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Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Coolest Cop Bike?

Robert Emslie February 22, 2011 Hooniverse Asks 41 Comments

Jon and Ponch rode Kawasakis, while in the movie, Electra Glide in Blue, Robert Blake’s bike was, not surprisingly, a Harley. These days, the California Highway Patrol rides BMWs, thanks to that company’s cost-cutting guaranteed buy-back program, and a number of Japanese makers established production capability here in the U.S. to overcome anti-foreign maker sentiment. There have been a lot of bikes that have been part of John Law’s motor pool, but which one do you think has been the most cool?

Sure, cool and the TV show CHiPs don’t go together, and the portrayer of the squeaky clean non-Latino portion of the staring duet only recently had his own brush with the law, but those Kawaski KZ1000s really did look like they were willing to let the good times roll.

One bike for which I always harbored a major jones was Honda’s CX650 Turbo, a bike that looked like a police special, even though I don’t think that here in the U.S. it ever was. One of the major visual cues of most law enforcement bikes is a significant cowl and, typically, full bodywork ending in a pair of roomy saddle boxes on either side of the rear wheel. That bodywork allows for less fatigue on the road, as well as a place to keep your extra clips and zip ties for the hippies.

So, while you probably don’t like to see any of them looming in your rearview, lights a-blaze, there’s no denying the fact that cop bikes are the cool, the question is, which one do you think is the coolest?

Image source: [tampagov.net]