weekend Edition 23 Comments

Continuing on with this special eBay edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and look what I found. It is a Mauck Specialty Vehicles 1120s Luxury Something-or-Other. So, what the hell is a Mauck? According to everything Wikipedia:

Mauck Specialty Vehicles was created by Andy Mauck. It was a builder of custom bus-like vehicles headquartered in Worthington, Ohio. Mauck had previously sold custom firetrucks for a company called Sutphens. Mauck built vehicles in association with Custom Coach Corporation of Columbus, Ohio. Celebrities such as Alan Jackson and George Foreman were among those who purchased MSV’s as customized after-market vehicles. They had an expensive price tag — often in excess of $200,000 — which limited the number of orders.

So, is this the Mauck for you?

Again, according to Wikipedia:

The MSV was hand-assembled during some 600-hours per unit, constructed of fiberglass panels and a carbon steel frame. Engine options included a GM 454 CID V-8 mated to a GM 4L80E heavy duty duty truck transmission, or Cummins 6-cylinder 5.9L diesel engine mated to an Allison heavy-duty truck transmission.

In order to keep costs in line, Mauck designed his bus with many off-the-shelf parts sourced from GM, Ford and others. For instance, in addition to having a GM powerplant, MSV’s also had GM suspension and brake components, wiring harnesses and access hardware. The rear-end was a Ford 9″ with a custom-designed Currie Industries differential. Headlights were lifted from the Ford Aeromax 18-wheeler line, while taillights came from Grand Cherokees of the era, and driving lights from the Dodge Viper. Windshield wipers were from a Toyota Previa.

Which brings us to this 1998 Mauck Limousine Conversion. According to the selling dealer, this 1998 Mauck is:

An amazing executive transportation vehicle that has been redone with only the finest materials and up to date electronics. Built and owned by a long time customers of ours who has strictly used and built this vehicle for personal, chauffer driven use, this has not been a commercially used vehicle.

No mention as to which engine powers this “Ultimate Limo”, but there is a laundry list of upgrades. The seller claims that over $880,000 was spent on these upgrades, many of which are dubious at best. So, what does it take to make in your own? Well, the current bid of $25,100.00 won’t do it because it didn’t reach the reserve yet. What do you think its worth? See the listing here.

  • boostedlegowgn

    "Do You Know What A Mauck Is?"

    No I don't, but I want one!

    "Celebrities such as Alan Jackson and George Foreman…"

    Oh wait. No I don't.

  • I'm digging the clamshell driver's door.

    • P161911

      I like the GO gas pedal.

  • tonyola

    Somehow the rolling stock doesn't look adequate for a thing this size. Single rear axle?

  • Van Sarockin

    I read about it. I'm looking at it. I still don't know what it is, unless it's a pimp palace.

    Someone will eventually figure out the formula for an executive bus – a roadgoing executive jet – for moving affluent types around in modest sized groups. This isn't that. Too bad they think they can price it like a jet.

  • scoutdude

    I'm not buying that it has a Ford 9" in it, yeah they are one of the beefiest CAR axles ever made but still not up to holding up the azzend of a motor coach. The instrument cluster is what was used in the last of the GM built and the first of the Workhorse (Navistar) built P30. I'm much of the chassis is P30 since it has the P30 steering column too and they claim it has "GM" brakes. Which if it is indeed P30 stuff it means they aren't GM they are Bendix/Bosch.

    • UDman


    • Looking at the hub and counting the number of lugs, it's got to be some kind of one ton rear end, at least. The Ford nine inch is a five lug, half ton rear end. This beast sports a full floating rear end, which seems appropriate.

  • P161911

    According to the listing, this thing has a gas V-8, so that would be the 454. It also has the ($43,423!!!) motor upgrade with SUPERCHARGER! So you have an oversize custom van limo with blown Chevy 454. Not worth $800K+, but might not be bad for something under $100K, if you have a limo service or something. Seems more maneuverable than something like a Silver Eagle, but nicer than a Chevy van or Suburban limo.

  • SeanKHotay

    "Do You Know What A Mauck Is?"

    "Half man, half rooster? Knows to look both ways before crossing the road?"

  • scroggzilla
  • Mike_the_Dog

    I'm also confused by the Ford 9" Claim. this seems to be a "pusher", so unless it has some sort of transaxle, the tailshaft of the tranny must be bolted right to the pinion gear. This sounds like a recipe for expensive failure.

  • Mike_the_Dog

    LED Rope Lighting ($206,680)


  • Mike_the_Dog

    So If I were to drive this thing, I could be accused of "running a Mauck"? I'm okay with that.

  • facelvega

    What do you think, if you had to spend $200 grand on either this or the pristine checker, which would you go for? I think I would just cry.

  • Mike_the_Dog

    The Checker has almost as much interior space…

  • twilliams1797

    I have lived in Columbus (and Worthington) since 1970 , and I don't recall ever seeing one of these driving around the interstate Now there's Columbus Custom Coach who are known for modding coaches for tour busses and football stars etc. I worked with guys who worked on one of Willie Nelson's coaches but Mauck? Must have sneaked out of ton at night..


  • Buickboy92

    That thing is amazing! I've wanted one for awhile now! So cool!

  • Lynnie

    I have 2 of these Mauck buses, 1 ABI and 1 MSV. they are very cool as a Limousine however what a nightmare trying to get parts for these! If anyone has any info please let me know.. Thanks.

    • Rey

      We have an MSV with parts contact Rey at americanluxury@optonline.net

      • Lynnie

        Looking for the 2001 ABI bus front windshield.

        • Rick

          Call Rick 2102540711 Custom Transport and Consulting /
          I believe I know where as long s we're talking about the same vehicle.