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Adventures in Advertising: It’s Tatra-riffic!

Jennings R. Scroggs, Jr. July 11, 2011 In General 26 Comments

Sexy ladies can't resist the rear-engined, air-cooled, hemi V8 charm of the Tatra T603!

You have to admit the idea of a Tatra 603 is…..interesting.  Whether its the admittedly quirky, quasi-futuristic, but aerodynamically sound (0.3 drag coefficient) styling, or that air-cooled hemi in the back, the Tatra T603 has a certain Cold War je ne sais quoi redolent with visions of midnight meetings at Checkpoint Charlie, hidden microfilm, and trench coat clad skullduggery.  However, some of you may not be swayed by such Bond-ian nostalgia.  So, for you skeptics, I present the following for your consideration.

Produced in 1962, the following promotional film…..perhaps the Citizen Kane of long form car commercials….tells the tale of a most eventful Tatra test drive.  I’d share more details, but I’m not one of those spoiler-type people.  Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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Currently there are 26 comments on this article:

  1. dukeisduke says:

    Sexy ladies? What sexy ladies?

  2. Van Sarockin says:

    I, too, desire a bolide that bamboozles les flics, while carving turns with panache at Gstaad, swanning and swooning les filles.

  3. tonyola says:

    Odd, but there's no mention that the intrepid drivers were really trying to get to the Austrian border and freedom.

  4. buzzboy7 says:

    I'm just not a fan of the 603. I'm more of a 700GT fan
    <img src="http://www.fantasycars.com/sedans/column/photos/tatra_t7002.jpg"&gt;

  5. Tanshanomi says:

    All day long, I've been thinking that those girls must be getting sooo sick of that dingy car, and that dark, overcast day.
    I decided to help them out.
    <img src="http://www.tanshanomi.com/temp/743_t6031.jpg&quot; width="500">

  6. dculberson says:

    Is that the mos eisley cantina??

    (Seen from inside:

    <img src="http://www.pyleoflist.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/mos-eisley-cantina1.jpg"&gt;

  7. Jeff says:

    Any translation of the Police commentary in the last minute of the film? I especially liked the Czech-jazz music. I didn't think that Kruschev, et.al. allowed that much decadent western swinging in their music…

    • Shamal says:

      Nothing interesting really….
      We are witnesses of the tests of a passanger car Tatra 603. The car is safely controllable in every situation. Perfect suspension provides a comfortable ride even on bad roads. Air-cooled engine works well in various climatic conditions. Tatra 603 is the most difficult test and operating conditions, extremely reliable and unusually stable.

      Yes, to such features as a personal car Tatra 603 has, theres no choice but to congratulate.
      "Bon Voyage!"

      …Its a little cheesy 60s TV language, so some sentences might not make sense.
      btw google translator is quite good now. It almost made sense when I put it trough it :)

  8. Smells_Homeless says:

    Man, you'd have to be Don Draper himself to be any cooler than that driver.

    /What's the po-po wagon?

  9. jjd241 says:

    Was that Gomer Pyle in the shop at the begining?

  10. Tanshanomi says:

    I'm sorry, Tatra, but a couple of those scenes made that thing look like a seriously tail-heavy handful to drive.

    • dragon951 says:

      Eh, you'll be fine as long as you keep your foot in it and don't instinctively lift off like the lady did at 4:44.

      /…so did her feet get wet or not?

  11. BlackIce_GTS says:

    (Swerving wildly on the somewhat-freeway)
    Salesman: Madam will have noticed that she has not died. In fact, with this years revised rear suspension geometry, fewer than 73% of undesired oversteer incidents will result in a fatality.
    Madam: Why, that's not many at all!

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